Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Tuesday

My friend Molly recently gave me twenty-four hours. Here’s her account of how the time was spent.

It's Monday afternoon. My plane arrives at JFK and I get a cab straight to Jefferson's house. I'm off to play with him for the first time. At camp we didn't play at all. We kissed in Marcus's Whoring Class but that was about it. Since then, we've been chatting online about getting together . . . it is about to happen any minute. I'm excited. But a bit nervous too; what if, after coming all this way, we don’t really have the connection we think we will have? I arrive at his apartment. We talk. Have a drink. We kiss. Oh! . . . mmm . . . our kissing is very hot, memories of that kissing is kind of what triggered us to find each other online and plan to meet up in the first place . . . and here we are. Yes. mmm. Our kissing is sublime.

We head to the bedroom and Jefferson fucks me for the first time. He already knows so much about what turns me on and what I like because I have told him in our online exchanges . . . he is amazing at giving me all that and more. Argh! His hands are magic. He makes me cum over and over and I have hardly been there an hour. I stop worrying about whether or not we will have a "connection" and yes, I think to myself, this is worth flying half way across the world for.

Before my visit, I have also told Jefferson a few things that I've never done but really want to do. Based on my wishlist, Jefferson has made some plans for Tuesday. But right now, on Monday, we are here to get to know each other's touch and taste, to melt into "us" for a few hours.

I am totally exhausted from a big work gig I just finished in England, so all I want to do is fall into a lost and vague zone while Jefferson indulges me with huge amounts of pleasure and small amounts of pain. One minute his fingers are caressing me, then slapping me and roughly grabbing me, then pulling my hair, then inside me then making me scream. It's so easy for me to get disoriented when someone is fucking me as incredibly as Jefferson does. I drift off into another headspace. My jetlag makes me drop in and out of consciousness too. Our fucking goes on all night in between my jetlagged naps. Any moment I wake up, Jefferson is always there to pamper me and make me cum again. I am here for a few days to get lost in this. Fairly quickly I realize what people love about Jefferson. It’s very easy to fall into a deep-felt connection with him as well as have amazing sex. Not really something that happens too often.

For Tuesday, Jefferson has organized some visitors. The first one is a Voyeur. He likes to come over and watch Jefferson fuck girls. Jefferson has told him I like sitting on people's faces, pressing my pussy or my ass hard into their face as they kneel at my feet or lay on their back underneath me. Apparently the Voyeur likes the sound of this . . . and maybe this visit is the one where the Voyeur might actually do more than just watch. Before he arrives, Jefferson and I agree that we are happy to invite him in for more than simply watching if he wants to. We will see how it plays out.

I go buy some champagne for us all, mainly because after much online chat, Jefferson and I are discovering that we really do like being with each other and that alone calls for celebration. I get home with champagne and I put on my black rubber mini dress and boots and we wait for the Voyeur to arrive. He turns up exactly on time and offers me lingerie. I ask him if he would like to get on his knees to give it to me and it seems yes, he would like to do that and kneels in front of me. I look at him down there on his knees at my feet looking up with his very innocent eyes. I like people on their knees at my feet. Mainly because it’s such a perfect position to put a leg either side of their face and take push my pussy and ass into their face.

I take the lingerie and thank him for the gift. I don’t have time to put it on right now because just behind me on the sofa is Jefferson, and I haven’t kissed him enough yet. I turn around and straddle him on my knees as he sits on the sofa. We kiss. I lean forward into Jefferson's face and reach my hand backwards to grab the Voyeur's hair. I pull his head right into my ass. Once I know his face is happily in my ass, I know I can ignore him and I go back to kissing Jefferson. The Voyeur groans with pleasure.

We all head to the bedroom with our champagne, My rubber dress comes off. Jefferson tells the Voyeur to lay on his back on the bed. I kneel over him so his face is only a few inches under my pussy. Jefferson starts to fuck me from behind and the Voyeur gets to watch in a close-up view as Jefferson's cock thrusts in and out of my cunt. I look down to see what he can see. God. It's so hot, and he's SO into it. He is groaning at the sight of Jefferson's dick in my cunt and his tongue is reaching up to lick me. Everything we invite the Voyeur to do, he does. I think he likes this participation thing. We kiss. He goes down on me. I go down on him. He thrusts his dick hard into my mouth. He starts to lose it. Jefferson orders him to cum on my face. I lay my head back and he cums all over my face within seconds. His cum is in my mouth on my cheeks, in my hair. Everywhere.

