Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sweetest Tabu

“Oh, she is adorable!” Mitzi exclaimed.

“Isn’t she cute?,” Elena gushed. “She looks just like him, doesn’t she?”

“Oh thanks,” Antonio smiled.

We were standing in my kitchen, admiring pictures of Antonio’s two-month-old baby girl.

I passed the photographs back to the proud papa.

He took them gingerly, lifting his restraints with care.

Elena had brought a special treat to the party. Along with her ex husband and her girlfriend, Elena had been accompanied by her favorite slave, Antonio.

He was instructed to tend bar. He brought good vodka for Cosmopolitans, the night’s featured drink.

“Maybe I’ll make him cook next time,” Elena said. “He’s a four star chef! But tonight, we have my Swedish meatballs.” She had put out a large chafing dish.

“These are great,” I said, chewing.

“Amazing,” Mitzi said. “And Antonio, you know, he’s very cute.”

“I know, isn’t he?” Elena smiled. “I’m not allowing him to have sex with anyone tonight, though.”

“Too bad!” Mitzi laughed. “I’d do him.”

“I think you’ll have plenty of fun tonight,” Elena said, stealing a glance at me. “But look, your drinks are low. Antonio?”

Antonio leaned from the kitchen door. “Yes?”

“More Cosmos for Jefferson and Mitzi, please.”

“Yes.” Antonio came for our glasses.

“Oh, and Antonio?”


“Take off your shirt, please.”

“Of course.” Antonio stopped and took off his shirt, revealing a lean, smooth torso. He folded his shirt over one arm. “Your glasses, please?”

Mitzi and I handed over our glasses. Antonio smiled and returned to the kitchen. He hummed happily.

“Fucking suave,” I admired. “You are one suave motherfucker.”

Elena shrugged, smiling.

I have always admired Elena’s style as a dom. She’s been quite an influence on me.

Her submissives—she refers to them as “slaves”—are straight men, often married or in relationships. They are made to understand that they will not have sex with Elena; she is a lesbian, and while she fucks men on occasion, she keeps firm on her prohibition against her slaves.

What impresses me most is the way she treats her submissives. Elena is extraordinarily kind, almost maternal in her care. She doesn’t forfeit her basic open and friendly nature to take on false pretenses as a domineering bitch.

Elena’s submissives are drawn to her for the same reasons we all are: because being with her is simply more enjoyable than being without her. They are happy to contribute to her pleasure. They revel in the reward of her smile and touch.

We took our drinks to the couch. Elena propped her leg on my lap, allowing me to admire her fishnet stockings.

“These feel so terrific,” I said, rubbing my palm on Elena’s calf. “I could just touch your leg for hours. Here, Mitzi, touch Elena’s stockings.”

“I’d like that, Jefferson.” Mitzi put down her glass and caressed Elena’s leg. “Oh, that feels so nice, Elena. Thank you for wearing such nice stockings.”

“I like them too,” Elena smiled.

I shared Elena’s smile. I could sense Mitzi’s nervousness. She knew it was coming, but she didn’t know when. She didn’t even know what “it” was. She just knew it would be special.

Elena and I had plotted our most intensive collaboration to date.

We were ganging up on Mitzi.

Elena had discovered Mitzi’s submissive side at a previous party, when her girlfriend Lyra had given Mitzi a solid spanking. Mitzi had moaned in pleasure to have her ass so thoroughly beaten.

Elena had also observed how much Mitzi enjoyed fucking her ex husband, Jim.

While Elena is very experienced with dominating men, she had never taken a woman into submission.

She proposed that we do something special with Mitzi. I know Mitzi best, and I am, in a sense, her dom, so Elena regarded my permission and participation as essential to the project.

Elena has very good etiquette about such things.

Mitzi knew we were scheming on her behalf. She was thrilled and nervous.

As we sat on the couch, rubbing Elena, I mentally rehearsed my role. We would start when the time was right. Now, we were relaxing and waiting on other guests to arrive.

