Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photo Shoot

I was procrastinating when I should have been multitasking. There was a fresh project waiting. Two cups of coffee into my working day, I had written nothing more than a few phony placeholders for the real words that would eventually come.

Perhaps they would come after a third cup of coffee. Or perhaps after a quick perusal of Men Seeking Men on Craig’s List.

He was procrastinating as well. He was in his office but his mind was on improving his odds in hooking up. His post explained that he had some okay pics but they were a year old and not explicit enough. He sought a photographer to give him a new set.

He posted the pics he no longer favored. He was shirtless in sunglasses, his torso lean and athletic. A second showed him smiling in a club, his hair cropped close.

I wrote him a brief line and sent my own pic.

You look like a very fine muse. Come over and I’ll make you gorgeous. You’ll be beating them off with a stick.

His response took me aback.

Thanks. I think we’ve met. Did you have a sex party at your apartment a few months ago?


The smile at the club was unfamiliar. I didn’t recognize the rippled lines of his flat belly.

I host a lot of sex parties, Carlos. I’m surprised I don’t recognize you, as cute boys rarely escape my notice.


I remember you. We didn’t hook up but I know it was your place. Can you really take pics?


We scheduled a photo shoot for that evening after work. I poured my third cup of coffee. The words flowed from my fingers.

I was still working when he showed up. I opened the door to find him leaning against the opposite wall. A smiled crossed his lips.


“Carlos.” I held out a hand. “Welcome back.”

I remembered him, all right.

Carlos has showed up late to one of my male orgies. By the time he arrived, I was already in the fray, blowing Randall in his white baseball cap. I caught Carlos’s eye as he watched me swallowing cock. I looked back, taking him in before turning my attention to the young man in my mouth.

I might be on my knees a might more than usual tonight, I thought.

Randall warmed up the party, so I left him in the pile on my bed and cruised for the new guy. We passed a few times, looking at one another and nodding. I introduced myself and welcomed him to my apartment.

“Nice place,” he said.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

He put a hand on my hip before moving on. I supposed he wasn’t that interested. Not long afterwards, he left. I hadn’t noticed if he did anything with anyone.

Now that he was back, I asked if he had enjoyed the orgy.

“It was good,” he said, sitting back on the couch. “I’d never been to anything like that, so . . . I guess it was good.”

“Ah, a novice,” I said. I handed him a glass of water and sat next to him. “Did any guys catch your eye?”

“Hmmm, a few.” He rested a hand on my bare thigh. He put down his glass and leaned forward to kiss me.

This boy may have been many things, but “novice” wasn’t one of them. He moved assuredly and kissed me with surprising tenderness, considering we had just met. This might have been considered a second date, come to think of it, although it was certainly our first in clothes.

I ran my fingers lightly over his body, gently favoring the buttons of his striped long-sleeved shirt, gingerly touching the belt loop of his grey pants. He was overdressed for the season in concession to an office job that didn’t mean that much to him. His real clothes were at home, waiting to go out, waiting to provide more appropriate garb for the beauty of a young gay man.

His firm body felt like reality underneath his flimsy disguise.

I pulled my lips from his. I traced the line of his jaw. “Ready for that close up?”

“Hmmm.” He raised his head with a wasted languor that made me want to pour him a martini and massage his black stockinged feet.

I stood. “Come on, handsome.” He raised himself to follow.

In my bedroom, I unbuttoned the buttons on the shirt that was all wrong for him. I unbuckled the belt he doesn’t like, and lowered the pants that help him pull a paycheck. I took down the socks he shouldn’t have to wear.

I stood and opened my blinds. His body glowed in the late afternoon light. The salaryman was gone. In his place stood my muse for the fine art of making dirty pictures.

I didn’t tell him how I saw him now, as he should be seen. I simply kissed him, holding his face in my hands, and lowered him to sit on the bed.

He lay back, raising his arms to rest his head in his hands.

I undressed, dropping my shorts and t-shirt at the foot of the bed. I slowly crawled over his body, lowering my lips to his. As we kissed, I allowed my body to gently brush against his.

My lips moved down his neck, licking at his ear. My mouth found his chest, completely flat against his ribcage. My tongue flicked his tiny nipples to erection.

He closed his eyes, turning his face to one side. He exhaled deeply.

I turned to see his cock throbbing in his blue boxers. How fortuitous, I thought. I had changed the sheets to dark blue, thinking this might accentuate the warm brown of his flesh.

