Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fan Fiction Four

Well, whattya know?

I no sooner send a shout out to Aliza than she responds with a nice surprise.

Along with my weekly shipment of erotic self-portraits—including some doozies of her puss and boots, to which I must now masturbate, per our agreement—Aliza sent along a scorching piece of fan fiction.

(Fan fictions, for those who don’t know, are stories submitted by readers in which they imagine meeting me and/or my friends.)

Get out your flash bulbs, friends, as you’ll want to make these memories last.

And say, does anyone have any spare frequent flyer miles about? Bring Aliza to New York, and we’ll let you hold the camera.

I arrived at Jefferson’s apartment wearing tall, black, leather boots and a long winter coat.

His door opens and our eyes meet for the first time.

The sexual energy is electric.

“Aliza! Welcome!”

Stepping into his home and hearing the door click behind me makes my heart skip a beat.

I unfastened my coat, revealing sexy lingerie, frilly French knickers and a cute peek-a-boo bra from which protrude my hard dark red nipples.

Jefferson reaches round my waist and gives a deep passionate kiss that sets my body on fire.

I slip my coat off, letting it drop on the floor behind me. Jefferson steps back, his eyes drinking in my curves.

I feel so exposed. Having my body examined so closely is such a turn on. I could hardly wait to show him more.

I turn, bending over to show him my ass and pussy while I get my camera out. I set-up my tripod and camera and get everything ready to record events.

I turn back, delighted to find that Jefferson has undressed.

I walk over and kiss him, his hands on my soft skin, my hands stroke his hard cock.


I take a photo of us with my remote.

I smile, content. I so enjoy the thrill of being on show.

He takes one of my erect nipples in his teeth, teasing it with his tongue.

I kiss his neck, suck his earlobe, tongue his ear, nibble and bite my way down his chest.

I linger at his nipples, stopping to lick and suck them. I love feeling them go hard in my mouth.

I drop to my knees and take the head of his cock in my mouth. Our eyes meet. I’m sure he can see how much I’ve been looking forward to this.

I pause to take a few more photos *click*. I get such a rush off capturing the moment. I feel so sexy thinking about what I look like here on my knees before him.

I sigh as his cock fills my mouth again.

I suck and nibble the head before letting his length fill my mouth and throat. I moan in satisfaction of the feeling of him so deep inside me.

He pulls my hair, grabbing big handfuls, roughly yanking on it. I groan with delight, my pussy is dripping wet…

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. I regretfully disengage.

Jefferson puts on a robe and, checking the spy hole first to see who it is, answers the door. In walk a couple, some friends of Jefferson’s.

My first reaction is embarrassment. They are strangers to me, I’m only wearing underwear and a second ago Jefferson’s cock was in my mouth. Hmmm kiss, kiss, can they smell him on my breath?

After we get chatting I begin to relax and enjoy their company.

Jefferson asks to speak to me in his bedroom. As the door closes, my body is alert with anticipation. Jefferson strokes the back of my neck and softly kisses me.

“Would you like it if we put on a little sex show for our guests?”

His question is a surprise; I can feel my throbbing pussy answering for me.

“I’d like that very much Jefferson. Maybe they could take some special photos of us?”

Jefferson fetches our spectators, They sit near the bed.

Jefferson asks me to bend over as he approaches me from behind.

He pulls my knickers down to my knees.

I’m anxious. I’ve never had sex in front of an audience before. It’s always been a fantasy.

My body feels so responsive and alive. I’m buzzing with sexuality.

I’m so turned on by the idea of people watching me.

I am aware of putting on a show.

I turn my ass to point towards the couple.

I turn and see the camera and smile as a photo is taken *click*. I feel so free and liberated.

I wait, unsure what is going to happen next. Then I feel Jefferson’s hot breath on my pussy, his tongue probing me, the feeling of his nose pressed against my ass. I’m so horny, my fists grab at the sheets, my body wriggling in ecstasy.

He steps back. *Click*. More photos. My cunt drips in response. I hear a condom wrapper being torn open. I’m so excited about feeling his cock inside me soon.

The energy in the room is so hot, so sexual, I enjoy imagining how turned on everyone is. I look across at the couple, they certainly seem to be enjoying the show.

They are both masturbating.

Jefferson comes up behind me and presses his cock against me. He teases me by sliding his cock up and down. I’m so hungry to have him inside me now, I’m begging him.

“Please Jefferson, fuck me.”

He slides all the way inside me, deep down for the first time.

I cry out. I want more.

As he slides all the way out and all the way in again he also grabs at my ass, slapping it, pinching it, teasing me.

I noticed the other couple has taken off their clothes. The woman has the most gorgeous lean body. Jefferson catches me looking at her and calls her over.

“Tell us what you would like to do with her, Aliza?”

Desire overcoming any remains of shyness I reply,

“I’d like her to come lie under me so I can suck her pussy while you continue fucking me.”

She positions herself under me, stopping to let me kiss her mouth and suck her nipples. As she leans back I lean forward pulling her knees up and burying my head between her legs. I start by licking her outer lips, letting her smell fill my senses.

With Jefferson still fucking me doggie style I taste my first other woman, she tastes so sweet. I find her clit and tease it with my tongue. I suck it, flick it, nibble while pausing to dart with my tongue deep into her lush wet hole.

I squeezed her ass while I felt Jefferson squeeze mine as well. I reach up and fondled her breast and continue to enjoy stimulating this sexy woman. I felt Jefferson reaching for something. I swallow with excitement.

His lubed fingers messaged my rosebud. I groan so loudly, pleading with him for more.

The vibrations of my groans excite her even more, I think she’s going to cum soon. I fingers slid into her and start massaging her g-spot.

I feel Jefferson begin to push a dildo into my ass. I relax and take it, my throbbing hot hole easily eating it up.

I was in heaven, making a woman groan and being fucked in both holes. I turned to see the other man masturbating at the image and taking photos.


All I needed to complete this fantasy was to feel his cum spray all over by boobs, which he did . . .

. . . followed by a photo.


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