The Voyeur needs to go take a shower . . . he has to get ready to go back to work. Jefferson and I stay in bed. We start fucking. The Voyeur comes back and takes a seat in the corner to watch. Jefferson is fucking me so hard, and I like the idea of the Voyeur being there watching in the corner. I slide my hand down my stomach and push my fingers down behind the top of my pubic bone. It pushes onto the top of my g-spot and makes Jefferson's cock hit it harder. I keep my hand there pushing down and Jefferson fucks me and I orgasm. Very loudly. It shudders though me over and over. This turns the Voyeur on so much, we look over and notice he is stroking his (once again) hard cock. We invite him over to the bed. We all go down on each other. Within minutes, the Voyeur cums all over my face again. Twice in an hour and a half. This time he really has to go back to work. I say, "I hope you had a nice lunch break.”

He says, "Yes, it was a great way to spend my birthday"

Birthday? Well, gee, if we knew it was his birthday, we would've done something really special for him. Maybe next time.

Jefferson and I go out for dinner, its really only mid-afternoon but I am on London time and I'm starving. We have a most beautiful dinner date. We feel so comfortable with each other and we've got loads of things to talk about—our work, sex and relationships and just everything. We walk home. It's only about seven thirty at night, but it's dark and cold and we hold each other close as we talk and walk through the streets to Jefferson's house. In a few hours time we have another date. It's a double penetration date. At ten o'clock, I will be getting fucked in the pussy and the ass by Jefferson and a guy who he calls in for DP adventures.

We arrive home and fuck on the sofa. I still have the carpet burn scar on my leg to remind me of that one. We fall asleep in each other’s arms. The doorbell rings. Jefferson jumps up but I am in a deep jetlag sleep. He tries to shake me, but I am so out of it, I have no idea where I am and no idea if it is morning or night. Then I hear someone come in the door and start talking with Jefferson. Fuck! I suddenly remember: it's the DP dude. I am about to get fucked in two holes. But I am so sleepy. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Fuck. I better wake up.

The DP dude is very cute. Like, super cute. He's funny too. Our fields of work are similar and we chat and laugh. We all kiss on the couch. We can tell we are going to have fun. We move to the bedroom and there's lots of very hot cock sucking. The DP dude is good at sucking Jefferson's dick. And pretty good at licking my pussy too.

The dude is on the bed on his back, I climb on top of him. He's super kissable and we get lost in each other while Jefferson works me from behind getting ready to put his dick in my ass. Supposedly the plan is to get the dude fucking me in the pussy like an "anchor" first, and then Jefferson will come in and fuck me in the ass. But all the plans fly out the window as the spontaneity of it all takes over. Jefferson is first inside me. His cock is deep in my asshole and he is fucking me for a few minutes before the DP dude enters my pussy. I'd never done this DP thing before. It feels amazing and quite overwhelming . . . I'm breathing and groaning and getting taken by surprise at how amazing it all is . . . the two boys are getting their rhythm working so well, and I just start really flying. In my confused state, I look at the DP dude and mumble "What’s going on now?" He says something like, "Well Molly, you've got two cocks inside you at the same time, I am fucking in your pussy and he is fucking you in your ass, and that's what is going on now." And it’s all too much! I have an orgasm that makes my entire body shake for minutes and minutes and minutes. Mmm. I liked that. I'm a total mess.

Afterwards we all sit on the balcony and talk and smoke and drink. Every now and then a wave of remembering what that just felt like washes over me. I think to myself . . . Fuck! That was hot. I liked that a lot.

Mmmmm. Tuesday at Jefferson’s was a very fun day.


Bianca said...

See, that's how I want my next visit to be. I shall make up a list of things to do and you will make them happen cause you're a sex genie.

Anton said...

"Well, gee, if we knew it was his birthday, we would've done something really special for him."

Yes, I'm sure that poor boy left feeling oh so deprived!

Anonymous said...

"I liked that a lot". God, that must have been the understatement of the century. Lucky, lucky Molly.