Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oyster Shells

“All right,” I said, stroking the condom on my cock. “Hop on.”

“Right,” Nicole said. She lifted herself and began dropping her hips to me.

“Wait, wait,” I said, scooting down the bed. “You’re still coming in a little low. See? When you're a bit higher, you can slide right on. Got it?”

She lowered herself fully, so that I was inside her. “Oh yeah, I see what you mean,” she nodded, beginning to gyrate.

“You’re a fast learner,” I smiled. I crossed my arms behind my head. “Now, do it again.”

“Seriously?” she stopped.

“Yes. Show me, and this time, do it yourself.”

A grin emerged on the only part of her face that was visible. “Yes, sir.”

She lifted herself from me, and looked behind her to my cock. She reached between her legs, took my cock, and slowly guided it back into her.

“Nice, nice!” I commended. “Why, soon you won’t need me here at all.”

Her laughter convulsed on my cock.

We had fallen asleep fucking and now we awoke fucking. Our arms and legs had been entangled as we slept.

Without quite meaning to, in a very short time, we had crossed over to a place where our bodies felt out of kilter if they were not conjoined.

As we fucked, she complained that she really had to go to the bathroom.

“Do you remember the last time we left this bed?” I asked.

She tilted her head. “It was sometime last night . . . right?”

“I asked because I can’t recall,” I said, pushing into her.

She fell forward to kiss me.

Later, she reiterated her need to pee.

“I thought you took care of that,” I said, pumping into her.

“I remember meaning to, but I don’t think I ever did.”


We kissed.

Suddenly she pulled back. “No, seriously, I really need to pee.”

“Wait, what are you . . . no, no!” She pulled herself from my cock. I grabbed her wrist. “What can you be thinking?” I asked anxiously.

“God, please, God, you have to let me go,” she laughed. “We are ridiculous.”

“You’ll come back?” I asked, turning my body so that my head fell slightly from the side of the bed. I looked up with pleading eyes. “I won’t have to go looking for you?”

“Of course.” She lowered her face and kissed me, her mouth deep and open. “Right after a cigarette.”

“A cigarette?” I grabbed her thigh and pulled her close to my face. “Can’t you see what those things are doing to you, Nicole? What they are doing to us?”

I pulled her thigh to my mouth to kiss her flesh. I nibbled.

I reached up and took her ass, bringing her pussy to my mouth. I latched on to her clit.

“Oh, that’s very hot, but I really do have to pee.”

“Pleth dowd,” I said, tugging on her hips.


“Pleth dowd. Pleth dowd on die mouf.”

“Press down? Like this?” She squatted slightly, pressing her clit into my tongue. “Unh, yeah, like this, I see.”

“Gweat. Dow, thuck die dick.”

Her hands stepped down my body until her face reached my cock. She took it in her mouth and effortlessly into her throat.

“Hmmph, puh-feck.” I held her hips firm as I burrowed my nose into her cunt, my tongue swirling on her clit. I mused that as she had only just given her first blowjob the night before, then this must be her first time to sixty-nine with a man.

I’d have to remember to ask if she’d ever done it with a girl.

Maybe we should be making a list of all these firsts, I pondered . . .


“Yed?” I tongued her slit.

“Jefferson, I really do need to pee.”

“Do ahead.” I darted my tongue in and out of her body.

“Jefferson.” Her hands stepped back up my torso. “I don’t know that I’m quite ready to urinate in your mouth.”

I looked up and smiled. “Chicken.”

She took my hands from her hips. “I’ll be back. I don’t want me out of bed any more that you do.”

“Buck buck.”

She stopped at the door, looking back to me. “Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets/The muttering retreats/Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels/And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells.”


“T. S. Eliot,” she answered. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”

“I should’ve known that one,” I said, flipping onto my belly. “Smart girl.”

“I go to smart school,” she said, turning on the ball of her feet. “And yes, you should’ve.”

I grinned. My eyes followed as she left the doorway, scanning the rosy bite marks on her back, the pink stripes on her ass.

