Saturday, September 01, 2007


He hadn’t meant anything by it. Carlos came over to be photographed and maybe have some sex. It was a simple hook up with a camera thrown in.

That simplicity took a different turn when he fucked me. He had given it to me hard, making me cry out as he pulled my hair and came in my face. He was surprised by what that brought out in him.

I was no less surprised by what it brought out in me.

When he was in my bedroom, nude, under my body, stretched out before my camera, I felt entirely at ease. His beauty was soothing and made me feel confident; far from being intimidated by beauty, I am inspired by it. I could shape and mold his flesh to suit my inspiration in the moment.

He was undressed because I undressed him. He gave me kisses because I took them. He flinched under my bites and nibbles, his cock throbbing. My mouth and hands took him to precisely where I wanted him to be. In those moments with Carlos, I was practiced, assured and unrushed, an artist applying well-honed skills to his craft.

This was before he flipped me over and fucked me. As he pushed into me, pinning down my neck, I was momentarily stunned. This never happened—not the fucking, not the loss of composure, not the surrender of my body. Even more unfamiliar was the sense that I wanted it in that moment, badly, and wanted more of it, immediately.

I would see him again. I might even get fucked again. I didn’t regard getting fucked as an act of submission any more than I regarded fucking as an act of domination. Topping or bottoming are not innately acts of dominance or submission.

Even so, I had to wrap my mind around the sensation I felt in that moment when he flipped me. From my place of confidence and strength as I devoured his beauty—that familiar creative zone of domination—I was turned around and made his prey. He had wanted to take me just as intently as I had wanted to take him.

I wanted more of that.

So far as I knew, Carlos had no interest in anything having to do with domination or submission. He may have just been passive by nature and suddenly felt like fucking. But the raw surge of desire I felt as he fucked me, and the ferocity of his response to it, had clearly affected him as well.

True to form, I gravitated back to the top in my subsequent exchanges with Carlos. The prospect of seeing him again had my creative juices flowing. Without quite meaning to, Carlos was pushing me to want something new with him. I wondered if I could push him as well.

Jefferson: Have you ever been with a girl, Carlos?

Carlos: LOL. No, why?

Jefferson: I want you to fuck a girl for me. How about Tuesday?

Carlos: Are you serious? I don’t know . . .

Jefferson: It’s easy as pie. She’s very pretty—green eyes, sandy blonde hair, your age. You’ll be helping me out, since she has a fantasy about taking a gay boy’s virginity.

Carlos: LOL.

Jefferson: Do me this favor.

Carlos: Maybe I’ll just do you instead.

Jefferson: Carlos, God damn it, can’t you please just do what I tell you to do? Please? How fucking hard is that?

Carlos: LOL.

I had to accept that Carlos might not take my bait. At least, not yet. We barely knew one another, so I would just have to wait to find out if he was interested in allowing me to direct him to new experiences. That is, if I continued to hold his interest at all. Still, I couldn’t let rest my compulsion to test the edges of his susceptibility to suggestion.

Jefferson: I want you to come to the next meeting of my Bukkake Social Club.

Carlos: Bukkake?

Jefferson: Yes. You and a bunch of boys will watch me fuck a girl. The boys are all cool and most are bisexual. Eventually, they all jerk off and cum on the girl.

Carlos: Hot!!

Jefferson: Right? It’s damned hot. And I promise, I won’t make you fuck the girl.

Carlos: LOL. Cool, sounds good.

I considered this a good compromise. He might have had it in mind to fuck me, but this time, he would be watching me fuck a woman. This was something he had never done, nor seen done.

I realized that this invitation put him in the position of a voyeur. I had found myself craving his cock in me. Perhaps that craving now had me trying to put the genie back in the bottle by keeping him in a passive position—or at least by creating a situation in which I would be in charge.

Unfortunately, I could not be in charge of other people’s schedules. It was summer and many of the bukkake club members were out of town or otherwise engaged. Late on the day we planned to meet, I decided that we had too few confirmed responses and cancelled the session. I sent an email to the gentlemen and asked my invited guest to join me later that night for dinner and a sleepover.

I reported the news to Carlos.

Carlos: Too bad. That sounded hot. You still want to meet? I’m so horny today.

Of course, I agreed.

I smiled when I saw him in my peephole. We kissed lightly at the door. I offered him a glass of water as he sat on the couch.

We talked about his day. He talked about his weekend playing tennis with his brother and sister. He touched my face, gently, and kissed me.

My hands searched out his body under his clothes.

