Sunday, November 13, 2005

Family Night

Elena leaned against a bookcase, her arms wrapped around her girlfriend Lyra as they watched the rest of us undress.

We were gathered around a vacant bed, each of us unbuttoning our shirts, unfastening our pants, tugging at our underwear.

Mitzi laughed. I could sense her excitement and nervousness.

“Come here, pretty,” I said taking her hand and kissing her. “Over here.”

I sat on the bed and pushed back, propping myself on pillows.

She followed, her eyes on mine as she climbed my body to put her lips against mine.

As we kissed, Consuela and Nate tumbled onto the bed next to us.

Mitzi pulled up. Never releasing me from her gaze, she tongued her way down my body.

She licked my pubic hair, then my cock, watching my reaction as I responded to her mouth. I smiled, caressing her hair as she took me.

Elena’s ex husband, Jim, stood watching, stripped to his underwear. He came closer, lifting his hand to touch Mitzi’s ass. She moaned and lifted her body, encouraging him to continue.

Consuela lay beside me, kissing Nate as his fingers became acquainted with her soft skin. I allowed mine to join his explorations.

Jim’s erection strained his underwear as he touch Mitzi, surveying the scene.

I smiled at Elena.

Jim crouched, lowering himself from my sight, below Mitzi’s ass. She moaned—“Unh!”—and flashed her eyes at me. She turned her head to look back at Jim.

I took a fist full of her hair to guide her mouth back to my cock.

Her moans were stifled by the cock shoved deep into her esophagus. The head of my cock vibrated with each silenced utterance.

Jim’s face came back into view as he stood. His eyes were intent on Mitzi’s ass as he shifted his weight, removing his underwear to reveal a thick hard on.

I took a condom from the nightstand and held it aloft with a questioning look. Mitzi looked up and gagged her assent.

Jim took the condom.

I detached myself from Mitzi’s mouth and leaned forward to kiss her. “I think you and Jim are going to get very well acquainted.”

“Don’t go . . . ,” she began.

“I’m not going far,” I said. “But I am moving.”

I kissed her forehead and stood. Jim leaned forward and spoke into her ear. She lay back in my place, watching me as Jim adjusted his condom.

Mitzi’s eyes were locked on mine as I strolled around the bed to sit between Consuela’s open legs.

Mitzi turned her eyes to Jim as he entered her. She gasped.

Consuela ‘s head was turned as she sucked Nate; he stood beside the bed, feeding his cock to her.

Two of his fingers were working deep in her pussy.

I caressed her belly. My hand found its way to her abdomen, and pressed down against the fingers inside her.

“Mmm hmmm,” she hummed, matter of factly indicating that this was working nicely.

Nate is a tall boy, and she was enjoying her fill of his large cock and long fingers.

I thought she might enjoy more.

I picked up a condom and pushed her legs back slightly. Nate took note, and began to remove his fingers. I reached down and held his hand in place.

“You’re fine, baby,” I told him. “I’m just going to join you.”

Holding his hand, I pressed its palm into the spot that worked.

My cock made its way past his fingers into her.

“Mmm hmmm,” she repeated, bobbing her head with increased attention. Nate groaned.

I caressed Consuela as we fucked. I looked over to see Mitzi’s hands clutch Jim’s back, pulling his thrusts deeper into her.

Elena and Lyra were kissing, still dressed. I watched as Nate’s eyes moved from watching his cock vanish into Consuela’s mouth to observing the loving lesbians.

Thomas appeared at my left, peering over me and stroking his cock as he watched us fuck. I ran my hand down his smooth belly to touch the base of his shaft.

I leaned to him and whispered, my throat full of sex, “You want to fuck Consuela?”

“Well, yeah, sure . . .,” he said, with an air of affected cordiality. “That is, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” I said, thrusting deep and slow. “You cool with that, Consuela?”

“Mmmm hmm.”

As Thomas opened a condom, I recalled dining at the Rainbow Room one snowy night years ago. Continuous music was provided by two different bands who played in shifts, the musicians seamlessly replacing one another mid-song.

