Sunday, March 19, 2006

Balancing Acts

Mitzi and Emma pulled on underwear, jeans, bras and tops. I reached for a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

For the moment, we traded nudity for propriety.

We preferred to be dressed as Apollo’s orgy assembled.

It was already past ten, and we knew people would begin to arrive within the hour. We could leave Apollo to greet his guests. It was his responsibility to put people at ease and make introductions. It was his job to encourage his friends to initiate the party by retreating to the bedrooms.

That’s our agreement. He recruits and supervises his biweekly party of black and Latin couples. I provide the place and help to supervise.

Apollo and I both participate.

But for now, the girls and I had a little time to relax on the terrace. Mitzi craved a cigarette. I offered bourbons.

Emma sent us ahead, saying she would join us shortly; first, she wanted to chat a bit with Apollo.

It was the Friday before my birthday, just a couple of hours into my week of wall-to-wall sex. Already, Mitzi and Emma had gone from being strangers to sex partners to pals.

Along the way, Emma had dommed her first woman.

Not a bad start, I thought.

“Are you smarting?” I asked Mitzi as she took her drink.

“A little,” she said, exhaling smoke. She nodded towards Emma in the other room. “There’s no way that was the first beating she’s given.”

“She says it was,” I smiled, stealing a cigarette from her package.

“I dunno, Jefferson. She’s too good to be new to this.”

“Well then, she is a natural talent, either as a dom or as a liar.”

“Are you talking about me?” Emma said from the doorway.

I looked around. “You think you are the God damned center of the universe,” I chided, blowing smoke in her direction.

“I just know when I am the most interesting person in a room,” she replied. She nodded to Mitzi. “Present company excluded, of course.”

“Of course,” Mitzi nodded back, with mannered courtesy.

I was more than happy to be the shared target of their barbs.

Yet Mitzi was not content to enjoy jokes at my expense. She had done that plenty of times in the past. She would have ample time for that in the future.

She now had new quarry.

Emma, now here in the flesh, could corroborate or dispute the veracity of my telling of the times I had been with her.

“So, Emma, how do you know Jefferson?”

Emma told her how I had met her “son” Carl at a male orgy at my place. That chance encounter had led Emma and I to correspond and then, to meet.

“Ah, yes, I believe Jefferson has told me that story,” Mitzi nodded, smiling. “And so the two of you got together.”

Emma nodded. Her gaze fell to the street below.

“That Jefferson can be pretty persuasive!” Mitzi laughed.

“Yes, it was like pulling teeth,” I interjected. I took another drag.

Mitzi knows she skates on thin ice with her interrogations. I don’t enjoy having my facts checked.

Still, as a writer, I am accustomed to the process of editorial inquiry. If I strive to be honest and transparent, then I open myself to scrutiny.

I can endure it—to a point.

“I gather you two have had some fun . . .” Mitzi began.

Emma smiled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Did you really pick up boys for a bukkake party?” Mitzi asked.

“Hmm mmm. Well, Jefferson found the boys.”

“I dunno,” Mitzi said, flicking her ashes. “I always think I might like that, but then I chicken out. Were you into it?”

Emma looked at me. “Yeah, the boys were pretty hot. I was surprised they all came at once, though.”

“Yeah, me too,” I nodded. I took another drag, catching Mitzi’s eyes. “And hell yeah, the boys were fucking cute. What’s the point otherwise?”

“Yes, and not obnoxious, like Navy boy,” Emma said.

“I know,” I winced. “Sorry about that one. He was handsome, though.”

“Yeah, if you like obnoxious Navy boys.”

“I found his machismo rather amusing . . .,” I began.

“Wait, what is this story?” Mitzi sat forward.

“Well . . .,” I began.

“No, I was asking Emma,” Mitzi said, putting a hand on my knee.

I looked at Emma. She caught my eye. I took another drag.

My lips were sealed. It was her tale to tell.

Emma looked ahead. “Well, I think it started because I told Jefferson I like to be a tease. He claimed he wasn’t into that. ‘Cause he’s a liar!” Emma hit me on the foot.