In my bedroom, he was passive, as before. He allowed me to undress him, closing his eyes as I toured his body with my touch and my mouth. I took my time, as he showed no sign of hurry.

I held the base of his skull in my hand, swirling my tongue around his throat, when the phone rang. It signaled a guest at the door.

“One sec.” I leaned over his body to reach the receiver. “Yes? Oh, hi . . . did you . . . okay, come on up.” I buzzed the front door open.

Carlos was watching me. I grinned sheepishly.

“What was that?”

“Sight complication.” I leaned to kiss his lips. “You ever been watched before?”

“Watched? You mean, during sex? Uh, no . . .”

I sat up and reached for my shorts. “Cool. That’s about to change.”

His eyes followed me as I left the room.

I opened the front door as the doorbell rang. “Hi Eric, good to see you again.”

“Hey man, good to see you.” Eric took my hand as he entered. His palm was damp from the heat. He looked around the living room. “Am I the first?”

“First and only, I’m afraid. Did you walk here?”

“Yeah, it’s only a couple of miles . . .”

“Then I think you missed my late email. I’m sorry, but we had to cancel at the last minute.”

Eric face fell. “Oh, that’s too bad.” He looked around. “I had sort of saved it up for this.”

“Well, never fear. I’m fooling around with one of the guys in the back. You’re welcome to stay to watch that—you know, as a consolation prize.”

He wiped his forehead. “Huh. Really? Well, sure, okay.”

“Good.” I smiled. “C’mon, I’ll introduce you.” I led the way to my bedroom.

“Carlos? I’d like you to meet Eric. Eric, this is Carlos.”

Carlos sat up quickly. His eyes looked over my shoulders to Eric. He could see us both as we entered, as Eric is a good head taller than me.

“Oh, uh, hey.”


“My apologies that Carlos is already naked,” I said, pulling off my shirt. “We were just . . . you know.” I dropped my shorts and sat next to Carlos.

“No, that’s cool.” Eric looked around. “So should I . . . ?”

“Yes, please.” I waved a hand to the chair beside my bed. “Make yourself comfortable in your voyeur’s seat. We’ll simply resume.”

Eric stepped out of his sneakers. I leaned forward to kiss Carlos. He kissed me back, his eyes on Eric.

I was going to enjoy this.

Eric had been watching me fuck women for over a year. He was quiet and handsome, with a tall athletic body that invariably caught the glances of the other bukkake club members and our female guests. I was touched by his respectful demeanor and returned it with similar manners. He was always a welcome guest in my home.

Carlos had never been watched. I was about to choreograph him through his first live sex show.

I paused as my lips trailed down Carlos’s sternum. “You’ve never watched two boys, have you, Eric?”

He coughed slightly. “No. I mean, porn and stuff, but . . .”

“Oh, I didn’t know you liked that kind of porn.” Carlos twitched as I brushed my cheek across his smooth belly. “I mean, you’re straight and all. Have you ever done much with boys?”

“No.” Eric watched my hand gently pump Carlos’s cock. “A foursome once, but the other guy and me . . . well, we didn’t do much . . .”

“Huh, that sounds really hot,” I nodded, taking Carlos’s cock in my mouth. He sighed and fell back.

I already knew the answers to the questions I asked Eric. My interview was primarily intended for Carlos’s edification and arousal.

My hands cupped his hips as I pulled him deep into me.

Hmm, Carlos, I thought as my tongue waved under him. Let me do things with you.

I looked up. Carlos was watching Eric. I knew Eric’s rhythms well enough to know what had caught Carlos’s eyes. I glanced over to see Eric stroking his cock, his shorts open at the zipper.

I dropped Carlos’s cock from my mouth and crawled up his body. I turned my head to rest my cheek against his. “I forgot to mention that Eric has an enormous cock. Amazing, right?”

Carlos stared ahead. I ground my cock against his. “Yeah.”

Eric stroked faster as we watched.

I sat back on my heels. I pressed Carlos’s thighs back. “I really like to have Eric watch when I’m fucking,” I said, pressing against Carlos’s hole. “He really gets off on it.”

The only sound from Eric’s chair was the friction in his palm.

Carlos barely noticed as I reached for lube and a condom. Eric’s eyes moved from Carlos’s torso to his ass I lubed him.

This time, Carlos raised no protests about being fucked.

I held my slippery head at the edge of his well-greased hole and pushed. “Unh,” Carlos sighed, closing his eyes. “I’m sorry, so tight . . .”

I smiled. “Yes, baby, you are incredibly tight.” I pushed forward, gradually giving him the full length of my cock.

