Friday, March 03, 2006


Emma has been under a lot of stress lately. She works a demanding job while also studying for graduate school.

Sometimes, it catches up with her.

One afternoon, as we traded instant messages, she confessed to being tired.

I suggested she nap.

She said she could try, but it was very cold at her place.

I suggested she nap at my place.

“Oh right,” she said. “Like you would let me nap.”

“I would, of course I would. I have things to do, you know. I’ll warm you up with body heat and send you to slumbers on flannel sheets. I’ll work, and when you wake up, I’ll fuck you and send you on your way.”

“Oh, sleep AND sex. That’s a good offer.”

“And steam heat. My place is positively balmy.”

“You make a good case.”

“Do what you like, Emma. Me, I need to throw more water on the rocks in this sauna I call home.”

“Okay, I’m coming over.”

Emma did look dog-tired.

I kissed her and peeled off her clothes.

She crawled into bed.

I undressed and crawled in after.

I spooned her, ignoring my erection, waiting for her to drift off.

I was starting to feel a little drowsy myself when Emma’s phone rang.

It was on my side of the bed. She has taken to claiming my side of the bed. This time, I managed to nudge her over to the company side.

She was compliant when she was tired, I guess.

I passed the phone to her.

She sat up.

“Hello?” She listened, then laughed. “I know, I couldn’t believe it when I heard the ring tone. It’s been, what, three months?”

I rolled on my back and closed my eyes. I wanted to give her a measure of privacy.

“Well, I guess the big news is that I’ve chopped my hair off. It’s like a bob . . . I know, pretty short! You’d be surprised. And you? . . . uh huh . . .”

This sounded like it could go on for a while.

My mind suggested that we get back to work.

My body countered that a nap sounded good.

I was moderating the debate when Emma stroked my hair. Her fingers apologized for the intrusion.

Maybe I would stick around for a bit.

“Did you hear that Dad got a dog? . . . I know, after all those years of us wanting a pet, and now he gets a dog. And he drove, like, three hours each way to pick it up . . . yeah, it’s cute, but . . .” She listened, then laughed.

All the while, stroking my hair.

I fingered her arm.

She lay back on the pillows, and smiled at me.

Such pretty teeth.

My finger found her collarbone.

She twirled a strand of my hair.

“Well, yes, of course I’m nervous, but I study, like, every free moment. So I can only do it and . . . right! Pray for the best.”

My finger traced to her belly.

She stretched back.

I toyed with her pubic hair.

She opened her thighs.

My fingers tinkered at her pussy.

“So have you talked to Rob? No, me neither . . . uh huh . . . but you know Stephen has that new work study . . . no? Oh, it sounds pretty cool . . .”

I am getting to know Emma’s pussy pretty well.

We’re fast friends.

I greet it with a “howdy,” and hear back a nice juicy “come on in, baby doll.”

My finger slipped from her clit to her slit.

“Uh huh . . . oh right, like that’s happening . . . wow, are you kidding? No, not since Christmas.”

I massaged her g-spot with two fingers.

Her usual.

She closed her eyes as she listened.

She cums quietly, but I was pretty sure she didn’t want to orgasm into her caller’s ear. I took her close, but pulled back in the nick of time.

“No, haven’t you heard? They made up after the wedding . . . yeah, Mama said she was sick of it and forced them to talk . . . right? Too bad she didn’t do that in, like, nineteen seventy nine.”

I kissed her soft belly.

Nap be damned. I couldn’t leave her now—not without fucking her. But this phone call was going on forever.

“No, I totally don’t know that. You have to tell me what happened.”

I took a nipple in my teeth.

She could feel my hard cock pressing into her thigh.

She caressed my hair, absentmindedly punctuating the air with “uh huhs” and “yeahs.”

I kissed her neck. I bit behind her ear, gently.

She slapped my shoulder playfully.

I sat up, kneeling between her open thighs.

“Okay, now was this before or after the accident?”

I opened my condom drawer, my eyes on hers.

She mouthed a “no.”

I nodded a “yes.”

She mouthed another phrase. Was it “you’re bad?” Or “go ahead?”

I poised my cock at her lips, toying with her clit, entering her slightly.

All the while, my eyes on hers.

I leaned forward.

My cock slid into her.

“Oh, that’s good . . . no really, I’m sure that’s good.”

She slapped my back again.

I fucked her gently, nestling her neck.

With my head next to hers, I could now hear her caller’s voice. It was a woman, excitedly going on about something.

I tried not to listen. It’s rude to listen in on phone calls.

I figured I could keep Emma aroused but just shy of orgasm if I fucked slow, deep and steady.

This suited me fine. I can do that for hours.

Which, at this rate, might have to be the case.

This woman would not shut up.

Emma’s face was flushed, her eyes closed and her head turned away. I recognized the expression. She was giving over to the sex.

I kissed her check.

“Uh huh . . . well, yeah, I guess I should go too. Yeah, would you? Seriously, yes, more often, this was crazy . . . okay, bye.”

Emma closed the phone, and rested it on my nightstand.

She slapped my arm.

“You are such an asshole.”

“I know. It’s really true, I am.”

I kissed her neck again.

“Jefferson, that was my sister.”

I paused.

“Wow, we did a phone sex threesome with your sister? How hot is that?”


“I was hoping we’d do your brother first. He’s cute.”

My hips ground into hers.

She went limp.

“Just for that, I’m not going to cum.”

“Baby,” I kissed her, “Don’t be like that.”


She held on to her resolve for a few moments.

I stole some orgasms and left her to nap.

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