Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Man, check out that ass.

Oh, wait, that is not an appropriate thing to say.

After all, my pal Audacia Ray has an awesome book due out soon. Naked on the Internet addresses the myriad ways that female sexuality plays out online—from personals and cyberdating to commercial webcams and whoring to health and support communities.

It takes some mighty mental wrangling to corral all that material between two covers, but Dacia is the brainiac for the job. Word is that she’ll include interviews with some of the sex bloggers we all know and love. If you are reading us, you will want to read this.

You can be sure we’ll all be buzzing about Naked on the Internet when it hits the shelves.

But for now, I’m buzzing about the cover. No offense to Dacia’s awesome mind (or her awesome ass, for that matter) but for now, I’m all about the backside on her book’s frontside.

Here's more of the ass in question.


The model for Dacia's book cover is Anna, a brainy bisexual nerd in her own right, who gets naked on the Internet at NerdPr0n.


Take a visit with Anna, and let her know Jefferson sent you.


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