Monday, September 03, 2007

Fuck Me, Boy

Carlos leaned back on my couch, fully dressed. He caught his breath after a full day’s work. A glass of cold water sweated on the coffee table.

Our third date was almost routine. There was a nice domestic quality to awaiting his arrival, watching him relax and hearing about his day. I could imagine massaging his temples as he sipped a martini before sitting down to my home cooking.

However, I knew better than to harbor wifely fantasies about the man who fucked me.

Carlos already had one lover who was eager to be his boyfriend, and another who was a good friend. I was fitting into his life as a regular cocktail-hour lay between leaving his office and returning to the apartment he shared with his younger brother. Living with family curtailed his availability for late nights and sleepovers, and made it impossible to bring home dates. I had the time and place to offer him good solid sex.

Our relationship was not merely one of convenience, but it certainly didn’t hurt that it was convenient.

It worked for me as well. I liked that I could get in some hot sex with a boy who got me going before getting on with my evening plans, which, admittedly, generally revolved around hot sex. I liked that he enjoyed being with me and kept coming back for more, as that allowed me to think about ways I wanted to be with him.

He allowed the conversation to lapse and leaned forward to kiss me. I allowed him to take the lead; it felt good to know he wanted me.

I caught myself smiling as he kissed my teeth.

“C’mon.” I took his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. I undressed him, running my hands over each area of his body to be exposed to my touch. I kissed his body as he stood, his hand resting on my shoulder. He taste was becoming familiar to me, and that only increased my hunger.

I pushed him on to the bed, barely acknowledging him as I continued with his body. I could sense his withdrawal into passivity, his surrender to my mouth.

I lingered across his ribs, admiring how they vanished into his latissimus dorsi. I nibbled lightly on the muscle, watching it twitch in response, feeling his lungs fill and empty.

I turned to watch my finger traced its way lightly between his buttocks, looking back to see his head turn in response.

If Carlos were to stay over, this is how I would pass hours, touching him, looking at him, watching how his body responds to sleep.

His passivity aroused this desire to take my time, as if he had departed the room and left behind his body for my delectation.

I turned him, burrowing my nose into the canal of his spine. I bit his shoulder, leaning close to hear his breath.

“Carlos,” I whispered, having nothing further to add.

He opened his eyes and twisted around to kiss me. I took him in my arms, pressing close. One day, Carlos will fall in love. That man will be lucky to have ardor added to Carlos’s sweet sensuality.

Carlos turned me in his arms. He pressed into my back, rubbing his cock against my ass. His hands found my chest.

“No, wait.” I turned to look at him. “You’re beautiful and I want to watch you.” I pulled him onto me, looking at his face as I rubbed the stubble of his haircut. I kissed him again, gently, and reached for a condom.

He held back my thighs and lubed me. I put my hands behind my neck, watching as he rolled on the condom. I ran my foot along his cheek and down his smooth chest.

I gasped as he entered me.

He stopped. “You okay?”

I huffed and nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay. Fuck me, handsome.”

He pressed forward, filling me. My body seared.

He folded me back, pulling my legs to rest on his shoulder. I touched his face and nodded, meaning I didn’t know what, except that I wanted him, very much.

He rocked me back and forth as we fucked. As I relaxed he began to thrust harder.

How often had I had someone where he now had me? How rarely had I been there?

He kept his eyes on mine. I didn’t want to blink for missing a moment of his intent. I wanted him to fuck me.

I wanted to fuck him.

“Carlos,” I said, looking at him. He nodded, not replying, just fucking me.

I couldn’t stand being immobile, so far from his lips. “Carlos, wait. Pull out.”

“You’re okay?” he asked, falling back.

“Yes.” I pulled myself up. “I’m just so hot for you right now. We need to kiss.” I pushed him back and lay over him. I dropped my mouth to his, sighing as he opened to me.

I pulled my knees forward and sat up. My eyes dropped to his torso, my hands against his flesh. I took his eyes in mine again. Wordlessly, I slipped two fingers into his mouth. His eyes closed as he felt me against his tongue.

With my other hand, I reached down and returned his cock to my body.

I pushed my hips back and forth, pumping him in me. His eyes opened to watch me moving on his body. I put my free hand on his shoulder and squeezed.

I fell forward, taking my fingers from his mouth, taking his mouth in mine.

I held his face between my hands, growling into him as my hips pressed him into me.

I squeezed his cheeks and scowled. “You need to fuck me, boy. Like you fucking mean it. Now.”

His eyes sparked. He grabbed my thighs with his full strength and pressed up into me. I flexed around his cock, tugging him deeper into me.

I punched his chest with my fist. “Harder.”

Carlos realized I had him pinned. He struggled, pushing against me. I hit him again and grabbed his face. “No. Behave. You fuck me.”

His face flushed. He couldn’t make sense of this. In his experience, you either topped or bottomed. He had his cock in my ass, so he was topping. But I wasn’t bottoming. I was getting fucked, and I was topping.

I released his face and gently caressed his hair. I rested my thumbs on his eyebrows and smiled at him.

My desire for his body had not subsided in the least. Now, I also wanted his mind.

I leaned forward again, kissing him, gently gyrating my hips to fuck him with my ass. I gradually increased my speed. I flexed my hole, pumping him.

My lips left his. I dropped my forehead against his, closing my eyes, focused on his body in mine. I inhaled every breath he exhaled.

He couldn’t take anymore. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me. I fell away willingly.

He pulled off his condom and crouched over my face, jerking furiously. I pushed my head into his thigh, caressing him with my hair. I raised my hands to hold his waist as he came on his chest and my face.

He gasped. I realized that he held his breath as he orgasmed.

I wiped my face with my hand and pulled him down to my kiss.

I washed my face and left him to shower alone. I wanted to soap him. I wanted to bath him, by candlelight.

But I’m smart. I save some fantasies. I wanted to savor the afterglow of this one.

That night, Madeline called.

“How’s your day, darlin’?”

“I’m having a great day. I now know how I like to get fucked.”

“Really? And how, pray tell, is that?”

“I dom with a dick in my ass.”

“Oh, honey, that’s great,” she laughed. “Carlos is so hot.”

“Carlos,” I nodded. “Is so hot.”


e jerry said...

There are so many differing degrees of control in each of those positions, I find after years of experience with both.

There are so many interesting dimensions to watching a guy (or, I'm sure, a girl) grinding one out on your cock

Do you find that riding a cock in that position can give you some delicious head rushes? Those are some of the nicest things about that position for me, particularly getting closer to orgasm. You don't even need a scarf.

e jerry said...

Oh, and you're moving in phases between boy smut and girl smut now? Even gay as I am, some by three-ways (or more ways) also get my plugs sparking, particularly with your eagle's eye perspective.

Anonymous said...

One Life Take Two: Now with 75% more Gay.

Viviane said...

It's September.

time to start really writing.

Anonymous said...

I was getting fucked, and I was topping.

Oh, kind of like us!

tracyg said...

Oh Jefferson I've missed you.
Haven't been coming around as much but I sure know that ever time I come here and read I get revved up and hot!