Most striking was the transfer of pianists: as the player moved to the right of the bench, his replacement sat at the left. As the outgoing ivory tickler stood to leave, he acknowledged the polite applause lifting over the unbroken melody.

I wondered if Thomas and I could be so fluid in our switch off. He had not seen those pianists, after all, and I wasn’t going to waste words to explain the choreography.

I held Consuela’s leg aloft. “Come here, right next to me,” I instructed. Thomas joined me between her legs.

“Is that cock ready to go?” I asked, glancing down.

“Yes sir, I got it right here,” he replied, holding it forward.

“Very good. On my count, then. One . . . two . . .” He sat forward as I gave my final thrusts.

“Three.” I carefully unsheathed and fell back. Thomas stepped his knee forward into my place and was in her, promptly thrusting at the same tempo.

“Mmm hmm!” Consuela hummed, acknowledging a job well done.

Not bad, I thought, but we did miss a few beats. That move needs rehearsals.

I sat back in a chair, watching. Thomas’s slender body was boyish by contrast to Consuela’s voluptuousness, his pale flesh warmed by her sienna tones.

I peered past to see Jim’s body over Mitzi. Elena and Lyra had vanished, presumably to seek an available horizontal place to continue necking.

Everything moving in concert.

Nate excused himself and stumbled back. Consuela winked at him, then turned to get a good luck at the boy she was fucking.

“Great party, man,” Nate said, leaning in to hug me. He planted a wet kiss on my lips. “You rock, man.”

“Why thanks, baby, you rock too,” I smiled, patting his furry thighs.

Nate ambled off, bourbon in hand.

I was in his vacated position, fucking Consuela’s face, when Jim came.

We took this as a cue to take a break. Consuela wanted water. Mitzi and I wanted to cool off on the terrace.

We ran into Elena in the living room. She was still in her pajamas. Nate and Lyra sat on the couch, engrossed in conversation.

“Jefferson, oh, it was so hot watching all that sex!” Elena exclaimed. “I’m just so horny now.”

“I know, wasn’t that hot? I said, grinning at Mitzi. “You put on some show.”

“Why, thank you sir,” Mitzi said, twirling her hair coquettishly.

“It’s just so hot to see so much cock,” Elena said, looking down. “You’ve got a very nice cock. Doesn’t he have a nice cock, Mitzi?”

“I think it’s a fine cock, indeed,” Mitzi said, raising an eyebrow my way.

Elena had not waited on her reply. She was bent over, sucking me into another erection.

I stroked her hair and took Mitzi’s hand as we watched my lesbian soul sister hungrily devour some dick.

“Ah!” she said, standing. She wiped her lips. “God, that’s good cock. But I just remembered, I was making Cosmos for Lyra and Nate.”

I kissed her. “Enjoy. Plenty more where that came from.”

Mitzi and I resumed our path to the terrace. Jim was there, sitting in his underwear and drinking a beer.

Mitzi, who doesn’t smoke, offered him a cigarette. She lit one for herself.

In the course of things, he said how much he had enjoyed sex with Mitzi. She thanked him and said she had really enjoyed it too.

It was, he said, the first time he had been laid in four years.

“Really?” Mitzi said. “Well, I’m honored, I suppose. Why so long?”

“Oh, you know, the divorce, the kid,” he said, taking a sip. “And I’ve been working.”

“I hope you won’t make us wait four years until the next time,” I said.

“No, I don’t think it will be so long again,” Jim laughed.

I reflected on that. Jim and Elena had split up, continuing their friendship and relationship as parents as they shared a home. Sex was not in the equation. A few years had passed before Elena had sex with another man—me, in my bed. A year later, Jim also ended his dry spell in my bed, with Mitzi.

Jim and Elena are packing a lot of family history into my bedroom.

Our conversation was interrupted by a shout from the street, many floors below.


Mark was standing across the street, his hands cupped to his face, a bag of beer at his feet.

I waved.

“Let me in!”

I waved again. Mitzi laughed. “Why is he shouting?”

“That’s weird, why didn’t he just ring up?” Visitors to my building normally announce themselves by telephoning from the lobby, not by shouting from the street.

