Thursday, March 23, 2006

Perverts' Saloon

You read our blogs. Aren’t you curious to see us in the flesh?

A number of New York City sex bloggers will be taking part in our first-ever public reading, organized by redoubtable stalwarts Audacia Ray and Selina Fire.

And yes, your very own Jefferson will be among the participants. It’s a great group of folks—and I’ve only seen about half of them naked.

So far, that is.

Stop by to say howdy, won’t you?

As many in our cohort are up all manner of activities—such as Dacia’s curatorial smash Sex Worker Visions, opening March 29 at the LGBT Community Center—Viviane has created a special blog just to highlight news and events.

The Perverts’ Saloon

Here’s the low down on our hotter-than-hell hootenanny.

70 North 6th street, Williamsburg. L to Bedford Ave

(Directions to Galapagos)
Time: 8-10 pm; Doors open at 7:30 PM

A family of strangers are New York City's Sex Bloggers - online writers, telling tales of their sex lives in this City. Parents in their 40's, sex workers in their 20's, professionals with 9 - 5 jobs or stay-at-home dads - male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual - these writers' narratives have one thing in common: they are sexually explicit. You'll find stories that twist real-life narratives together: parents helping their kids with homework, then later, deflowering a stranger of his anal virginity; tensions on the train to work, then helping a friend's wife to orgasm. Their tangled tales of exploration and conquest, freedom, exhibition and love will be told aloud and in person for the first time when the bloggers show their faces and read from their work at the New York City Peverts' Saloon.

Readers: Audacia Ray, Tony Comstock, Viviane, Lex Konrad, Jefferson, Selina Fire, Chelsea Girl, Cherry Bomb, Tess, Charlie Bucket

(Flyer design by J, maleslut NYC)


Ghislaine said...


This Boston slut and fan is going to be in NYC *this* weekend, not next! Aaargh!

Stanley said...

Cool. Would love to be there, but I'm thousands of miles away, so that'll have to be another time.

Madeline Glass said...

I’m gay, I’m lesbian, I’m Amerrrrican Indian.

Jefferson said...

Cue Pat Benatar:

"And the winner for 'Hammer-on-the-Head Message Songs' goes to . . . Peter, Paul and Mary, for 'Don't Call Me Names: 2006 Remix!'"

Cue camera one: Applause.

Narrator: "This is the twenty-sixth nomination and third win for Peter, Paul and Mary in this category."

Cue camera two: Peter and Paul assist Mary to the stage.

Cue camera three: Joan Baez weeps, having garnered this award repeatedly for four decades.

Cue camera two: Bono's standing ovation.

Jefferson said...

Cue Pat Benatar:

"Support perverts! Stop using sex as a weapon!"

Madeline Glass said...

But sex is a weapon.

And love is a battlefield.

Rejected_Love said...

OMG i wish i could go to love it...fuck im sooo far from anything exiting!

Educated Toff said...

Well Jefferson, you and your posse of perverts may well be sex gods/goddesses but what a pity none of you can spell INSTALMENT.

Did any of you actually learn anything at school or were you all too busy having sex?

Jefferson said...

Actually, only one of us can't spell "instalment."

The rest of us simply can't copyedit as well as we should, due to blindness caused by masturbation.

Lucky we have you looking over our shoulders.

Just, uh, don't look down.

Sweet Potato said...

Of all the times to host a meet and greet--when I'm NOT in NYC. Well darn the luck. Perhaps there will be another later in the year.

Viviane said...

Jefferson and Madeline, you have to admit it was very touching singing along to 'Don't Laugh at Me'...

Someday, Stanley and Sweet Potato, I will convene a special meeting of the Perverts' Saloon. Either that, or we take it on the road.

Viggy la Q said...

Please, please, on my knees.... web-broadcast of this event to us trans-atlantic blog voyeurs?

Oh, and to Educated Toff: please spell your name correctly in the Queen's English.... S U P P R E S S E D.



chelsea girl said...

"Redoubtable stalwarts"? Is this a good thing?

What about "hot molten beds of polymorphous perversity"? Or "temptresses from beyond the sybaritic dimension"? Or "sex-positive bad-asses and all-around tasty bitches"?

Meg said...

i really think this should be postponed to april 10th.

geography really is the devil.

Viviane said...

Meg, just for you, we will stage a private reading. ;-D