Saturday, February 04, 2006


Mitzi and I took in the air for a bit before heading back inside. She remained pretty blissed from her submission to Elena and the gang.

We found Susan and Nate talking by the stove.

Nate wore a dark t-shirt and boxers.

Susan was nude but for a slender black thong.

Susan is a seasoned veteran of sex parties. But as she knows, every group has its own dynamics and personalities. We had met at a Nubian sex party at my place, and found common ground in conversation. Now she was trying out the fit with my regular crowd.

She liked Mitzi from the start.

She enjoyed Nate’s attentions.

She worked the room, talking, laughing, and turning heads.

“Yeah, I like being a dominatrix,” she said to Nate, rehearsing lines she must have repeated so many times before. “It suits my personality, ‘cause I’m a Pisces and shit, so I love to be in control. But you know, really, I’m a sub, so I can really get into what they are feeling, you know? I get it.”

“Man, that’s just awesome, Susan,” Nate replied. “And your scars are too hot.”

She turned, bringing her bare ass into the dim light. She traced a finger along the line of her thong. “Yeah, those are the cane marks of my Daddy. I love that man; I do anything he asks. ‘Course, his girlfriend doesn’t like that much, but that’s the way things are, you know?”

“Yeah, that’s a tough thing, man, when people aren’t cool like that.”

“You know it; it just rains shit on everything. So, you have any scars?”

Nate pulled up his shirt and turned to show his scarification. “It’s small, but I like the design.”

“Yeah, that’s nice work,” Susan admired. “It’s a sun, right?”


“Have you been adding to it?” I asked, touching the outline of a wavy line.

“Yeah, some, man. My girlfriend added this.” He indicated a line near his spine.

“I don’t see how you take it,” Mitzi quivered. “I couldn’t do that at all.”

“Yeah, Mitzi, I didn’t know I could either, until I did.” Nate lowered his shirt, smiling.

I poured a bourbon. “Hey, I need to check on things,” I said. “You coming, cutie?”

“Sure,” Mitzi smiled.

In my bedroom, we found Elena torturing the balls of her slave Antonio.

I lay next to them to watch. “That’s nice work, Elena.”

“He seems to like it, don’t you, Antonio?”

“Yes,” he said, his nostrils alert. “I do.”

“Well, I’d like to watch and learn.” I was growing hard. “Hey Mitzi, would you please suck my cock?”

“Of course, Jefferson.” She took my cock in her mouth.

“Can you see okay?” I asked.

She nodded, her brown eyes on Antonio’s erection.

Susan joined us, holding hands with Lyra, who trailed a few steps behind.

“Elena, I hate to interrupt,” Susan said. “But may I play with your girlfriend?”

Elena looked at Lyra. Lyra nodded.

“Yes, you may,” Elena replied. “But I would prefer if you remained in this room.”

“Yes, of course,” Susan replied. Her tone was studied and deferential. She may be a dom elsewhere, but in this situation, she knew that Elena was in charge.

“You need the bed?” I offered.

“No, we’ll be fine in this chair.”

Susan led Lyra to one of the two black high-backs we refer to as “sex chairs.”

Their wide, low seats are perfectly situated for so many positions.

Susan caressed Lyra’s exposed belly and back, speaking in low, soft tones.

She quietly removed Lyra’s black bra.

Susan stood behind Lyra, her hands and long nails caressing her torso and small breasts. She squeezed a nipple.

Lyra stood very still, her eyes on Elena’s across the room.

Susan whispered in her ear. Lyra turned back, thought for a moment, then nodded slightly.

Susan’s hands traveled down Lyra’s sides to the top of her jeans. Her hands traveled toward one another slowly, finally meeting under Lyra’s navel.

Susan unfastened Lyra’s jeans.

She slowly unzipped them.

Elena glanced down to Antonio’s cock. She took his balls in a fresh twist.

He sighed, quietly.

I thrust into Mitzi’s throat, watching her eyes move to mine. We allowed ourselves to be distracted by the scenes unfolding on either side of us, but now and then, you have to check in with the person on the other end of a blowjob.

It’s all about etiquette.

