Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ready, Set . . .

On a Friday evening in mid-January, I sat at my computer, passing time until the orgy that would launch my birthday week of wall-to-wall sex.

The apartment was clean and the sex sheets were in place. Candles and toilet paper had been replenished. Condoms and lube were placed at convenient locations in the bedrooms.

Nothing to do but wait for the bodies to arrive.

Mitzi planned to be at the party, and to spend the night afterwards.

We traded instant messages.

Mitzi: I’m so excited about the orgy tonight, Jefferson.

Jefferson: Me too! It looks like a good one.

Mitzi: Will you fuck girls while I watch, Jefferson?

Jefferson: I may indeed.

Mitzi: I’m masturbating to that right now. Time me!

Jefferson: Save some for the rest of us, darling.

Just then, Emma checked in.

Emma: Our server crashed, yet here I sit.

Jefferson: Friday, early evening, and yet you are at your office, looking after broken machines.

Emma: My lot. Do you have a party tonight?

Jefferson: Yes—the Nubians!

Emma: Oh, that’s nice. I’d join you, but I’m on my period.

Jefferson: I didn’t invite you. When you come to my sex parties, I want you to start with the other one, with my bisexual friends.

Emma: Whatever you say, hun. That’s your decision.

A ping sent me back to another message. Mitzi had rubbed one off.

Mitzi: Okay, time?

Jefferson: Um, just under fourteen seconds.

Mitzi: Yeah, that one took too long. I’ll try again.

Jefferson: What was your trigger?

Mitzi: I imagined walking into your apartment and finding you already fucking someone.

Jefferson: Well, wish I could help you, but I can’t offer that this evening. You’ll just have to wait until the Nubians arrive to watch me fuck.


Emma: Any of your non-Nubian friends coming tonight?

Jefferson: Yes, Mitzi will be here.

Emma: So when will I meet Mitzi? You told me I could whip her. I’ve never whipped anyone. Some tutor you are.

Oh, right.

Mitzi was salivating about the prospect of meeting Emma, the pretty girl I kept secret.

Emma was keen to get going on her dominant side, She wanted Mitzi under her whip.

I checked the time.

Just before seven. I had an orgy at ten.


Jefferson: Would you like to beat Mitzi this evening?

Emma: Well, it’s either that or study.

Jefferson: Either way, it’s all about your education.

Emma: I suppose that’s true.

Okay, one down.

Jefferson: I’m sorry I can’t offer you a sex show tonight. But I do have a consolation prize.

Mitzi: How so?

Jefferson: Emma and I are going to beat you up at eight.

Mitzi: Are you shitting me?!

Jefferson: Nope. Don’t keep us waiting.

Mitzi: I’m walking my dog and catching a cab.

Jefferson: Go. Bring the slapper.

It’s so sweet when she jumps.

Jefferson: Well, looks like you are studying Mitzi’s ass tonight.

Emma: Oh?

Jefferson: Yes, she’ll be here in about half an hour.

Emma: Huh . . . maybe this office can sit in the dark all by itself.

Jefferson: See you in a few.

I signed off.

I pulled out the arsenal of whips, cats and cane.

I took a shower.

I poured a bourbon.

I waited.


Viviane said...

Aww, sweet. Mitzi you're such a ready and willing subject.

But how do you beat someone with a cat?

Lexi said...

It's pretty self-explanatory when they have nine tails.

Or six.

Viviane said...

Oh sure. Hadn't had enough coffee when I read that line.

Lexi said...

That's what I figured. You're too much of a sex guru.

And we bloggers need our morning pick-me-ups.

Anonymous said...

You blog is under the weather again.

Anonymous said...

you are a selfish shit.

dirty girl said...

I know i'm going to love this series of posts!

dg xx

nycbadboy said...

i can't help but be a bit jealous. It's harder than hell to find an orgy/group that will allow a single straight male.

Hinty McHinterson said...

Is that so Badboy?

Viviane said...

BadBoy, there's really no excuse in this day and age for being straight. Suck some dick now and then, have some fun.

nycbadboy said...

Tell you what get a strapon and i'll practice on that...then i'll let you know:)

MarlA Mayhem! said...

LOL Viv's comment just made me crack up hysterically.

When we start incorporating cats into the mix, I'm coming back to the parties as a regular!

Ya damn freaks!!