“Be nice,” I admonished.

“Go on,” Mitzi said, stamping out her cigarette stub. She reached for another.

“So, anyway, Jefferson had this idea that he would watch me tease a boy. We would tie him to a chair, so he couldn’t do anything.”

“He was nude, of course,” I added. “We all were.”

“Wait, who’s ‘we all?,’” Mitzi asked, shaking her hand to extinguish a match.

“Well, the Navy guy and me, and Shelby and Jefferson,” Emma said.

“Wait, you met Shelby?” Mitzi said.

“Yes, she was there,” Emma said, looking at me.

Mitzi slapped my knee.

She sat back suddenly, and looked down at the street.

“Go on,” she said.

Emma kept my eye.

“This wasn’t the original plan, of course,” I began, “As Shelby is over the whole group sex thing . . .”

“I was asking Emma,” Mitzi said, her brown eyes glowering in my direction.

“Well,” Emma began a little carefully. She allowed her drawl to slow, so that she could weigh the impact of her words. “That’s true, I think she came early that night, and we started late.”

“There was an unintended overlap,” I nodded.

“Yeah,” Emma said. “Though she kinda jumped in.”

“Or she was pulled in,” I said. “She says I encouraged her when she was reticent. She had only planned to watch.”

“That sounds right,” Emma said.

“Watch what?” Mitzi asked.

“Oh, watch me tease the Navy guy, you know, tied to his chair.”

“But other things happened?” Mitzi asked.

“Sure!” Emma laughed. “I mean, the three of us fooled around.”

“And not the Navy guy?” Mitzi asked, puffing.

“No, we made him watch. No one wanted to touch him, really.”

Mitzi slapped my leg again, hard.

“Hey, watch it!” I said. “That fucking hurt.”

“Good!” Mitzi said. She tossed her hair and took a moment to compose herself. “Why don’t I already know this?”

Emma stared at the street below.

“Because it was a secret,” I taunted.

“Asshole,” Mitzi snarled, just over a whisper.

I shrugged. “Look, I just haven’t got around to telling you everything, okay? It’s no mystery I do these things. I just can’t always report them in a timely way—not that I am required to do so.”

“Look, Jefferson,” Mitzi began. “You know that isn’t the issue. I don’t care who you fuck. It’s just . . . “ Mitzi clenched her fists. “Urgh!”

I knew the issue. We’d certainly talked about it many times before.

Every relationship has its balancing acts.

All of my relationships are grounded in a basic understanding: I am bisexual and I have sex with other people—lots and lots of other people.

I am not ashamed to be the easiest lay in Manhattan.

For some, that is not acceptable. So it’s good they know upfront that I am not for them. I bid them farewell.

For some, that’s fine, but they don’t want the details. I spare the details.

For some, that’s not only fine, it’s hot as hell. They want in. I bring them in.

For some on the inside, God is in the details. They want to know everything, and they want to know it first. They don’t want to read about it in a blog or to hear about it through the grapevine.

Mitzi falls square in the final category. She wants to be there for the good stuff, and if she isn’t, she wants to hear all about it from me.

She gets miffed when that is not the case.

I know this. She knows this.

It wasn’t a fight we needed to have in front of Emma.

“Well, I feel rude,” I said, standing. I kissed Mitzi’s cheek. She turned away. “Let’s talk about this later. We should check on the progress of this orgy. Shall we?”

“Jefferson . . . ,” Mitzi began.

“Later, okay?”

“Fine, I’ll finish this cigarette and join you.” Mitzi avoided my eyes.

“Mind if I borrow one?” Emma asked.

“Of course,” Mitzi smiled. “Help yourself. Here, take Jefferson’s seat, next to me.” She turned to me. “Ta ta, Jefferson.”

Emma and Mitzi settled in for girl talk.

I hadn’t anticipated that maneuver.

Damn, that Emma was smart. Every bit as smart as Mitzi.

“See you inside,” I smiled.