Lyra was fully nude, and reclining in the chair.

Susan knelt and gently opened her legs. Her palms moved along her thighs, gently directing her touch upward.

I caught Mitzi’s eye, and nodded in their direction.

Mitzi nodded back. “Mmm-hmm!” she hummed into my cock.

We had never seen Lyra entirely undressed.

Sex parties are new to Lyra. She has approached this with the guidance of her beloved Elena, who trusts us to take good care of her sweetheart. We do, allowing Lyra to take her own pace about things, suggesting she watch some things and try others, never pressuring her to do anything, always offering opportunities.

In her time, Lyra relaxed. She enjoys our crowd, taking solace in the familiar—as when she uncovered the Pixies in my music collection—and applying herself to the novel.

At a previous party, she had gamely used a strap on to fuck Mark, and had a fine time spanking Mitzi.

And now, here she was: her arms tucked under her chin, her lean athletic body extended as an unfamiliar mouth took to her privates.

I smiled at Elena. She didn’t notice.

Her eyes were on the woman tonguing her girlfriend.

Lyra watched Susan with a similar analytical curiosity.

Susan sat back, applying the pad of a finger to Lyra’s clit and rubbing, keeping her long nails clear of flesh. She tossed her long hair over her shoulder.

“That feel good, baby?” Susan asked.

“Yes.” A frog caught in Lyra’s throat. She coughed. “Yes, that feels good,” she reiterated.

“That’s nice, I want to make you feel good,” Susan smiled, her free hand roaming Lyra’s hip.

Susan was becoming aware of what Elena and I knew.

There was no way Lyra was going to orgasm.

We knew that getting naked and allowing Susan to touch her had been the landmark. Lyra was itching to be released and be with her lover.

Her tense muscles communicated that to Susan.

Susan moved her hand from Lyra’s pussy, and massaged her skin. She was winding down the moment.

“Hey!” A voice broke the still. “Did I hear that one of you girls has a strap on?”

Donny walked in, bare naked.

“Yeah honey, I brought my bag,” Susan said, turning. “Why, you want to get fucked?”

“Yes,” Donny laughed. “I’d like to get fucked.”

Mitzi rolled her eyes.

The girls I fuck are not enamored of the straight boy I fuck.

I met Donny two years ago, and I was impressed that such a handsome, muscular young model would choose me to be the man who fucks him. The boy needed a dick in ass now and then, and my dick was the one he wanted.

I told him about my parties, and he shows up now and then.

Like me, the girls are initially attracted to his physique and beauty.

They grow weary of his capacity for obnoxious behavior. They are put out that he doesn’t put out. He can’t be persuaded to fuck girls or get them off. He says he is saving that for the right girl.

They think he’s selfish.

Tonight was Susan’s introduction to Donny.

“Let me get my bag, sugar, and I’ll fuck you.” Susan stood. She looked back to Lyra. “You okay, honey?”

“I’m fine,” Lyra said, her chin on her chest. She sat up. “Um, so . . . thanks.”

“Of course, baby.” Susan leaned forward and kissed Lyra’s lips. “Anytime.”

“Wait,” Donny interrupted. “You’re going to fuck me, remember? Not the lesbian.”

“I remember,” Susan said, standing up. “But you need to mind your manners, pretty boy.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Donny said. “I’ll see you in the other room.” He turned and left.

I took Mitzi’s chin in my fingers.

“Oh, this we have to see.”

She took my cock from her mouth, and drew a breath. “I’m not missing that,” she smiled.

Lyra pulled on her underwear and jeans, and sat beside Elena.

Elena released Antonio’s cock and held Lyra close.

They kissed, slow and deep, as Mitzi and I crept away.

“You really have a lot of dildos in that bag,” Donny said, as Susan crouched over a suitcase on wheels.

“It’s my job, honey. I have to be ready for anything. What size do you want?”

“Give me your biggest,” Donny said. “Hey Jefferson, hand me that lube.”

I passed a bottle of lube before sitting on a bed next to Mitzi.

Lyra joined us to watch the show.

Susan pulled out a foot long dildo, thick as a baseball bat.

“You really want this?” she asked over her shoulder.

