Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fleshbot and Take Me Anywhere

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot sends the kids out to play so that the grown-ups can have their fun. Which reminds me to ask: where are the geriatric sex bloggers? Lolita turned me on to the wonderful Sexagenarian and the City, but alas, Mimi keeps the dirty bits discreetly off stage. Maybe I could convince her write smut if we met? Hey yo, Mimi, gimme your digits.

In other Fleshbot news, my colleague Chelsea Girl has stepped down as co-editor of Sex Blog Roundup, citing “real life” as a cause. Apparently, having a real life can take time away from reading online smut—let us all take heed. Unpacking her red pencils at the freshly vacated roundup desk is the always floral Always Aroused Girl. This should be fun, as we know she enjoys getting you off.

Speaking of real life, thanks for your notes of concern about my computer woes. They have largely been solved, thanks to the ministrations of Wendy’s friend Franklin. He had recently found his new girlfriend at my orgy, so good things come around. I’m back online and marveling at the wonders of a much better machine than my previous antique. Did you know, for example, that online videos are not stop action animation?

If you have time in your real life to lend me a hand for an administrative task, drop a line. You’ll need to have Word and about four hours to spare. Thanks!

Those of you who enjoy stalking me can put aside any aspirations for a real life of your own, as I’m all over the blogs this week, particularly as stories emerge from the wilds of Dark Odyssey, aka sex camp.

Lolita and I celebrated our first anniversary—you may recall how we first bonded in a roll in the grass at sex camp last year. Paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary, but we traded ours in denim, chains, and love.

Wendy recounts her nervousness as we arrived for her first day at sex camp. Her nerves subsided somewhat when she walked into our cabin and promptly fisted Selina. Honestly, I had not even finished unpacking the car.

Rope sister Jocasta now joins the ranks of sex bloggers with her own Venus Ropes: Enduring Passions and Passing Fancies. Drop by and tell her Jefferson sent you.

Meanwhile, back at Floating World, Bianca strips down for an audience at my class on g spots. Later, she takes her first flogging and caning and finds herself reacting in unexpected ways.

Eden also chases her nomadic g spot and finds it looking for her. It pays to keep faith.

Some things can be taught and others you learn for yourself. Bridget pouts when I refused to let her use my flesh for an impromptu hickey lesson. Fortunately, we found a better use her mouth and my body.

Anna Smash reveals the reason she keeps showing up at my door and introduces the smut stylings of her hot boyfriend Nick.

Finally, pay a visit with Madeline as she muses about being taken for my wife at events during a recent trip to New York. It’s funny yet melancholy to let that mistaken impression linger with people we don’t know, as it’s easier than swinging a casual conversation to the larger story. So as we pinged through a swank party, we nodded and smiled as one man said to her “I’ve heard so much about you” (he had not) and a woman assumed that Madeline is the mother of my children.

At times, we were involved in separate conversations. A man I had never met approached me to curtly assert, “Madeline is amazing. You must invite her back more often!” He then walked away, having made his point.

I found Madeline chatting with a very attractive colleague of mine. Of course, I like him for his mind, and as we have a professional relationship, we’ve never talked about personal matters.

Apparently, he doesn’t mind sharing. As I approached, I overheard him say to Madeline, “Yes, I shave, but only my testicles.”

“Me too,” she smiled. “I shave my labia, but leave a patch above.”

I was taken aback. “Honestly, I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Are you talking to me or him?” Madeline asked.

Classy lady, this one.


Bridget said...

Dude. After next weekend, I have time for a Word thing. However, I swear this time you're *really* going to have to make me dinner.

You're still a wuss though. ;) With flower pictures on your computer. ;)

Eden said...

Since you mention my g-spot, I have an something for us to try that just might get the job done.

And even if it doesn't, we'll still have lots of fun trying.

maymay said...

Figleaf has a really interesting post about older people and sex that you might find interesting.

Wendy said...

Huh. No one ever assumes I'm married to the men I'm with. I suppose I just don't seem like the marrying type.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you were mistaken for my father?

Bianca said...

Wow, I doubt we would ever be taken for a married couple and there's no way I could pass for your daughter. I think the people in Penn station must have just wondered what that young girl was doing kissing a much older man.

Did you watch that You Tube video I sent you?

Anna Smash said...

Nick has been referred to as my husband before. The most notable time being at a wedding, by a married man, to which I responded: "Um, he is NOT my husband. Marriage?! Eww!"

Madeline Glass said...

Equally classy, I think, was the moment later on when your sexy European colleague (he of the shaved testes) asked what our plans were. You replied, without missing a beat, "We're going home to fuck."


la petite dévergondée said...

I love you Jefferson!

Im so glad you havnt forgotten about little old me, lol. Thank you so much, having my writing on FB is so amazing to me, it gives me tummy butterflies!

-la petite

ps. did I ever tell you how much I regret missing your call when you were in town? :(