I caressed Mitzi’s forearm.

Goose pimples erupted on her flesh.

I had included a few doms and subs on the guest list. They included Nate, the world’s sweetest straight boy, a submissive who is, increasingly, a switch. Donny, the straight model I fuck, was also invited. John would round out the men.

New to the group was Susan. I met her at the Nubian parties I co-host, and thought she might enjoy this group. Susan is strikingly beautiful, tall with dark skin and straight black hair that reaches almost to her long legs. She is a professional dominatrix who styles herself in a classic mode, right out of Eric Stanton.

It helps that she looks the part.

Susan also let me know that she surrenders to her submissive side with the right dom.

Susan is very chatty and outgoing. She and Nate found one another immediately and began to talk about switching. She was unfazed when Nate mentioned his fascination with cutting.

“Man, Jefferson, Susan is insanely sexy, man,” Nate told me, his hand on my shoulder as we stood in the kitchen.

“Yep, and just your size, too,” I said, looking up at his blue eyes.

“Pardon me for interrupting,” Antonio said. He now wore only black shorts and restraints. “Jefferson, Elena has asked to see you in the bedroom, please.”

I thanked Antonio. Nate followed me to the bedroom.

Elena had assembled everyone. She had laid out an array of toys and implements.

Mitzi caught my eye. She came to my side and whispered, “Jefferson, may I speak with you for a moment, in private?”

I took her hand and led her to the vacant bedroom.

“Jefferson,” she whispered, her brown eyes wide. “I’m scared. What if I can’t do this?”

I held her arms. “You are not obliged to do this. No one will think the less of you for backing out. But you should know that Elena and I have discussed this in great detail. She has planned carefully. You are in very good hands with her, and I will not leave your side.”

“I know, I know, I trust Elena,” Mitzi said. “I’m just . . . ,” she exhaled. “I’m just scared.”

“I can tell, you are trembling. Do you want to do this, or not?”

She drew a deep breath. “I want to do this.”

“Good.” I kissed her forehead. “Come on. I’ll be there with you. You are safe.”

“Okay. Thanks, Jefferson.”

We joined the others in my bedroom.

“Did you have a good discussion?” Elena asked.

Mitzi nodded.

“Good. May I also see you in the other room, Mitzi?”

She nodded. Elena took Mitzi’s hand and led her away.

Everyone stood about, anticipating what was to come.

“So,” I said. “Everybody happy?”

Nervous titters.

The candles were lit.

I smoothed the sheets.

We waited.

Finally, Elena returned with Mitzi. Elena stood her near the bed, then spoke.

“Mitzi, will you remove your pants, please?”

Mitzi nodded shyly, then unzipped her pants. She lowered them, then stepped from the legs.

Jim took her pants and folded them.

“And the top, please.”

Mitzi pulled her shirt over her head, then handed it to Jim. Jim folded the shirt, and stacked it on her pants.

Mitzi stood by the bed in her black bra and tiger-striped panties.

“Mitzi, will you please crouch on the bed, on your hands and knees? Position yourself so that your ass is directed to me.”

Mitzi nodded and did as instructed.

Elena nodded to Lyra. Her girlfriend handed her a roll of bondage tape. Elena unspooled the tape onto Mitzi’s limbs, binding her to herself.

Lyra gently rubbed her body.

I decided to provide a soundtrack. There was already a CD in the player, left over from a pervious sex party. I hit play.

It may come, it may come as some surprise
But I miss you
I could see through, all of your lies
But I still miss you . . .

“Oh Jefferson, no,” Mitzi complained. “You can’t play Sade during my lesbian bondage scene. It’s just too cliché!”

“Shhh,” Elena shushed. “You relax.”

I let Sade play on.

I wondered if we could match such an overplayed album with new images.