Mitzi laughed.

“Uh, no,” Donny said. “Are you kidding? Guys take that?”

Susan shrugged. “Guys, girls . . . you know, size queens.”

“I think I need something big, but not that big.” Donny reached back, smearing lube on his hole.

I instinctively looked away.

Call it modesty, but I still give a man privacy to wipe his ass.

Lyra may have felt the same. She headed for the door, apparently deciding she preferred being with her lover to watching this display.

As she passed Donny, he smeared his lubed fingers on her breast.

“Hey!” Lyra exclaimed, pushing back his hand. “Don’t do that!”

“What?” Donny smeared lube on her other breast. “C’mon, lighten up. It’s a joke.”

Lyra took his wrist in her hand. “I told you to stop that. It’s not funny.”

“Jesus, okay.” Donny laughed, pulling back his forearm. He wiped his hand on his hip. He looked to me for support. “Man, lesbians.”

“Donny,” I interjected. “Relax. Pick out a dildo.”

Lyra looked at me, then Mitzi. She detoured into the bathroom. We heard the sound of running water.

Donny crouched over the bag with Susan.

When the bathroom door opened, Mitzi followed Lyra to check on her. Mitzi came back in a moment.

“She okay?” I whispered.

“She’s fine,” Mitzi nodded. “She’s making out with Elena. But that Donny is an asshole.”

“He is rough around the edges,” I agreed. “And certainly lacking in social graces.”

“Whatever, Jefferson,” Mitzi said. She had no patience for my continued interest in Donny.

“This one?” Susan said. She held up a purple dildo that would make Jeff Stryker look prepubescent.

“Yeah, that’s a good one,” Donny stood, stroking his cock. “What do I do, just bend over the bed?”

“Well, I have to get into the strap on, sugar.” Susan stood, holding a harness. She began strapping it to her hips.

Donnie waited, bent over, stroking his cock. “Whenever you’re ready. You are too damned slow.”

“We’re in no rush, baby.”

“I am, I want something in my ass.”

I have to admit, seeing Donny in that familiar position was pretty hot. My cock began to respond to the call.

But this was Susan’s moment.


However, she had a tough assignment. She is used to fucking submissive men, but Donny doesn’t exactly think of himself as a submissive. He’s aggressive and cocksure. He is accustomed to people being impressed by his looks.

It scarcely mattered that Susan was every bit his match in appearance. He had no concern for her superior expertise.

She was the girl that was going to fuck him, that’s all. And she was too damned slow.

Susan talked to him calmly as she attached the dildo to her harness, preparing him to take such a big cock. I was impressed by her professionalism. Susan could work with anyone.

“Wait, no, that one is too big,” Donny said, turning to look. “What else do you have?”

“You don’t want this one?” Susan asked. She was standing naked in her thong and harness, sporting a thick veined cock. “I’ve got others . . .”

“Yeah, let’s look at the others,” Donny said, crouching over the bag. Susan joined him.

“This could go on all night,” Mitzi sighed quietly.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Back to the other room.”

We left them to debate dildos.

We found Elena torturing Antonio as Lyra watched.

Antonio’s cock was erect between two towels.

Elena dripped hot candle wax on his shaft.

“Oh Jefferson,” Elena said. “I guess you didn’t hear me call you.”

“Nope, we were at the dildo Tupperware party.” I nodded to Antonio; he smiled back. “What’s up?”

“I wanted to teach Antonio to suck cock. He never has. I wanted yours, but you were busy. So I made him suck John.”

I raised my eyebrows, impressed. “Your first blowjob was on that monster cock? He’s like nine inches, at least.”

Antonio grinned, as Elena dripped wax. “It was pretty big.”

“Yes, but I think you could have taken it deeper. Like this—do you mind, Jefferson?” Elena put down her candle and took my cock in her hand.

“No, be my guest.” I turned toward her.

“See, what you have to do is open wide, in your throat,” Elena instructed. My cock was growing in her hand, aroused by her touch and her use of me as an instructional tool.

She took me deep, then pulled me out. “See what I mean?”

“Yes, that was deep,” Antonio admired.

“It sure was,” I agreed.

