Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bridget's Boy(s)

Want to know a secret?

A while ago, my friend Bridget started a secret sex blog. It had a readership of one, yours truly. She started it as a way to catalogue her sex life before meeting me, our times together, and then, the beginnings of her relationship with a new boy who was fast becoming special in her life. Soon, he was also reading her smut.

Now, you can read it too. Bridget has revised her original blog and is opening it to readers.

I hope you will enjoy her insights and humor. But I should warn you: she is much kinkier than me.

Take a look; tell her Jefferson sent you.

Bridget’s Boy(s)


Asian Big Girl said...

Dude. There is no *way* I am kinkier than you.

I mean, ok. The sex machine notwithstanding.

And that whole sex furniture thing.

But really. Kinkier?

Heh. Ok. Now I have to prove it. Whee!

Thanks, Beloved, for the mention!

Viviane said...

H to B.

Welcome, Bridget. (curtesys)