Mitzi’s elbows were bound to her knees, her ass elevated. Elena joined Lyra in rubbing her back, then gently eased down her panties.

Her fingers caressed Mitzi’s clit.

“Lyra,” Elena whispered. “Take Mitzi’s slapper.”

Mitzi had brought her favorite spanker, a double leather strap about ten inches long.

Jim passed it to Lyra.

She gingerly rubbed Mitzi’s ass, then spanked her with the straps. Slowly, with an intent focus.

Mitzi exhaled with every slap.

“Nice breathing,” Elena commended, still fingering Mitzi.

Lyra stood with her legs apart. She raised her arm high, bring it down firm and sure.

Mitzi’s body shook under Elena’s hands.

She nodded to Lyra, tossing her head in Jim’s direction. Lyra passed the slapper to Jim for safekeeping.

She leaned over, kissing him full on the mouth.

Elena nodded to me. It was my turn.

I rose from my seat on the floor, and crossed the room to stand before Mitzi’s face.

Elena nodded at my hips.

I unfastened my thick leather belt slowly as Mitzi watched. I stood with my feet apart, gyrating slowly.

I unzipped my jeans.

Elena reached into my pants and pulled out my semi-erect cock.

“Do you see Jefferson’s dick?” Elena asked.

Mitzi nodded.

“Do you know what to do with Jefferson’s dick?”

Mitzi nodded.

“Good.” Elena took Mitzi’s chin in hand, then guided my cock to her mouth.

I was deep and still in Mitzi’s mouth, letting her feel my erection form inside her. I rested my hands on her cheekbones, letting her know that she should keep me deep.

She gagged.

I slapped her gently.

I stood back and undressed. I returned to her face, and fed her my cock once more.

I thrust in and out, holding my hands against her temples. My palms were like blinkers; she could only see me, and my cock.

Nate stroked her hair. “Nice, man. You look good, Mitzi.”

She focused on taking me. Elena caressed Mitzi’s lower back and ass, occasionally fingering her clit.

Elena nodded to Jim.

Jim stood from his chair and lowered his boxers shorts. He reached for a condom and lube.

Mitzi gagged on me as Jim entered her.

Jim’s a tall fellow, with a big cock. He gave it to her gently and deep.

I watched, matching my actions to his.

Mitzi was plugged deeply, my cock in her throat, Jim deep in her cunt.

She came in shudders. He skin was cool and alive with goose pimples.

“Good, Mitzi, good . . .” Elena caressed her.

As that orgasm passed, Jim and I went for more.

I kept her face rigid in my hands. That, and the bondage tape, had her immobile, pinned to take her fucking.

Jim thrust hard and deep.

I did likewise.

As Mitzi approached another orgasm, Elena scratched her flesh gently with fingernails. Mitzi trembled.

Elena turned to Antonio. “Would you bring me a fork, please?”

“Dish rack by the sink,” I murmured.

“Yes, of course,” Antonio said.

When he returned, Elena took the fork loose in her hand, dragging the tines over Mitzi’s spine.

Mitzi nearly buckled from the sensation. I held her face up, firm in my hands.

“You okay?” I asked.

She moaned an affirmative.

I nodded to the others.

Jim dug in to fuck her full throttle. He kept at it, pushing harder towards his own orgasm.

I held her steady, my cock deep in her throat.

Jim pushed, pulled back and thrust.

He held her hips firm as he came.

Mitzi’s nostrils flared as he pulled out. He stepped back, smiling at us.

He left to wash up in the bathroom.

Elena relaxed the restraints, loosening the tape.

“Mitzi, can you lay back please?”

I released her from my hands, removing my cock from her mouth.

Mitzi fell over, breathing deep.

“Are you okay?” Elena asked.

She nodded.

“Good. Now play back please, on the pillows.”

I helped Mitzi to move her torso. She was limp as a rag doll.

Elena signaled to Antonio. “Would you come here, please?” she summoned. “Eat this pussy, gently.”