Mitzi sat to watch.

“Okay, now watch as he gives it to me.” Elena looked up. “Hard, okay Jefferson?”

“Sure.” I took her face in my hands. She took my cock in her mouth.

I let her adjust to the feel of me in her.

Then I fucked her face.

She got past her gag reflex in a moment. I lodged in her throat, fucking deep and pulling out only slightly.

Elena sputtered and drooled on me. She was giving over to the moment. Sucking my cock, and instructing her slave, were paramount in her mind.

I looked at Lyra, who knew full well the intensity her lover could muster.

I looked over my shoulder at Mitzi, who knows how I get.

I closed my eyes.

I really let loose.

I gave Elena’s mouth my deepest, hardest fuck, holding her face firm.

She took it, past any endurance.

I was far in her throat, no letting go, as drool collected on my balls and thighs.

Finally, I felt she could take no more. She had to breathe. I pulled out.

Elena gasped.

A sliver of drool connected her mouth to my cock.

Elena drew deep breaths, her eyes on mine.

I stood, breathing.

I felt cool air on my hot, wet cock.

“Fuck,” Mitzi said.

I twisted my torso to see her.

I grabbed her hair. I turned.

I shoved my cock in her warm mouth.

“That,” Elena panted, “That is how you suck cock.”

“Wow,” Antonio said.

Elena had put me over the edge. Mitzi kept me there.

Mitzi’s eyes were wide on me. She saw my state. I had gone over.

I was in that place I get when I am making great art, or great sex. I am at my most confident and sure.

I was resolute. Determined. Undeniable.

There is nothing I can not do when I am in this place.

I pulled back.

“Mitzi,” I growled. “I think I should fuck that straight boy.”

She nodded, a little awed. She knows how I am in this state.

I left the room.

I looked into the next room.

Donny and Susan were discussing dildos.

“Donny?” I called. “May I see you in here, please?”

Donny looked up. “Okay . . .”

I walked back into the bedroom.

Everyone watched me.

“Clear this area, please,” I said, pointing to the foot of the bed.

Antonio drew up his legs. Elena stood and turned. Mitzi joined Antonio and Lyra at the head of the bed.

“What’s up?” Donny asked as he entered the room.

“Donny, lay down here, across the bed,” I instructed. I was already opening a condom.

He tugged his cock. “Okay.”

He stretched out across the bed, elevating his ass to me, lowering his head.

I felt his hole. It was still greasy.

“Back more.”

He shifted back on the bed.

He spread his cheeks for me.

Elena joined the others on the head of the bed.

Susan stood at the door.

I took my sheathed cock in hand.

I entered him.

I have fucked Donny so many times. I know how he wants it. I delivered it easy and deep, no prolonged foreplay, just a plunge into his body.

He tensed, then relented.

I took his slender hips in my hands.

I fucked him and rocked him, back and forth, back and forth.

He touched his cock. I knocked his hand away.

I reached around and grabbed his cock.

It was my handle.

As I fucked, I felt him buckle.

He surrendered his body.

I took his agency.

Now I had him.

I looked at the four friends assembled on my pillow. Mitzi looked so sweet.

They were all masturbating.

I smiled to say, I know, I know you are here. I can see you. You are watching.

Sweat trickled down my sternum.

I fucked that boy like he would be gone forever the next day.

I grabbed his skin, for he has no fat, and yanked him where I wanted him.

My periphery went black.

My vision was reduced to a pinhole.

Me. My cock. Somewhere, the boy. Out there, witnesses.

I was already pounding hard. I thought of Mitzi’s eyes.

I gave it harder. I wanted to abuse that hole.

Like Donny expects.

That gorgeous motherfucking cretin straight boy I like, the one who pisses off all my friends, the one who is so sweet to me, the one who calls me drunk because he needs my cock in his ass.

He said something.

I slapped his tiny ass and fucked away.

Susan was there.

She was doing something, fucking with things.

Susan, Jesus, let me fuck this boy, give me room, I can’t bring anyone into this.


He fell forward.

He buckled under me.

Donny the vanquished.

Donny the silent.

Donny the panting.

I staggered back.

