Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey Bro

Jonny McGovern, Gay Pimp


Educating Erica said...

Thanks, I needed the laugh;)

Wendy said...

Ha! I totally turned out on to the Gay Pimp.

Valancy said...

:) This song has been on my gym playlist since my first year in uni.

Here's Captain Jack Harkness by the way:


Positive bisexual male role-model in modern media.

Er. He's not actually as slutty as seen in the video.

Anonymous said...

Don't mention how great Reynolds and I are or anything.

Jefferson said...

To give credit where credit is due:

Being the drag fag she is, Wendy recently clued me into the Gay Pimp. Then Cody and Reynolds re-clued me, adding sequins on top.

I figured I should take all this as a sign and tell my dirty frat brothers.

Kiss Captain Jack for me, Valancy. Better yet, let's both kiss him.

Asian Big Girl said...

You. Are. So. GAY.

Thank you for now making that song repeat in my head for the next week.

Remind me to get Lillie a PUPPY.

Though, Dude. Seriously. I'll buy you dinner if you get that "gay pimp" shirt and wear it w/the duckie boxers.

leila said...


Anonymous said...

If you had listened to the mp3's when I sent them, you would have known about him a good 6 months ago or so.

Anonymous said...

Asian Big Girl if he actually wears the "gay pimp" shirt with the duckie boxers take a picture and make sure Jefferson sends me a copy..lol!!

Wendy said...

Ladies, if Jefferson actually gets the gay pimp shirt, and wears it with the ducky boxer, screw sending photos around. That should get posted to everyone's blogs, and really, that would make an excellent user pic.

And Asian Big Girl - If you think this song sticks in your head, go youtube 'For the Fella's that Like Fella's'

I keep singing it while doing dishes, for someon reason.

Wendy said...

Also - Drag Fag, I like that. Much better description for me than FagHag.