I took his waist in my hands. My fingers could almost meet at his spine. My thumbs stretched toward his navel. I squeezed, growing hungry to devour him.

I reached for my camera.

I snapped the turn of his head, catching the shadow of his Adam’s apple. I crouched over him, bringing his shoulders and biceps into the frame. I stood and looked down, centering on the length of his body from mid-thigh to face.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me, his face impassive. I snapped a fast sequence.

I knelt over his chest, placing my erection on his cheek. The pink of my skin contrasted with his olive complexion and the cool hue of the sheets. I snapped photos with my right hand as my left moved my cock around his face and into his mouth. His eyes looked up as my cock rested in him.

“Good,” I muttered, clicking rapidly.

I stepped off the bed and put my camera on the nightstand. My hands roamed over his boxers then tugged at his waistband. His cock bounced outward as his boxers slowly traveled down his body.

His eyes closed as his cock vanished into my mouth. I buried my nose in his small shock of black hair, breathing in his scent. My tongue moved in waves under his cock. He was the right size for me; he was larger than I might have assumed, given his slender frame, but I could swallow him easily.

I sat back, admiring the sheen of glistening moisture on him. I reached for my camera and added his cock to our growing portfolio.

Holding my camera to one side, I pushed back his legs, raising his ass. From my vantage, his head was framed by his thighs, balls and hole. “Nice,” I murmured. “Open your eyes.” I took a few frames and reviewed them. His face was lost in shadows. I leaned to either side of the bed to turn on lamps. They picked up his features and warmed them, contrasting with the window’s cool light on his legs and ass. “Perfect.” I snapped rapidly.

I poised my cock against his hole, ready to enter him, and snapped. His eyes remained dispassionate. “Great, you look very hot,” I encouraged.

I dropped suddenly, taking his hole in my kiss. He sighed as my tongue swirled around him.

I raised my head and returned my cock to his ass, shooting myself poised to enter his wet hole. “God, that’s so hot,” I nodded, snapping.

His passivity was very arousing. He would take any pose I wanted, do whatever I suggested. I felt I could read him as a type I knew well—we’d never said a word about submission, but I could tell that this slight young Asian boy would melt when I fucked him.

I put the camera aside and opened a drawer on my nightstand. I took out a condom and tore the package. He turned his head to see what I was doing.

“Hmmm, I’m not ready to get fucked,” he said, his voice surprising after so long a silence. “I’m really tight and it’s been a while.”

I put the condom on the nightstand. I massaged his hole with my thumb. “Hmmm, I bet you’re tight,” I agreed. I picked up my camera and shot as the tip of my thumb edged into him. My cock throbbed in anticipation of opening him up.

For now, my teeth took a turn. I nibbled across his body, up his thighs, across his torso. He turned and I sank my incisors into the musculature of his back. I growled at the definition of his buttocks, cupping them in my palms and clicking. He was small by contrast to my large hands, his skin translucent by comparison to the blue veins and red knuckles that held him. “These are turning out so well,” I told him.

He raised his ass instinctively. I took more pictures before my instincts also took over. My tongue drew me back between his cool buttocks. I rose to cover his body with mine, holding him close as I pressed my cock against his ass.

I grabbed the nape of his neck, turning him. I took up my camera, catching the twist of my hip, dropping to extend the perspective on his outstretched body. “Good, good,” I said, now more focused on the shoot than my own arousal. “Stretch out your leg . . . good . . . now raise your elbow . . . okay, look at me . . . good! Perfect!”

I put my cock back in his mouth. I snapped as he began to jerk himself. “Hot, hot!” I said, laughing “Yes! Fuck, you look gorgeous. Keep going, going . . .”

Suddenly, Carlos sprang forward. He pushed me down and flipped me onto my belly. The camera fell against a pillow.

He pushed his hand against the back of my neck. A bottle of lube was opened with a click.

“Fuck, Carlos . . .” I managed as he entered me.

Carlos grabbed my hips and pulled my ass up and back. He thrust into me fast. I clutched the sheet and panted. “God . . . yes, Carlos, God! Fuck me hard, Carlos . . .”

My head whipped to one side as he grabbed my hair and pulled back.

“Yes, God . . .” I gasped. He pulled out off me. I heard the condom hit the floor and the sound his hand furiously moving on his cock.

He leapt to pin my back under him. I closed my eyes as he yanked my hair again.

“Carlos . . .” He grunted as his body shook over me. My ear suddenly clogged and my cheek grew warm. I turned to watch as he shot over my shoulder and into my hair.