I went to check the phone in the bedroom, thinking we had missed the call while sitting on the terrace.

I found Elena, Lyra and Nate entangled on the bed. My phone was unplugged on the nightstand.

“Did you guys unplug the phone?” I asked, attaching the line.

“Yes, we had to,” Elena said as Nate sucked her breast. “It just kept ringing.”

“Oh, that won’t do. I’ll turn down the volume, sweet.”

In the meantime, Mitzi had met Mark at the door and was making introductions.

Before long, we were back in the bedroom, where Mark and Consuela enjoyed their introductory fuck.

I watched with Lyra. In the course of the evening, she had only removed her t-shirt. She was still wearing a black bra and low slung blue jeans.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Her voice was wary. “It’s certainly . . . different.”

“I suppose that’s a good word for it. It’s funny how every party is ‘different’ in it’s own way. This one has a very relaxed vibe.”

Her eyes moved from the pile of bodies to the television. At Thomas’s request, I had put on some porn. Knowing his penchant for transsexuals, I selected “Trannie Boy Toys.”

Lyra watched as a lovely Brazilian woman slid her cock into a cute boy’s ass.

Alas, Thomas missed the screening; Elena had him preoccupied in another room.

“That’s pretty wild,” Lyra said.

“I’ll say,” Mitzi chimed in.

“Wait a minute, what is that?” Consuela asked from under Mark. He pulled back to get a look.

We all stopped to watch the Brazilian woman pound ass.

“Okay, that’s fucking hot,” Consuela said.

We watched some more.

“You know what would be hot?” Mark interjected. “If one of you fine ladies would fuck me with a strap on.”

“That would be hot,” Consuela agreed.

We continued to watch.

“Yeah, you know what?” Mark said, a little later. “Getting fucked with a strap on would be pretty hot.”

“Uh huh,” Consuela nodded, her eyes on the porn.

I went in search of Elena. She was cuddled with Thomas. I whispered in her ear.

“Oh really?” she cooed. “Excuse me Thomas, I have to do something.”

I went back into the bedroom and found a bed full of naked people watching trannie porn.

It was time for a new activity.

Consuela was on her belly next to Mark, her feet in the air as he rubbed her calves. Her round ass inspired action.

I retrieved my riding crop.

Consuela felt a light sting on her cheek.

“Ow! That hurt,” she laughed. She arched her back. “Do it again.”

Another sting, followed by light pats.

“Nice,” she said. “Harder?”

I gave her a few more.

“Is that the best you got?” she asked.

“Maybe so,” I said. “Let’s see what Mark can do.” I passed the crop to Mark, who supplied a few swift whacks from his reclined position.

Consuela writhed with each blow.

Mitzi joined me near the bed. “Ooh, Jefferson, Consuela likes the riding crop.”


“Jefferson,” she whispered, taking my arm. She raised her eyes to me. “I also like the riding crop.”

“I know, baby.” I wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “All things in time. Now its Consuela’s turn.”

“Did I hear a . . . oh my!” Elena said, entering the room. She carried a black case, towing Lyra by the hand.

The couple stood near us, Elena conferring with Lyra.

I knew, from previous conversations, that Elena was eager to bring out Lyra’s dominant side.

Elena is, by nature, a sweet dominatrix; she never cajoles or humiliates. Rather, she converses and listens. In a warm maternal way, she relaxes submissives to a point of easy surrender.

She was curious to know what lurked in the heart of Lyra.

Elena leaned over Mark to examine Consuela’s ass. His lackluster spankings were adding up.

“Not bad,” she commended him. “Do you mind if I try?”

“Sure, knock yourself out.” Mark surrendered the crop.

“Thank you. Consuela, would you mind standing?”

“Ooh, not at all.” She sat up and climbed from the bed.

“Thank you. Now, turn around and bend slightly, please.” Consuela obeyed, dancing slightly as she turned. She presented her ass to Elena with a flourish of her hips.

Elena ran a hand softly down Consuela’s spine, gently caressing her buttocks. Her eyes were on Lyra.