I swear to God, I thought. Mitzi collects all the evidence.

She will be a goldmine to my future biographer.

Inside, the living room was dark, reduced to a few candles. Couples were paired up in low conversation. Usher was playing on the stereo, a little too loudly. I turned it down.

I strolled to the bedrooms.

One couple fucked as a dressed man watched, stroking his exposed cock.

The real action unfolded in the other bedroom.

A pile of bodies rubbed one another in various stages of undress. A few people stood, watching as a fully dressed woman went down on another woman, wearing only a t-shirt.

I leaned against a wall and watched for a while before feeling hands around my waist.

“Jefferson, I’m sorry,” Mitzi whispered in my ear.

“Shhh,” I rested my hand on hers. “You did nothing wrong. I’m sorry you had to hear that story from someone else.”

“Yeah, I hate that. I always want to know from you.”

“I know, and that’s fair.” I took her hand to my lips. “It’s just that, you know, there’s just so much to tell . . .”

She slapped my chest. “Don’t be an asshole.”

I turned. “I’m teasing, I know. I am sorry. It’s hard to stay ahead of things, you know.” I kissed her. “My bad.”

She kissed me. “I want to break up with you,” she whispered.

“You should,” I whispered back.


“Yes, Mitzi?”

She looked over my shoulder. “Are there Nubian lesbians in that room?”

I looked back. “Hmm, I’m afraid so. It’s a big pile up.”

“Jefferson, I want to watch that with you.”

“It’s a good show,” I nodded. “But I want to check on Emma before we get too involved.”

“I just left her,” Mitzi said, looking back. “She’s fine.”

“ I know, but it’s her first party at my place. I want to be responsible.”

“Jefferson . . . ,” she began.

I kissed her. “And then we’ll come back for the Nubian lesbians, I promise.”

I took Mitzi’s hand and led her to the kitchen. We stopped at the door.

Emma was kissing a tall handsome man I had never seen before.

Her eyes were closed.

The man withdrew, spinning her in his large hands.

She complied with the guidance of his touch.

His hands roamed her torso, fixated on the prize breasts beneath her top. He lowered his face to touch them with his cheek.

“She’s fine,” Mitzi said, tugging my hand. “Let’s go.”

“Shh.” I put a finger to my lips.

Emma was deep inside her eyelids as the man lifted her shirt over her head.

He unclasped her bra effortlessly with one hand, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Emma lifted her neck slightly. He lowered his lips to her nipples.

Another woman entered the kitchen. Apparently indifferent to the necking couple, she walked to the counter and began to mix a drink.

Without looking up from Emma’s breasts, the man reached back and took the passing woman into his grip. She was unfazed, pouring as he fondled her thighs through her jeans.

“Well, hot damn,” I murmured. “I suppose Emma is doing just fine.”

“Evidently. So can we please see the Nubian lesbians?” Mitzi cooed, her cheek finding my shoulder. “Please?”

“Yeah, let’s do that,” I agreed. My eyes left Emma as the man unfastened her pants.

In the bedroom, we found things much as we left them. Only the positions had changed.

The clothed woman was kneeling on the floor, her mouth locked on pussy. Her hands held her quarry’s hips high in place. The woman in the t-shirt rested on her shoulders.

“Rested” is not the right word. She squirmed and moaned loudly as her cunt was expertly turned inside out and handed back to her as an origami swan.

I spotted a free space on the futon.

“Come here,” I whispered to Mitzi, tugging her hand. I undressed. Mitzi followed suit.

We were the only nude people in the room.

Funny thing about the Nubians. The sex is very hot, but generally only partly nude. The men, in particular, are quick to zip up once business is concluded.

I once watched a fellow fuck the shit out of his girlfriend. I was nude, resting between rounds.

Once he came, he pulled up his pants and glanced my way.

“You crazy, man,” he laughed. “Sitting there naked and shit.”

He had just torn a new hole in his girlfriend’s colon in a room full of people, and I was crazy for being nude.

Different strokes.

