Friday, February 10, 2006

Your Husband Two

The previous post has generated some interesting responses, including the following, written by the husband whose encounter with me was the basis for my post.

This was as unsolicited submission, written of his own volition. It arrived in my inbox just after I posted, before he had read my post.

He wanted it posted here.

I found out about Jefferson's blog by seeing references to it in other blogs.

I contacted him I think just to make a connection with a man coming to terms with his bisexuality. But after some amazingly erotic correspondence, I knew that I wanted to meet him.

We set a time during the day and I was able to sneak out of work for a couple of hours.

Jefferson and I shook hands and I expressed that I was a bit nervous. He was reassuring and friendly, and we sat down on his couch to talk. We had a good conversation about his blog and his lifestyle, which, I must say, I'm starting to envy. He talked about how he started his blog and how it developed into what it is today.

He was casual, wearing pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. I was in my dress pants and button-down corporate look.

I told him about the situation with my wife. She has almost no libido and we, consequently, have almost no sex. Jefferson related the experience of his own marriage, which sounded similar to mine.

Aside from the lack of sexual connection in my marriage or perhaps because of it, I had developed an attraction to sex with men. Another consequence I mentioned is that my wife doesn't like to stimulate my nipples or finger my ass, both of which I adore.

In terms of my sexual identity, I described how I am completely attracted to women and think about them all the time, yet I have an undeniable attraction to men also.

I have met a few men here and there on Craig’s List, but I don't feel comfortable going that route. You never know what to expect. Once I agreed to meet a man at his apartment and found when I got there that he had lied in his emails about his age. Instead of being in his forties, he was actually in his seventies. He wanted me to perform some kind of dance for him. Needless to say, I got out of there as fast as I could.

As I was talking to Jefferson, I couldn't help but notice how fit he was. He definitely has a magnetism about him.

I love the male body. I love taking a man's penis in my hands and feeling it harden. I love looking at it and feeling it change. More than that, I love putting it in my mouth and trying to give as much pleasure as I possible can.

I wanted to be naked with Jefferson.

Jefferson suggested we go to his bedroom. I loved the art on his walls and all the books on his shelves. I was still a little nervous, but he showed that he would take charge.

He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. He pulled off my t-shirt. He moved behind me and put his arms around me. I felt his face and beard rub against my shoulders and neck. His hands moved up my belly and over my chest. He teased my nipples and I started to gasp and breathe heavily.

I asked him to be gentle with me.

He replied, Of course.

He unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. He slid his hand down my belly into my underwear and found my penis. It was pulsing and hardening. He whispered how good it is to feel someone just holding your penis. I agreed. I would have agreed to anything then.

I leaned back into him and felt his erection. I bent over to untie my shoes, take them and my socks off, and he was pressing against my ass. He pushed my pants down, maneuvered the waistband of my boxer briefs over my erection and pushed them down my legs.

My penis was hard and dripping. He started squeezing and stroking it.

I needed him to lead me and he did. He sat me down on the bed, then climbed astride me, pushing me onto my back. He held my arms above my hand and down against the bed. This was what I needed.

Jefferson began to feast on my nipples, licking, sucking, biting.

The feeling was exquisite. My nipples have a direct neural connection to my balls. He wouldn't stop. I moaned.

He asked if I want to suck his cock. God, did I want to suck his cock! I watched him stroke it a bit. I placed my hands underneath and cupped his balls. They were heavy in my hand. He gave me a condom to put onto him. It was difficult at first, as the condom was barely large enough to fit over the head. It finally went and I rolled it down the shaft. Finally, I could show him some pleasure.

As I held his semi-hard penis in my hand, Jefferson sat back to watch. I began by kissing along the shaft. I looked up to see how he was reacting. His eyes were closed and his face looked peaceful, so I guessed I was doing well so far. Finally I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it like it was a large strawberry.

Soon his hips started to thrust and I started to move my head up and down to take him in and out of my mouth. It was fully hard now and standing straight up. I repositioned myself to accept his thrusting and he began to fuck my mouth in earnest.

I felt his hands hold my head in place as he pushed all the way in and held it there. My lips were pressed against his abdomen. He was all the way inside my mouth, all the way into my throat. Then he started thrusting fast and powerfully. I started to gag at one point but recovered quickly. I got used to the sensation and he was able to fuck away.

Jefferson has enormous control and he was able to stop without coming. He couldn't come now, he explained, as he had a date that night.

I asked him to fuck me, but he declined.

However, he did agree to satisfy my need to be fucked by getting out his little box of toys. He had all kinds of things in there! He selected a remote-controlled, vibrating egg to start with.

I got on my knees and bent over, pressing my face against the bed. It almost made me come just knowing that he was behind me looking closely at my ass.

He lubed up the egg and inserted it carefully into my anus. Once it was all the way in, he started the vibration. I felt it vibrating deep in my balls.

This was nice, I told him, but I really wanted something that would go in and out. I told him I have a very sensitive anus. No problem, he said, and found a handled dildo that had a special prostate stimulator. He lubed that up and pushed it inside me.

Yes, this was what I needed. I asked him to pull it almost all the way out, then press it in again. He did this, teasing me a little, then pressed it deep inside.

He started going faster and faster. I love how it felt.

All the while, my penis was dripping beneath me. He alternately cupped my aching balls or stroked my penis as he fucked me with the dildo.

I gradually became aware that I really needed to come.

I wanted to come on Jefferson.

I sat facing him, and he lubed up his hand and put our penises together, stroking them against each other.

Then I took over my own stroking. He pinched my nipple and cupped my balls as I stroked faster and faster.

My orgasm started deep in my balls and traveled forward.

I stopped stroking abruptly and squeezed.

I almost fainted as I ejaculated on his pubic hair and belly.

He held me up as I thrashed and pulsed.

I hope I can meet Jefferson again soon. I hope next time he'll bend me over and fuck me.

I want to make an appeal to all the women in Jefferson's NYC circle of sex.

My all time favorite fantasy is to have a threesome with another man and a woman. I'd like the man to be Jefferson.

Are any of you out there interested in watching me suck Jefferson's cock? Would you like to be near as he fucks me in the ass?

I'd love to see a woman sitting nearby, her legs open, masturbating as she watches us lick each other's nipples, stroke each other's cock.

You and I could take turns pleasuring him. Jefferson and I could turn our attention to your body as well.

And if I were to have the pleasure of putting my face between a woman's legs as Jefferson fucks me, I would be happy to have that memory for the rest of my life.


Chrissy said...

I'll be the first to volunteer..wait..I live to far away. :-(

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOhhhhh, If only I didn't live on the Left Coast!! I want to be the ONE! T

Meg said...

umm, my spring break is in april. i'm just a short bus ride away.

just saying.

rose said...

sheesh, what a hot scene....i am so there as a volunteer! it sounds luscious! mmmmmmmmmmmm

dirty girl said...

my first visit!
I'm cumming back!

dg xx

Anonymous said...

Sure, Sugar.

- anasazi_selina

Poetnyc said...

Thanks, everyone, for your lovely responses. I'm the lucky husband in this story. I so enjoy seeing your comments.