The crop came down. The blow was slow, but firm.

Consuela danced forward.

Mitzi squeezed my arm.

Nate’s eyes gleamed.

“Now, I want you to be still,” Elena directed.

“Sorry, sorry,” Consuela laughed. She resumed the position. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Another blow.

Consuela jumped forward with a yelp.

“Really, now, you should be still. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Elena,” I interrupted. “May I suggest a substitution?” I looked at Mitzi. She smiled and brought her shoulders up in a gesture of shyness.

“I would very much enjoy a spanking, Elena,” Mitzi said.

“Is that all right with you, Consuela?” Elena asked.

“Sure, let’s share the fun.”

I took Mitzi’s hand from my arm and placed it in Elena hand. I kissed Mitzi’s cheek.

“I’ll be right here,” I said, moving to stand with Lyra.

Mitzi nodded, then closed her eyes. She took a few breaths, opened her eyes, and looked at Elena.

“I’m ready, Elena.”

“Good. Would you please turn and bend slightly?”

Mitzi nodded and followed instructions. She placed her feet apart and bent deep.

“She does yoga, you know,” I whispered to Lyra.

Elena’s caresses were followed by a low thwack.

Mitzi quietly moaned, quivering slightly. Otherwise, she was still.

A succession of pats was followed by more determined contact. The crop splintered the air before striking its target.

Mitzi braved each blow. Elena was clearly impressed.

Lyra watched intently as Elena touched the marks beginning to appear on Mitzi’s flesh.

“Lyra,” Elena said. “You try.” She turned the crop handle first to Lyra. “Be gentle.”

Lyra stepped forward. She studied the crop as Elena adjusted her wrist.

“Now,” Elena said, touching Mitzi. “Strike here, in this area, gently.”

Lyra did as instructed. Mitzi moaned.

All eyes were on her spanking.

“Damn,” Consuela admired.

“I like to get spanked too,” Nate murmured.

Elena guided Lyra through successively stronger volleys. Mitzi’s reactions told them when to get a little stronger, a little firmer.

Lyra was fully warmed to her task. Her eyes were intent, the wiry muscles of her arm and torso clenched.

I recognized a tremor to Mitzi’s moaning.

“Mitzi wants it hard now, and fast. Is that right Mitzi?”

“Uh huh.”

“And then you are done.”

“Uh huh.”

I looked at Elena. “Lyra should wail.”

Elena looked at Lyra, and nodded towards Mitzi’s ass.


We learned that night that inside Lyra is a strong-armed spitfire. Elena was delighted by her performance.

I helped Mitzi up and took the hair from her face. Her face was red and in need of kisses. I gave her several.

“Let me see the damage,” I said. She turned as I sat to take a look.

“Oh, me too,” Consuela said, standing beside her.

I compared their asses.

Consuela’s dark flesh was rosy with a few smooth pink stripes.

Mitzi’s ass was crossed by marks of various hues. A few, presumably those delivered by Lyra, were beginning to welt.

I ran my fingers along her flesh.

“You’re okay?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” Mitzi said.

“You do good work, Elena,” I said. “You too, Lyra.”

“Thank you so much for beating me,” Mitzi said.

“Oh, it was a pleasure, really,” Elena beamed.

“Damn, you did a number on her,” Mark admired.

“Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you,” Elena said. “You are the one who wanted to be fucked?”

“Why yes, that would be me.”

“Can you imagine what I have in that case?”

“Is it a strap on, I hope?”

“It is. Do you want Lyra to fuck you?”

“That would be very nice.”

“Great. You get ready while she gears up.”

I handed the lube to Mark and watched Elena pull out her contraption. She untangled the straps and began to wrap them around Lyra’s waist.

“Do you want to remove your jeans?” I asked Lyra.

“No, she wants to keep them on,” Elena answered, working the straps. “Dammit . . . you know, I’ve never put this on another person before . . .”

“Need help?”

“Yes, can you get that side?”

We wrapped the straps around Lyra’s hips. Elena had chosen a mid-sized dildo with a ridge spiraling up from the base to the tip. She put a condom on her girlfriend’s cock and lubed it.