His back grew rigid before he slumped. He fell back, sliding off the bed onto the floor.

I turned on one hip, breathing heavily as his cum ran down my face.

“Carlos . . .” I panted.

He struggled to catch his breath. “I’m sorry . . .” he began. “I never do that . . .”

I blinked. “Carlos, no one ever fucks me.”

He sat forward, his brow furrowing. “Oh wow, then I’m really sorry . . .”

“No, Carlos, no,” I said, sitting up. I scurried to sit on the edge of the bed near him. “Carlos, I really, really liked it.”

He looked up and kissed me. I moaned into his mouth, pulling him up onto me.

Later, we stood at the bathroom sink. I washed his cum from my face. He washed mine from his.

“Those pictures we took,” he said. “Those are just for us, okay? Don’t do anything with them.”

“No worries,” I nodded. “They are incredibly hot. If they don’t get you laid, you can just dig a hole and crawl in, ‘cause you’re dead.”

“Hmmm,” he grinned. I smiled at his reflection.

“Hey, you know, tonight is my boy orgy. You want to stick around?”

“No, no, I think I’m good.” He ran a wet hand over his head. “But I’d see you again, if you want.”

I stood and took him in my arms. “I want.” I nestled my mouth near his ear. “And next time, I’m fucking you.”

“No,” he laughed. “Next time, I’m fucking you.”

Carlos returned to my bedroom and resumed the costume of his office. I picked up and prepared for the orgy.

My co-host Jimmy arrived just as I was showing Carlos to the door. They exchanged quick greetings before Carlos said goodbye.

“See you soon,” he said.

“Yeah, very,” I smiled.

I closed the door and joined Jimmy in the kitchen.

Jimmy’s mouth dropped. “You got with that cute Asian twink from that party? I didn’t know he really did anything.”

I reached for my bourbon glass. “Oh, he does anything, all right.”

“Nice work, Mister Jefferson. I’m sure you gave him the full top treatment.”

“You know me all too well,” I smiled, pouring three fingers.


Wendy said...


Eden said...

You need to post more boy-smut, seriously, it's too hot.

And your ass is mine.

Boymeat said...

OK. That was fucking hot.

Wendy said...

I keep re-reading. How the hell am I suposed to read 'Ajax' when there's such hot man sex sitting here for me?

Wendy said...

Lol, I think you've called open season on your ass honey. I travel with gloves.

Suzanne Portnoy said...

Wow, that was so hot. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

Viviane said...

They'll be several chicks w. dicks in the DO cabin, present company included.

Hm, this gives me an idea. ;-D

Except we'd need the other half of the cabin to tie you up, or hold you down.

e jerry said...

This is me, left eyebrow arched, much intrigued.

e jerry said...

I would never, ever try to be that sneaky in topping you. I figure it's only fair to let a guy know he's about to be under siege. I like being afforded that courtesy myself. Of course, I'm tacky enough to cruise boys at straight sex clubs, too, so I deserve whatever discourtesies are visited upon me.

Wendy said...

Miss V, I don't think we'd have much trouble convincing the rest of the cabin to help!

And with Jocasta around, we'll have plenty of rope handy.

Jefferson said...

There's not enough bourbon in Kentucky to grease that fantasy, Viviane.

Eileen said...

There's not enough bourbon in Kentucky to grease that fantasy

Well, you can't very well expect the tops to *not* perk their ears up and start plotting. It's in our nature.

Also, you have gotten me back into bourbon after a four year hiatus. It's lovely. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...


Now wielding cock and camera.

leila said...

thank you for that. yum...

Goldslut said...

Please keep the hot boy stuff coming... it makes so many of us girls oh so hot. Great description of an illuminating event.

Thanks for the Fleshbot once again! I do love to watch those page views rise.

xo Goldslut

MsBehavn said...

Fuck me that was hot! We definitely need you to write boy smut more often, Jefferson.

rose said...

"There's not enough bourbon in Kentucky to grease that fantasy, Viviane."

i didn't think there was enough bourbon in the world for you to allow yourself to be topped by anyone but the select few that have already had that privilege. my mouth is still on the floor......from drool over the hotness of the smut and shock.

i think viviane and the rest of the cabin have an excellent shot at you. anyone want to lay bets?


Anonymous said...

You are pretty cute when you're Gay.

e jerry said...

"You are pretty cute when you're Gay"

What, isn't everyone?