If I was going to watch a hot lesbian scene with Mitzi, of course I wanted us nude.

The clothed woman moved in for the kill, pushing down on as she devoured the woman in the t-shirt. She burrowed her on the floor against the bed frame.

I leaned forward and whispered to the hapless victim, “Do you want a pillow?”

She was out of her mind with ecstasy.

“Huh?” She never opened her eyes.

I gently slid my hand under her neck. I lifted.

“Here, baby.”

She lifted her head. I slid a pillow into place.

“Thank yo . . . uh!” she grunted.

“Of course.” I pecked her cheek.

I leaned next to Mitzi. “That is so sweet,” I whispered.

“That is so hot,” she replied. “They were doing this before we checked on Emma, and we’ve been back, like, twenty minutes. Does that woman breath?”

“Circular breathing, that’s the trick,” I whispered in response. “Good for playing brass and eating pussy. Speaking of, bend over that railing and let me fuck you.”

Mitzi nodded, almost absentmindedly as she watched. “Sure, Jefferson,” she said, her eyes on the carpet munching transpiring on my floor. She leaned forward and raised her ass to me.

I rolled a condom on my cock and pressed a palm into her lower back.

I guided myself into her familiar passage.

She pushed back into me as I dove in deep.

The feeling of myself inside Mitzi—this improved the view considerably.

Emma appeared at the door for a moment, wearing only her jeans. She peered into the darkness and spotted a section of unclaimed bed. Stepping over the lesbian limbs, she made her way to sit.

She was soon sucking Apollo and his cousin, Miller.

They both wore t-shirts. Miller wore his prescription sunglasses. He was blind in a room with candles, but he sure looked cool.

Across the room, a man had opened his trousers to allow his girlfriend to blow him.

He noticed the lovely brunette at the end of my cock, moaning as she took a slow pounding, her eyes on marathon pussy eating.

He pulled out from his girlfriend without a glance and made his way to Mitzi’s face.

He shoved his cock at her mouth.

She turned away.

He moved.

She turned.

“She’s not into it, friend,” I said, spelling out the obvious.

He stood for a moment, jerking as we fucked, then returned to his girlfriend’s mouth.

I slapped Mitzi’s ass. She turned to me and smiled.

I rolled my eyes. Some people, huh? I thought.

She nodded, then gave her eyes back to the lesbians.

I began to wish we were timing them. There must be a world record for eating pussy, and our girls must be pushing the envelope.

All those blowjobs among the spectators had me wanting one as well. I spanked Mitzi again, then pulled out.

I fell back on the pillows and tore off the condom.

Mitzi looked over at me.

She knew what I wanted.

But she also knew what she wanted.

She shook her head, teasing me, as she turned and lowered her pussy to my thigh.

She wanted to “high school” me.

Back when Mitzi was seventeen, she got off by rubbing her clit on her boyfriend’s thigh. It was safe and effective, and worked whether or not there were clothes involved.

She calls this “high schooling,” and it remains her failsafe.

As she rubbed one off on my leg, I toyed with her hair and smiled into her eyes.

Emma came over and sat near my shoulder.

We looked up and grinned at her. It was nice to check in with our solo voyager.

I pulled Emma’s face into a kiss.

My fingers pinched a nipple.

I could feel Mitzi ramp up her grinding as she watched.

I also felt a mouth on my cock.

I pulled back from Emma and looked down.

Consuela was blowing me.

I didn’t even know she had arrived. But here she was, naked, like us, and sucking my cock by way of greeting.

I grinned and took Emma’s breast into my mouth.

My evening began with a threesome with Emma and Mitzi. Now here I was with them and Consuela as well.

Happy birthday to me.

Mitzi came, nice and loud.

Emma was soon distracted by Miller, back for more on his blowjob.

I pet Mitzi, and looked at Consuela.

“Well, hi there,” I said.

“Oh,” she smiled, taking my cock from her mouth. “You noticed I was here.”

“Yes, you do know how to get a boy’s attention. How’ve you been, you?”