Lyra shook her body, watching her new dick sway. “That’s funny,” she said, looking down.

Nate’s eyes were riveted on the athletic woman’s body that had now sprouted a cock.

“Are you ready, Mark?” Elena asked.

He was on his back, his ass on the edge of the bed. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Good.” She guided Lyra to stand between Mark’s legs. I held one leg aloft, Elena held the other. “Jefferson, can you ber her guide? I think you have more experience with this than we do.”

“Sure.” Resting Mark’s leg on my shoulder, I placed a hand on the small of Lyra’s back, encouraging her to move closer. With my other hand, I guided her cock into him. “You okay, Mark?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, great.” I pressed gently on Lyra’s back. “Let’s push in, you won’t break him.”

Lyra’s cock was deep in Mark.

I moved my hand to Lyra’s hip. “Okay, so now you need to fuck him. Let’s go back, slowly—you okay, Mark?—and now forward again . . . and back . . . feel that rhythm?”

“Yes,” she said, looking down as her prosthetic moved in and out of Mark’s body. She moved her body fully back and forth.

“More hip action,” I recommended.

“You are doing such a good job!” Elena said, holding Mark’s leg.

“Yes, very good,” Mitzi added, watching from my side.

“Not bad, not bad,” Mark noted.

Elena kissed Lyra as she fucked. Mitzi and I began to kiss as well.

I guess I got distracted, because the next thing I knew, Lyra was kissing Elena at the foot of the bed. The dildo, detached from the strap on, was still in Mark.

“What’s going on here?” I asked. I got no answer from the necking lesbians, so I turned to Mark. “Did she leave you hanging?”

“Looks like.”

“That won’t do.” I took the base of the dildo in hand. I pulled it in and out of my friend’s ass, stroking my own cock. “Hang on, I’ll fuck you.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I thrust hard with the dildo, waiting for my cock to respond. I knew I needed a good hard on to take Mark.

“Wait, wait,” Mark said, grabbing my wrist. “Let’s take that out. That spiral thing is not so great on a man’s ass.”

We removed the dildo. He was worn out, and my cock was kaput.

We decided to take a break.

Elena suggested we order pizza.

She didn’t just want any pizza. She wanted specific pizzas from a specific place.

“Let’s order two large pies,” she began, reciting the order from memory. “One plan, one with pepperoni. And then get four small pies: one Mexican, one sausage and peppers, one . . .”

“Wait, wait,” I said, “I need to write this down.”

“. . . oh, and garlic soup.”

“Garlic soup? At a sex party?”

“Jefferson, it is the best garlic soup. You have to try this.”

I wrote down Elena’s order and called it in. The man on the phone found it very complicated. As I repeated the order, my phone went dead.

Fuck, I thought. Guess it needs to be recharged. I borrowed Elena’s cell and called again.

The order was so large, it required two delivery men.

Elena was making out with Lyra when it arrived. The order was on her credit card, so I peeled her off her girlfriend and sent her to the door in her pajamas.

“Pizza is on the way up,” I said to a bedroom full of naked bodies. “Stay put, okay?”

Mark was naked, standing at the dining table as he snacked. He hid from view of the door.

The delivery men took their time processing the payment of the disheveled woman at the door. Their eyes took in the dark empty living room. They heard the sensuous music playing, wondering about the solo pajama girl who wanted so many pizzas.

“Do you need a hand, Elena?” Consuela appeared at the door, wrapped in a towel.

“No, we’re fine. Jefferson is clearing a place to put the boxes.”

“Oh, okay.” Consuela turned to leave, then thought better of it.

She spun around and opened her towel, flashing the delivery men. She gave them a nice long look before scurrying back to the bedroom.

The men watched her leave.

Now, the processing of Elena’s payment grew even slower.

Elena became impatient. “Come on, I haven’t got all night,” she scolded.

I took the pizzas, and Elena sent the men away.

We had enough food for an army, but we did have an army to feed.

Elena was right; the garlic soup was creamy and good.

For dessert, I feasted on Elena’s pussy as Mitzi took a piece of my cock.


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