Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tanda Blog

Valancy takes the time now and then to drop me a line. Her notes are always a pleasure to read, not least because she is in the habit of sending me racy self-portraits.

Her turn to exhibitionism began with the absence of her boyfriend. As she writes:

Living the semi-nomadic life of a student means not always being close to my guy, so whenever I am particularly horny, and whenever he is particularly far away, I've acquired a tendency to do self-sets for him.

Lucky for me, she also enjoys sending these photographs my way. Lucky for you, she’s started posting some at Tanda Blog.

Turn up the Mika and some her some love today.

A word on naughty photographs: I welcome sexy bits from readers, whether of yourself, your friends, or your special someone. Please ask before you send and affirm that you are at least eighteen years old. All submisssions are kept private unless requested otherwise.

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Valancy said...

My burgeoning love for Mika is only compounded by the fact that when asked about his sexuality he’s like “Darling, you really don’t want to go there.”

Which is hot right?

I mean, if he were straight of course he could say: “Yeah, I’m straight.” and if he were gay he could almost as easily say: “Yeah, I’m gay” but anywhere in between is still taboo in popular culture, especially for men.

Not that he has any obligation to explain his private life to knobs like me, really. Actually I much prefer it his way.

And thank you Jefferson. Right, this was supposed to be a thankyou...