“Pretty good, busy with the holidays, but the usual.” She stroked my cock as we spoke.

Mitzi watched, grinding my thigh slowly.

“Yeah, I hear you,” I nodded. “Hey, you want to eat Mitzi while I fuck you?”

Mitzi suppressed a giggle.

Consuela looked at her. “Yeah, I’d like that. About damn time I got laid—this is the first time since the new year.”

“That’s two weeks,” I exclaimed, sitting up. Emma dropped her hand from my chest. “And that’s a crying shame.”

“Don’t I know it,” Consuela agreed.

I excused myself as I took my leg from Mitzi.

She lay back on my pillows.

Consuela moved forward to crouch over the pussy she was preparing to lick. She looked back as I took position behind her, opening a condom package.

“You been okay?” she asked.

“Me? Sure, I’m fine.” I rested one hand on her ass as the other guided my cock into her. I thrust gently in and back. “Life’s pretty good.”

“Ummm, that’s good,” she sighed. “Really good.” Consuela turned to focus her attentions on Mitzi’s clit.

I enjoyed my cock in her, the feel of her soft, dark flesh, the strength of her body.

Mitzi had her eyes on mine as I dug in on Consuela. I know that she likes it fast and hard, good and solid, big on delivery, spare the sentiment.

Miller and Emma watched as Mitzi groaned.

Consuela licks pussy as well as the next girl, especially when she is taking a sound fucking. I’m sure Mitzi enjoyed that.

But I knew she also got off watching me fuck Consuela.

Every relationship has its balancing acts.

Mitzi likes sharing hot sexual situations with me, even as she wrestles with the green-eyed monster when that means sharing me with others.

Earlier that night, she was uncomfortable watching me with Emma. She knows I see Emma one on one. She knows I like Emma. She couldn’t help but be jealous.

Now, she watched me fuck Consuela. It got her hot.

Of course, I like Consuela, and she likes me fine. But I don’t see her one on one. We check in with one another at parties and we fuck.

It’s social.

And that’s different.

Later that night, we came across Consuela treating a man to a lap dance. He was in his boxers, jerking under the waistband. When she tried to touch his cock, he brushed her off, saying he was “sensitive.” I suppose he was afraid of premature ejaculation.

“You look like you are having fun,” I said, kissing her as she wiggled her ass above his thighs.

“Hmm mmmm, very much.” She leaned forward to suck my cock.

I looked at Mitzi and shrugged. “Here we go.”

She grinned.

I tapped Consuela on the shoulder and twirled my finger in the air, suggesting she turn around.

She did so, pivoting her body at the hips, and lowering her tits to the man’s face.

I fingered her wet clit, slipping in a finger.

My thumb went to her asshole.

She took it with ease.

I put my fingers in deep, squeezing them together inside her.

No complaints from Consuela; she was content with my efforts either way.

Fine then, I thought, tearing open a condom. I guess I’ll fuck her ass.

I lubed her hole and my shaft. She opened her stance and raised her ass, still focused on the lap dance she gave to her sensitive man.

I stood on my toes, holding my head to her hole.

She lifted up into me.

I pressed down.

I passed her sphincter, shallow at first.

She pushed back.

I was in.

I’m a very considerate ass fucker. I’ve been fucked. I know it can be intense.

But Consuela pushed back on me like a prison bitch in heat.

She pounded her ass back on my cock like it was the last taste of heaven she would get before the brimstone.

I was still on my toes.

I grabbed her hips and pounded down, deep and hard.

She pushed back, as if to ask: that’s all you got?

I rammed deeper, harder.

I gritted my teeth.

I fucked that damned ass.

She wriggled. She moaned a bit.

I looked at Mitzi.

She likes to see my “mean fuck face,” as she puts it. She likes to watch me go all out.

“God damn . . . ,” I said.

“That’s hot, Jefferson.”

“Yeah, it is . . .” I began.

I grabbed hands full of flesh.

I pulled Consuela’s body to mine. My rhythm, my time. I fucked her tough and without remorse. I fucked her the way doms do when they mean to say: this ass is mine.