“Shit,” Eric whispered.

I looked at him as I slowly pumped. “He has such a tight hole, man.” I pushed Carlo’s leg up to afford a better view for Eric. “See? I’m having to be so gentle.”

“Fuck,” Eric whispered.

I looked down to Carlos’s face. His eyes were closed. He bit his lip.

I pushed back on his thighs, fucking harder.

He turned his face. His brown eyes bore into me.

I fucked him harder still, pivoting my hips.

Carlos turned to watch Eric. I preferred to give Eric his privacy and focused on Carlos.

I barely noticed when Eric removed his shirt. Carlos began to stroke himself.

I pulled Carlos to the edge of the bed. I stood, grabbed his hips, and plowed forcefully.

I heard Eric’s breath accelerate. I knew the sound of his orgasm. I turned slightly to be sure he had a fine line of sight.

“Unh, unh, unh!” Eric grunted.

Carlos pivoted his head. “Do you want to cum on my chest?”

Eric raised a hand and looked at it as though he didn’t recognize it as his own. It dripped on his lap. “Uh, well, I just came.” He reached for a tissue.

“Carlos.” My voice was low.

He looked up at me.

“Carlos,” I said. “Now you cum.”

He nodded. His hand reached for his cock. I looked down to see that he wasn’t fully erect. I spit at his balls. He nodded again, taking up my saliva as his lube.

Eric watched as Carlos shot across his chest and belly.

“Fuck,” Eric murmured.

I leaned forward to kiss Carlos. I kissed him deeply, pressing my body against his, smearing his cum between us. “You are very beautiful, Carlos.”

He looked up. “Thanks.”

I kissed his forehead and stood. I edged my cock out of him and tugged off the condom. I fell back on the bed.

“Whew!” I exhaled, looking at Eric.

“Aren’t you going to cum?” Carlos asked.

“Nah,” I said, shaking my head. “Date night.”

Eric laughed. “Anyone I know?”

I looked at the ceiling. “Hmm, probably. You’ve must’ve seen me fuck most of the women I know.”

“That’s awesome.” Eric stood and reached for his shirt. “Well, thanks for the show, guys.”

“You’re leaving?” Carlos asked.

Eric looked at me, his face looking slightly awkward. “Yes, Eric has places to be,” I smiled. “Here, let me show our company to the door.” I picked up my shorts and leaned to kiss Carlos. “Back in a moment.”

At the door, I shook Eric’s hand. “Thanks for being so understanding about the change of plans.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” he smiled. “I’d like to see that again, if that’s cool.”

I patted his back. “I’m pretty sure Carlos would like that too.” I opened the door. “Next time, Eric.”

“Thanks. See you soon.”

I undressed again before getting back into bed with Carlos. Wordlessly, I kissed him.

“That was very nice, Carlos.” I kissed him again.

“That was really hot,” he nodded. “How do you know him?”

“I know people.” I ran a finger on his arm and kissed his shoulder. “Thanks for letting me fuck you. I knew he would get off on that. And . . . “ I kissed his cheek. “So did I.”

“It was nice,” he said. “Sorry if I was too tight. It’s just been a while.”

“You don’t bottom much?”

“Not any more. I mean, it used to be all I did. Everyone assumed I was a bottom, I guess because I’m young and the way I look or whatever. But I tried topping and I really liked it. So that’s what I do.”

I nodded. “You top really well. And you bottom well, too. You’re lucky—I’m a terrible bottom.”

He laughed. “I thought you were pretty good.”

I grimaced and looked away. “No, that’s nice, thanks, but I know I’m really bad at it.” I sighed. “I guess I just don’t do it enough to get any good.”

Carlos smiled. “Then you should do it more.”

Maybe Carlos could take my bait after all. I leaned forward and pressed him back. I lay over him and kissed his lips.

“Carlos,” I murmured. “I want to be versatile, just like you.”

He grabbed my ass and laughed.


Eden said...

Oh my goodness!!! Is THAT the virgin I missed out on?!?!

You boys are so lucky, getting to have sex anytime of the month and all, I swear. . .

Jefferson said...

No Eden, you missed out on a different gay virgin.

To date, Carlos has never been with a woman.

Girls With Cocks said...

We want you to be versatile too, Jefferson!

Cdk said...

That was a very hot story. Thanks!

leila said...

again, yum! i'm in the K.C. airport right now. flying always makes me horny, so thanks for adding fuel to the fire.

e jerry said...

Versatility: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Alas, at the moment, I'm either not having sex at all or just topping. *sigh*