Thursday, February 16, 2006

Come Owen

Shelby: Ya there?

Jefferson: Yam.

Shelby: Just got back from the doctor.

Jefferson: And?

Shelby: Bring it.

Jefferson: Hot diggity!

Shelby: : P

It had been a long wait.

Shelby had undergone a medical procedure that took intercourse off our list of favorite activities for two months. And while there are plenty of things to do with our privates that don’t entail placing the one inside the other, the whole ordeal and its side effects had put the kibosh on Shelby’s mojo.

Now, it seemed, all systems were go.

But even if the plumbing were in order, would Shelby’s libido flow?

Shelby arrived for her weekly sleepover, a little sheepish at the door.

She ditched her clothes in favor of pajamas.

“I don’t have to wear underwear anymore, thank God,” she said, tugging her jeans down over her bare hips.

“Yeah, I missed your free range pussy.”

“Yeah, well, it’s too damned cold to walk around naked,” she said, tossing her pants on the chair she designates as hers when she is with me. She crossed the room to my drawers, and took the pajama bottoms she has claimed as her own.

A glance of my nude Shelby, at ease in her skin.

In a moment, her familiar smooth pudendum was again tucked away.

Such a pretty pale curve. I watched as she steered her Love Bug into another garage.

That afternoon was spent doing as we do. We hung out. She tapped on her laptop, I wrote at my computer.

The cocktail hour rolled around. We talked.

We made dinner. I washed the dishes.

We undressed for bed.

I have to confess, I was feeling shy.

She seemed reserved as well.

Here I was with Shelby—the big-city pervert with his jailbait girlfriend, the monkey-screaming ass-eating hog-tying cocksucking shitkicker I know and love—and we were acting like it was a first date.

In a sense, I guess it was.

I held her close under the sheets, wrapping my limbs around hers, feeling our flesh close and cool.

I kissed her cheek. She turned, sending my lips to her neck.

I nuzzled her as my cock responded to her touch and scent.

I raised my face to smile at her. Her eyes were closed.

I cupped a small breast in my hand, and took the nipple in my mouth. My tongue flicked it into a tiny firm knob, resisting me as I pushed it one way, then another.

My hand left her other breast, crossing her soft belly, fingers dancing.

I opened her legs. Shelby was passive and silent, allowing me to take my time with her body.

I sat up to look at her in repose. She always allows me to look, to take in the sight of her pale skin and dark hair on my sheets.

I spread her perfect slit, lightly touching her pearly clit. My fingertips, moist with saliva, circled in. Shelby moved slightly, signaling her approval.

As I fingered her, I stroked myself in long gestures.

This foreplay of ours can be exquisite torture.

I knew she wouldn’t cum—not yet. She knows my craving for her gets intense, and how I refrain from rushing to act on my longing to be inside her.

She knows my hunger for her borders on the cannibalistic.

I breathed deeply. Easy boy . . . easy.

When I couldn’t take it any longer, I announced my intention to fuck her.

“Do it,” she said, her voice calm and steady. She remained still, her eyes closed to me.

I quietly opened a drawer and took a condom. I closed the drawer.

Her ears were attentive to the sound of the drawer’s hardware as its casings slid easily across one another. She heard the gentle thud as it closed, the crinkle of a package being opened, the elastic snap of latex rolling across flesh.

She could anticipate each sound, watching the scene unfold in her mind’s eye. This moment has passed countless times between us.

She was docile, placid.

I entered her.

She rolled her head and sighed.

I kissed her neck again.

I took her shoulders in my arms, holding her close and tight. I moved within her gently, slowly.

“I’m here, baby, I’m here,” I whispered.

She lifted her head onto my shoulder.

“Shhh, I’ve got you,” I said.

Shelby began to chase her orgasm. She pressed her body down onto me. Her breathing picked up.

I steeled myself. Hold on to her, I thought. Let her do this.

And as I held Shelby so close, as my body moved within hers, I could feel my cock wilting.

No, damn it, stay hard. Let this girl get off, for crying out loud. It’s been too long.

My cock does not respond well to anxious orders.

I knew, in my mind, that I wasn't going to hurt her. She was healed. But my body didn't get the message.

I was determined to give Shelby great sex, to make up for all she missed.

I put more pressure on myself.

I pulled back to push from another angle, one that would keep my semi-erect cock from slipping out of her. I fucked with renewed resolve, working to bring my cock back to its full girth.

Shelby’s fingers moved to her clit.

I watched her take that sweet spot she knows.

I kept my speed steady and my cock deep, as she likes.

I watched as my cock moved in and out of her, spongy and elastic.

I know her body. Shelby’s pussy is very tight. If I didn’t pull out too much, her muscles would hold me in.

Please girl, cum for me.

I squeezed a nipple, hard.

Sweat fell off my forehead.

She twisted her back. Her index finger plucked at her clit.

“Come on!” she barked, annoyed.

She wasn’t talking to me. I was fine. She was pissed at that elusive orgasm.

She wanted to nail that motherfucker.

I focused on her voice, her accent, the way it sounded as if she had said, “come Owen.”

I kept at her steady.

Please, please, cock, don’t fall out, please, back, don’t break.

Shelby circled back around for another pass.

“Go get it, baby,” I whispered.

She growled.

She yelped.

Her body contorted around the axis of her finger, her clit, my cock.

She howled.

“Yes, baby, yes!” I called, fucking her through it. “You got it, you got it!”

She screamed, her body buckling under me.

She stiffened and drew a breath. I could feel her pulse racing against my body.

I parked my cock inside her, and released her nipple.

She opened her eyes.

“Shit, baby,” I smiled.

“Yeah, no shit,” she laughed. She sniffed her shoulder, then pushed against my chest. “Ew, I smell like man. Get off me!”

I pulled out, and flopped beside her.

I had no problem staying hard the next time.


Rejected_Love said...

"ew i smell like man"? my..i love the smell after sex..absolutly love it!...specially cuddling..and i lvoe the smell of my guy after words..true some guys smell beter then others but some its lie,,wow...comfort

Sniffy McSnifferson said...

Mmmmm...I love me some scent O'Jefferson

Lexi said...
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Meg said...

"come OWEN!"

i can hear it in my head.

thank goodness our girl is back and uh, better than ever.