Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Shelby had invited Meg to join us for a weekend.

Shelby had also decided that her best friend was getting off easy, coming up to New York to fuck her boyfriend now and then while collecting a few bruises here and there.

“I’m going to kick her ass, man,” she told me.

“Meg? Why, what did she do?”

“No, I mean I’m going to beat her up. Hogtie her ass.”

“Oh, okay, I get it. You’re going to tie her up,” I said. “And what, then I fuck her?” I could already feel a twinge in my cock.

“Yeah, whatever, but I’m going to hogtie her. I’ve got the rope and I did some research.”

“Research? So, what does that mean?”

“It means I know how to hogtie her ass.”

That is how my jailbait girlfriend led me to Hogtied. It’s what we call an educational website.

You wouldn’t question the educational value if you had seen Meg with her ankles lashed to her shoulders, her back arched, her face flush and blessed.

Or seen the look in Shelby’s eyes as we wrecked that pain slut’s ass.

Let’s just say we all learned a thing or two that day. Shelby’s recommendation made Hogtied one of my go-to websites.

And Meg? Well, you can just ask her about that.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey!

Should I be nervous?

Bianca said...

ooh, that looks like fun!

Cinderella said...

Gosh! That looks like it hurts! Lol.

Meg said...

yeah, good times.


Calico said...

What a small world!

I'm the red-haired girl in the second photo. How funny...

I actually met you at DO, though very briefly, since I was sicker than a dog that weekend.

Love the blog. :)

Jefferson said...

Nice to meet you again, Calico. Small world indeed! Thanks for the kind words on the blog.

And, uh . . . yeah.