“Yes, of course.” Antonio crawled forward on the bed, resting his bound arms on his elbows as he moved.

He reached Mitzi’s body, and glanced at her.

She smiled, weakly, as he took her labia in his lips.

I leaned next to Mitzi, holding her head in the crook of an arm.

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “I’m here.”

“Thank you, Jefferson,” she whispered.

Soon, I was fucking Mitzi, pinning her below my body.

Next to us, Lyra lay on Elena’s back, holding her girlfriend as she blew her ex husband.

The scene was over. Now we were just fucking, coming back to reality.

I fucked Mitzi slow and deep. In time, we stopped.

She needed a smoke in the worst way.

Mitzi and I repaired to the terrace. Antonio served us fresh Cosmos.

We thanked him. He hummed as he left to serve others.

“Jefferson, that was insanely hot,” she said, lighting her cigarette. Her fingers still trembled slightly. “I got kinda lost there.”

“I could tell. You were in good hands, but baby, you were gone.”

She took a drag and nodded. “I know. I think I slipped off when Lyra started fucking me with the strap on.”

I looked at her. “Honey, Lyra didn’t fuck you.”

Mitzi leaned forward. “No way! I thought that was Lyra. Who the hell fucked me?”

I laughed. “Jim.”

“No shit! Huh.” She sat back. She took a drag. “Huh. Well, he can fuck me anytime. That was intense.”

Inside, Jim sat on the couch in his boxers, reading a magazine.

Like us, he was resting for the next round.


Viviane said...

Seems like you all took Mitzi to a good sub space.

Lexi said...
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Mitzi said...

I ( Heart ) Thighs.

Meg said...

michelle, my thoughts exactly.

(ok, my thoughts actually went something like, "but...she wasn't on top! or even rubbing against anything!")


Anonymous said...

I sooooo want to be in a situation like Mitzi was!! So hot!!

Sexy Donna said...

Wow, great story! Enjoy your postings - you're a super interesting writer!

rose said...

ah mitzi....really hot time for you! and great scene set up by jefferson and elena!

Josh Jasper said...
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Josh Jasper said...

He ain't the only one waiting for the next round. That description got me quite hard.

Viviane said...

did you now, sinboy?

well, well ;-D

exile said...

hmmmm... it seems jefferson was as worked up writing this as we were reading it, i acctually found typos, hehehe

kudos, thanks for the show

Viggy la Q said...

Jefferson's diligence and care is strangely rare.

The thought that you politely and gently confirm your stance with such honesty, allowance and supportiveness for those who level with the experience and succumb to your words and actions, makes us outsiders wonder why there aren't more like you in this respect.

A rare gift, you are, Jefferson.

I think there should be a Bachelor's degree in Jefferson.

There's nothing wrong in having 2 degrees, is there?

Josh Jasper said...

Viviane - Yep. Brings back fond memories of the year before last when I was living in CA and such scenes were moderatley frequent for me. It's also the sweet familiarity you folks have with each other.

As for thighs, I could tell y'all a nice take about myself, a slippery soaped up bi guy at one of San Francisco's biggest bi/kinky sex/play parties.

On the other hand, I'm nowhere near as good or compelling a writer as Jefferson. I leave that to my sweetie Rose (not the Rose here, rosefox on LJ)

I have a 'sexfilter' for my LJ posts, but it does not see much use these days. Too busy with the new job.

Jaded said...

I love the comfort level you all have with each other.

Chrissy said...

I started reading your blog via Marcus'. Yeah, I do those things when I get bored, especially when you live where I live.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I love your pic.

Viggy la Q said...


Please stop fucking for just a brief moment - one sufficient to give you enough time to post again! Then you can get back to the task in hand (or mouth, or cunt, or whatever pleases you)

The suspense is killing me!



brat said...

WOW! *fans herself vigorously*

what a hot scene. this girl is very envious of Mitzi!