We were vanquishing every virginity we encountered.

As we fucked during the previous evening, just hours after first meeting, I told her I was weary of pussy and wanted to break in her ass.

“I suspected you might,” she smiled. “Obviously, I’ve never done that.”

“Yet many are the asses I’ve deflowered,” I kissed her. “Tell your ass to meet me at the foot of the bed, up in the air, in one moment. I’ll be the guy with the hard on.”

I duly arrived at the appointed destination to find her ass waiting.

“Why, hello, ass,” I smiled as I rolled on a fresh condom. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She giggled.

I leaned forward to tongue her hole.

“Oh!” she gasped.

Another virginity gone, I supposed. I tongued her deeply to open and relax her, though she seemed perfectly at ease.

As I applied lube generously to her ass and my cock, I explained what she should expect and assured her that we could stop at any time. She nodded into a pillow.

I entered her slowly. “Okay?” I asked.

She breathed, nodding. I pushed in. Instinctively, she pushed back to take me.

“I’m all the way in,” I said quietly. “Are you okay?”

“I’m . . . fine,” she said, getting accustomed to the sensation.

“I’m going to just let you feel this,” I said, leaning forward to kiss her back. I added a new bite to mark the occasion.

I stood. “Okay, now, slowly, I’m going to move inside you.” I moved gently back and forth.

She held up well.

“You’re certainly taking this like a man,” I commended.

“This feels really good,” she said, her voice steady as her mind created a new file marked "anal sex."

I let her have it a little harder. Her breathing went staccato.

I spanked her. She yelped.

I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. She groaned.

“You’re doing so well, so well,” I breathed.

“Fuck my ass, Jefferson,” she sighed. “Fuck me.”

I stopped. “No.” I pulled out. I tossed the condom aside. “I have designs on your ass. I don’t want it broken on the first night.” I kissed her neck and whispered into her hair. “You are so brave. You take a rough ass fucking so well.”

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“Now, pretty girl, I’m going to spank you.”


“I’m going to do it lightly and, if you don’t ask me to stop, I will do it harder.”


“And if you don’t ask me to stop, I’m going to use a cat o’nine tails, very lightly.”

“Okay.” She squirmed slightly.

“And if you don’t ask me to stop, I’m going to cane you, again, very lightly.”


I kissed her. I opened a door to retrieve my arsenal.

I spanked a pink flush to her cheeks and began.

Twenty minutes later, I put down the cane.

“That’s enough,” I said. “I want you to feel this overnight before we go further.” I lay next to her and pulled her into my arms. I kissed her hair. “You don’t have to do it all at once, you know.”

“I want to do it all, at once,” she said to my shoulder.

The next morning, when she returned from her cigarette, I was waiting with a condom.

“Hello, gorgeous,” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Ready for more?” she asked.

“I’m not talking to you,” I said with disdain. “The ass and I have an appointment."

“Oh, great!” She climbed on the bed, raising her hips in the air as before.

“Hello, ass,” I said, licking her hole. “Long time, no see.”

“You’re retarded,” she laughed.

“I might have warned you,” I said, entering her.

Half an hour later, she fell forward, her arms still pinned behind her back.

I staggered, wiping the sweat from my face.

Her skin was flushed, highlighting the purple circles on her shoulder.

My ears were numb to all but our overlapping breathing and my pounding heart.

“Shit, son!” she hooted. She laughed.

I sat down, tearing off the condom. “You,” I pointed to her face. “You can go back to college. But you,” I pointed to her ass. “You're not going anywhere.”


sensOtheque said...

Nice post! How much of it is reality, fiction, faction...?

Desire X said...

Dude, Nicole is terrible for you, really, really leading you down the primrose path.

Can you take us with you?

Tom Paine said...

Thanks for the Fleshbot nod, I admire your writing, so to have you as a secret reader means a lot to me. Hope to meet you someday and put a face to a salacious grin.

Anonymous said...

sighhhhh just where were you when I was 19??

Marie (she of the left side of the map)