Friday, January 19, 2007

Barely Evil

In the linked gallery, you'll find more images of this radiant smoker.

Me, I'm all about the curled toes.

Barely Evil

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Madeline Glass said...

Hey! That's Justine Joli! Hi, Justine!

Mmmmm, cheekbones.

Meg said...

admit it, you just wanna crack 'em.

Anonymous said...

Why are all the Evil Ones redheaded?

exile said...

smoking is bad for you

but i can think of much better things that can be bad for you.

(curly toes)

Anonymous said...

Curled toes are good for cracking, but also good for sticking in your mouth and sucking on while you've got the leg of the one you love up in the air while you fuck the shit out of her.

Christie said...

In Catholic elementary school, we learned that porn is Satan.

This makes your apartment hell, my red-tailed friend.

Jefferson said...

Over my bed is a Weimar-era print depicting Hell.

Looks a lot like an orgy to me.