I heard my name.

“Hey Jefferson, did you see?” Antonio said. “I came at the exact moment you did.”

I looked over.

Anontio had jism on his torso.

“Nice,” I said. I tugged off my condom. “But that wasn’t me who came. Was it, Donny?”

I slapped his ass on my way to the bathroom.

It was over. It was late.

Those who were going home went home.

Mitzi and I went to bed.

I fucked Mitzi.

I pinned her under me and pumped.

She was so worked up from the night, from her star turn as a submissive, from watching me fuck Donny, from the whole thing, that she gave up orgasms easily.

I greedily took all she could offer before I passed out.

She woke me early, and gave me more.

After she left, I slept longer.

I later found Susan on my couch, talking in her sleep. She huddled under a duvet I must have provided her.

When she woke, she sat up and began talking.

She was still wearing only a thong.

“Damn, Jefferson, you are the king of doms. I mean it, baby, the king.”

She threw off the duvet and fell to her knees.

“I bow before the king of doms! You are it, baby!”

“Oh please,” I said. “Stop. That’s silly.”

She sat next to me.

“Baby, the way you took command of that boy . . . he was nothing but trouble, and you made him behave! You made him your bitch, baby. How the hell did you do that?”

“I just fuck him, Susan. You know?”

“You fuck him like you own his ass.”

“I just, well, I fuck his ass a lot.”

“Baby, I wish someone would fuck me like that. ‘Cause that was one hell of a fine fuck you gave him.”

I looked at her.

I was in pajama pants and no shirt.

She was in nothing but a thong.

She was a lean gorgeous dom who admired the way I made an obnoxious boy submit.

What was I supposed to say?

“Oh, well, thanks. I fucked him the best way I know how. I always try to do my best.”

I rested my hand on her shoulder.

“You have totally got it going on,” she said, rising. “Now, where did I put my pants? Did you see my bag?”

“It’s in the bedroom . . .”

“Cool. Can I use your bathroom to shower?”

“Sure, there’s a towel in the linen closet.”

“Thanks. You want to get a quick breakfast some place? I have to be at work in an hour.”

“Oh, well, no, I guess I should work too.”

“That’s cool, that’s cool, I’ll be gone soon.” She stepped to the bathroom then stopped. She leaned forward to kiss me.

“You are the king of doms,” she said. “You are.”

“Okay, thanks.”

A shower later, she was gone.


rose said...

such a hot continued scene.....i had to grab my toys!

i can't wait for more, myself!

Lubey McAsserson said...

Alright... enough with the Donny shiznit... He's really NOT all that... Forget about his less then desirable antics. I can't understand why you are so taken by his "Beauty" which is nothing more then fake bake, frosted tips, and faux Blue contacts... I'll never know what you see.

Madeline Glass said...

I dunno...the whole thing with Donny is that he's an ass. Literally and figuratively.

However, lubey:

Fake baking, highlights and contacts aside, that boy does a helluva lot of crunches.

Sometimes you just have to accept someone who ain't so smart, who knows what they want and knows where to get it. People like Donny do a good job of offending.

Sure, he's uncuth. And I agree that he behaved badly with 'the lesbian' (no real shock there, either), but like so many people, Donny keeps coming back because he gets what he wants.

Lubey McAsserson said...

Good points, and taken Madeline... I just wish he weren't such a headache when he comes a callin'.

Viviane said...

Ah, this evening sounded really hot, but there's nothing worse than a drunk fucktard.

[Rant on] IMHO the operative word here is 'boy.'

To me, saying 'waiting for the right girl' is just a way of dissembling that he's a selfish bastard and has no intentions of changing. Once he finds the right girl, he isn't going to change his behavior. He's like the hot straight version of Tony Soprano.

Sorry, I've got 'The Sopranos' on my mind. Only 5 more weeks. [Rant off]

Whacky McSleepswiththeFishersons said...

Don't get me started... That Soprano's Teaser they've been running is making me batty!

Viviane said...

Heh. All in all, it was a pretty good sex party!

Jefferson said...

Yes it was, as sex parties go.

Marvelous Marla said...

ew, donny. Ew.