Thursday, March 02, 2006


I was fucking Emma when I was struck by a nagging thought.

“Hey, Emma,” I said, parking my cock in her.

“Hey, Jefferson,” she said, resting her hands on my hips.

“Look, I . . . I hate to bring this up, as its potentially embarrassing for you, but . . . “

I bit my lip.

“What is it, Jefferson?” She looked concerned.

“It’s just that . . . well, I’ve noticed that you have never sucked my cock. It’s possible that you are just very bad at giving head and you are embarrassed . . .”

Emma began to laugh.

“ . . . but I want you to know that I won’t mock your efforts cruelly, no matter how lousy you are.”

“Look, Jefferson,” she smiled. “If you didn’t always have your dick in my pussy, we might be able to try other things.”

“It’s true. My dick does have a crush on your pussy.” I moved my cock in her for emphasis.

“And my pussy is fond of your cock. But it will never get sucked if it’s in there.”

“I can see that.”

I pulled out a bit, then gently eased back in.

“So there are two ways you can get a blowjob from me.”

“Do tell.” I began to fuck her once more in earnest.

“Well, the first one isn’t happening, so there’s no point in bringing it up.”

“What is it?”

“Doesn’t matter, it isn’t happening. You need to focus on the second way.”

“Okay, what’s the second way?”

She gripped my shoulder as I thrust into her.

“You simply have to ask.”

“Huh, simple as that?”

“That’s right.”

“Good to know.”

We kept fucking.

A few minutes later, I stopped.

“Hey, Emma.”

“Hey, Jefferson.”

“Would you please suck my cock?”

“I’d be glad to.”

“Great!” I smiled.

“Uh, Jefferson?”


“You’ll need to take your dick out of my pussy to do this.”

I slumped. “Oh, screw that, then.”

I fucked her some more.

I stopped.

“Okay, curiosity has the better of me. I think I will take you up on that blowjob.”

“Is that asking, or telling?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Right, sorry about that. Will you please suck my cock, please?”

“Of course, I’d be glad to.”

“Great, thanks.”

I pet her hair.

“Jefferson . . .”

“I know, I know. Just a moment, please.”

“Take your time.”

I rested my cock as deep in her as I could.

“It’s just . . . it’s just awfully nice like this.”

“I have no complaints. I just can’t suck it when it’s in my pussy.”

“Shhhh.” I kissed her.

And slowly, gently pulled out. Centimeter by centimeter.

It took about a minute, but at the end, I was disengaged.


“You okay?”

“If by ‘okay,’ you mean, ‘without pussy,’ then yes, I’m okay. This better be some blowjob, considering my sacrifices.”

“I’ve never had a complaint. Now get off me and lay back.”

I kissed Emma then lifted myself up. I settled back on some pillows.

“No, I need those pillows,” Emma said. She held out her hand.

I lifted up and passed her the pillows.

She smiled.

She pushed the pillows into my face.

“Hey!” I managed. “Whaf de fuff?”

“Shhh. No peeking.”

“Whaf abouf brea-fing?”

“Yes you can breath, but no looking.”


I’m a good sport. I closed my eyes.

I felt nothing—except anticipation.

Then, her hand began to caress my torso. Instinctively, I reached for her.

She took my forearm roughly.

“No. No touching.”

“Oh, no peefing, no fouching, buf brea-fing if ofay?”

“That’s right.” She raised the pillow, put my arms over my head and put the pillow back in place.

I kept my eyes shut tight.

Again, I waited.

Then, the faintest touch.

One hand, soft and gentle, on my inner thigh.

It vanished.

The touch was gone.

It resurfaced on my chest. I flinched in surprise.


I nodded under my pillow.

The touch moved along my rib cage to the curve of my belly, lightly tickling hairs, smoothing goose pimples.

I imagined her eyes monitoring my cock as it bobbed, seeking her, anticipating her touch.

The touch vanished.

I quivered.

I needed it.

I was jonesing.

The touch reappeared at my hip.

It traced across my body, raking hairs, avoiding the part of my body that most craved it.

The touch vanished.

I waited, wondering when it would recur, where I would feel it next.

The touch returned at the base of my cock.

Electricity surged through my body.

As the touch traced its way slowly up my cock, I could distinguish its every part—the thickly swollen bottom, the engorged sides, the aching head.

The touch took so long to traverse my cock, I felt it must have grown many times its normal size. Blind under the pillow, I visualized my body like a freeway, the touch a slow moving vehicle taking the scenic route across the continent of my body.

The touch vanished.

I waited.

I tried to slow my breath, to wait patiently.

She hovered over me.

Her mouth took my nipple.

Again, a flinch at the unexpected.

The touch retuned to sooth me, resting on my belly.

The air under the pillow was stale and warm. I drew it slowly into my nostrils, keeping my mouth shut.

Her mouth and the touch moved lightly over my body, but quickly now. The anticipation was crushing.

Please, please, please.

Her mouth was close to my cock now. I could feel her breath on my shaft.

Please, please, please.

Her mouth took me.

I shivered.

My whole body was on her tongue.

She took me slowly, gingerly, exploring with her mouth the terrain staked out by her touch.

My mind took refuge with me under the pillow. The corporeal was left to fend for itself.

I dared to thrust slightly.

Her palms pressed down on my hips, arresting me.

She was fucking me.

I had to surrender.

I turned my head to bite my arm.

Give in, give in.

I could stand it no longer.

I threw off the pillow.

Emma looked up. She took my cock from her mouth.

“Excuse me?”

“Please. I have to fuck you.”

She held my cock in one hand, massaging it with the other.


“Please. I really need to feel you cum.”

Emma stood and retrieved the pillow.


“Emma, please . . . “

My plea trailed off under the pillow.

The next time I requested a blowjob, Emma smiled.

She would be happy to suck my cock, she said.

She put a pillowcase over my head.

She tied my wrists to the bed.

She took a long tour.

She insisted that I cum.

As I lay panting afterwards, she laughed.

“You are no kind of dom,” she teased. “You are my submissive little girl.”

Inside the pillowcase, I smiled.

I had a secret.

I had a secret boyfriend.

I had a secret dom boyfriend.

I kept him hidden inside a pretty girl.


nycbadboy said...

Wow, amazing. Lucky guy..'course that's coming from a sub.

rose said...

brilliant....but now your secret's out! hmmmmmmmmmmmm ;P

Anti-Bloggie McBloggerson said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... you'll all get laid in your various desired combonations.

Josh Jasper said...

Does this mean we get to read about her fucking your ass next?

Anonymous said...

so cute! so cute.

Will said...

Wow. I'd very much like to meet this Emma character. It's too bad I don't um...have time for any kind of social-life.

...hey, remember when -I- was going to be your protege? hehe

Anonymous said...

that was a hot read, I love the role reversal