Thursday, December 13, 2007


It was a pleasure to meet Eliza and William of Horny Female Pervert when they stopped by to audition their nascent live sex show. I played the unaccustomed role of observer, so I was glad they brought bourbon for me to sip as I sat in my bedroom’s voyeurs’ chair. That made me feel right at home—which, of course, I was.

Eliza and William are exhibitionists in search of an audience. I am an audience of one who happens to maintain a retinue of voyeurs, particularly among the membership of the Bukkake Social Club. The couple reasoned that if I enjoyed their show, they might find a place in the fast-growing niche market for live sex performers on my bed.

Their ardor and passion for one another soon had me stroking along. Eliza’s blog can have that same effect. Congratulations, Eliza and William. You’ve earned a call back.


Jocasta said...

Un huh. And this is the man that just recently said to me, "I don't have time to masturbate."

Or do you?

PW said...

...with a single shot of your parke wood flooring you out yourself.

Post-War dweller.

boss said...

As your Marketing and PR director, I'd encourage you to not pigeon hole yourself as merely a foot man. It's time to branch out.