Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My apologies for the tumbleweeds around these parts. The kids are back in school, I was offline at sex camp, and now I'm busy with work. On top of all that, my computer is on the fritz. Don't fret, we'll get the steam running soon enough.

You know that laptop you don't use? Give it to me. Now.


e jerry said...

Quid pro quo? I give teh good head!


Hope Sex Camp was a blast!

Ropenuts and other canards said...

Hate computers when they do that. Its a conspiracy, go to print that important document and suddenly all hell breaks loose

leila said...

well, hurry up! i need masturbation fodder.

Bianca said...

Doll, just get yourself an iMac. Go on, you know you want it.