My eyesight narrowed to pinholes.

She pushed back, dancing on my cock. This ass is yours, her body told me. Is this the best you can do with it?

I fucked up a cold hard sweat, then pulled out.

I staggered back, then stepped forward to backhand her ass. Two times, hard.

I pulled off the condom and threw it at her feet.

She never looked back.

“Come on, Mitzi, let’s take a break,” I said, beaten by a strong-willed ass.

As we walked away, Mitzi admired my disdainful slaps at the end. “That was so hot, the way you swatted her,” she began.

“She barely noticed,” I said, wiping my neck. “I was fucking her ass, you know. She took like a hot knife in butter.”

“Were you really?” Mitzi tittered, slipping a hand in my arm. “I had no idea you were in her ass.”

“I’d like to think she noticed,” I replied.

We caught up with Emma.

“It’s so frustrating,” she said. “Here I am at my first sex party at your place, and on my period, so I can’t do anything.”

“Not do anything?” I teased. “I saw you giving, like, what? Five blowjobs? And I wasn’t always looking.”

She shrugged.

“That counts, Emma,” I said.

“Yeah, well, I only fucked Jefferson,” Mitzi commiserated. “So I guess we both had a slow night.”

“Yeah, and how many times did you cum tonight? Never mind our threesome earlier?”

Mitzi shrugged. “I dunno, twelve?”

I laughed. “Give me a slow night any time.”

I circulated with the other partygoers as things wound down.

I realized that the woman in the t-shirt, who took history’s longest pussy licking, was Chocolate. (Don’t blame me, it’s her self-chosen nom de partouse.) She is a Nubian regular; I was surprised I didn’t recognize her.

“Well, I have these new extensions,” she twirled her hair, smiling. That was all it took. I’d know that smile anywhere.

I smiled back. “That was some serious pussy licking you took, Chocolate.”

“Pretty serious, I guess so,” she laughed, prancing on her naked legs. She was like a filly at a hootenanny. “She was just, ummmm, so good.”

I always like talking with her.

She is a straight girl with a boyfriend, she tells me. She gets all the dick she wants at home.

She comes to this party to get some girls.

She’s a beauty. She always gets her girls.

Never any sign of the boyfriend.

I ran into Miller, loading up on bourbon at the bar.

“How’s it going, Miller? We didn’t have much of a chance to talk.”

“Yeah.” He took a deep gulp.

I paused.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” he repeated. His eyes were ciphers behind his sunglasses.

“Well, good to see you, as always,” I said, patting his shoulder.

“Yeah, I got to get to work,” he said, swallowing another glass. It was like he was forcing back his medicine.

“What, at this hour? What do you do?”

He took another gulp. “Cab driver.”

“Well,” I winced into his shades. “Be careful out there.”

He raised his glass and downed another shot.

I met Apollo at the door.

“Nice party,” I said.

“Yeah, it was a good one,” he nodded. “You and Mitzi, you are looking good.”

“Oh, thanks,” I grinned.

“And damn, that girl Emily is the shit, man.”

“Emily?” I looked around. “Wow, did I meet her?”

Apollo laughed. “You were all up in that shit when I got here, man.”

“Oh, Emma!” I pointed a finger. “You need to learn the names of the girls you put your dick in, Apollo.”

“Yeah, Emma. So she has my four one one.”

“Hopefully she has your name right too, stud. Take care of Miller, okay?”

“Yeah, he’s my ride, we’re cool.”


Everyone was gone.

The cleaning could wait until tomorrow.

I gave Emma blankets and kissed her good night.

Mitzi changed the sheets on my bed.

It was after three as Emma fell asleep to the sound of Mitzi’s orgasms in the next room.


Viviane said...

A lot of shopping, then a lot of fucking. A nice start to a long birthday marathon!

Madeline Glass said...

"Usher was playing on the stereo."


Meg said...

"we want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed."

dirty girl said...

I want a birthday week like that this year!