Friday, September 22, 2006

Hot Tub

“Jefferson, have you had a chance to meet Windsor?” Selina asked.

“Yes, we spoke at the Cirkus Erotikus,” I said, extending my hand to Windsor. “Actually, we met just after we arrived. He was looking for you at our cabin while you were out for a bit.”

“Oh right, you did mention that,” Selina said. “And Windsor, this is Marcus.”

Marcus took the cigar from his mouth and exhaled. “Nice to meet you, Windsor.”

“Thank you,” Windsor said, quietly.

“Windsor has confessed a very specific fantasy I think we can help him with,” Selina said. “But it would require you both to fulfill it perfectly.”

“Oh yeah?” I looked at Windsor. “What do you have for us?”

“Well,” he began. “I’m, uh . . .”

“Go ahead, it’s okay,” Selina encouraged.

“Yeah, spit it out, man.”

“Okay. Well, I would like . . . my fantasy is, well, okay.” He took a breath. “I would like to be dominated by two women. I want them to force me to dress like a woman, and then force me to be dominated by two men.”

Marcus flicked an ash and walked off.

“Oh, is that all?” I laughed. “Pal, that little fantasy would take all four of our gang to fulfill. We just met you, man! It’s good to dream large, but you may need to dial that back a few pegs.”

“Now, it might work if we make it . . . manageable,” Selina said, patting Windsor’s shoulder. “It is a pretty big goal for one weekend.”

“I guess so,” Windsor said. “It’s just a fantasy I’ve had for a long, long time.”

“Well, we’ll see what we can do,” I said. “But all four of us working on you? That’s a lot to ask.”

“Thanks for thinking about it, though,” Windsor said. He turned to Selina. “Would you like me to walk with you to your cabin?”

“No,” she said. “It’s right across the path. Anyway, it’s late and I want to be with my friends. I’ll find you tomorrow.” She kissed his cheek. “Sleep well.”

“Thank you, Selina. Good night, Jefferson.” He called ahead. “Good night, Marcus.”

I turned to Selina. “Please take me away from the vampires.”

We walked away from the barn toward our cabin.

“Selina’s got a project, Selina’s got a project,” I teased.

“I know, I know. But Windsor seems nice, and, I don’t know, I’m feeling dominant. It might be fun to have an adoring submissive.”

I put my arm in hers. “I’m just giving you shit. But look, if you turn this into something you want to do, I’m in it for you. Otherwise, he’s nothing to me.”

“He might like being your nothing,” she smiled.

We walked a bit. “’Oh, I’m a straight boy,’” I mocked. “’And I’ve always fantasized about two women and two men forcing me to be a girl. And looky, looky, here come two women and two men now! How’s my hair?’”

Selina laughed. “Be nice, Jefferson.”

We found Marcus at the hot tub outside our cabin, talking with JoAnn. She was nude in the steaming water with Pete and Ellie, a blonde couple whose bed was near ours.

The hot tub was a portable rig that JoAnn had set up that afternoon. It was above ground and made of a soft, heavy-duty plastic. A nearby generator kept the water warm and frothy.

It was set up just off the main path under a canopy lined with bright hanging lights. As we talked, people wandered by, on their way from the role-playing game in the barn or midnight snack in the dining hall.

One thirty in the morning seemed just as active as one thirty in the afternoon.

“Looks like you've got it running well!” I admired.

“Only took half the damn day,” JoAnn laughed.

“Shame you missed the vampires,” I said. “They were spo-oo-oky. Hey, do you mind if we join you?”

JoAnn looked at the couple. They shrugged and slid over to make room.

“Great, thanks!” Marcus said, putting out his cigar. He began to strip. Selina and I followed suit.

“Oh, this is soooo good,” Selina sighed, easing herself into the water.

Six naked people in a hot tub. Finally, sex camp was beginning to feel a bit more like a sex party.

Above water, our eyes peered over our conversation as our arms overlapped one another’s shoulders. Underwater, our thighs pressed close and our feet floated toward other feet, calves meeting in the middle. Water jets undulated our flesh, caressing us against one another with no effort on our parts.

In this small space, each of us touched the other in some way. We were strangers to one another, many of us, but we had all been in this hot tub at some point in our lives. We knew the touching would only remain random for so long.

JoAnn took my cock in her left hand, stroking me. I knew, without needing to look, that her right hand held Pete’s cock.

JoAnn’s breasts floated between Pete and me as she talked to Ellie. His mouth took one nipple. Mine took the other.

I looked over. Marcus was kissing Ellie, grasping her breast. Selina’s hand found my thigh. Her other hand, no doubt, was on Marcus’s thigh.

Some passers by stopped to watch.

The fingers of my left hand floated to JoAnn’s pussy, adjusting her clit until she began to make noises. I turned up the volume by sliding two fingers into her, joined by two fingers from my right hand in her ass.

My fingers felt one another inside her body. Pete kissed her neck.

Marcus stood as Ellie sucked his cock. His eyes were closed, as were hers. They retreated to that place where his cock was every cock she desired, her mouth every hole he wanted.

Selina’s touch was light on me.

JoAnn grunted before cumming hard on my hand, her pussy and ass clenching my fingers.

“Oh, shit,” she said. “Man. Okay, I need a cig. Be right back.”

She stood and turned, stepping from the tub onto the lawn.

“Got a good one, did you, JoAnn?” called one of her friends with an Australian accent.

“I’ve never had a bad one!” she laughed. “Hand me a beer, will you?”

“That looked very, very nice,” Selina said.

I looked over. “One seat, no waiting.” Pete held out his hand. She took it, and floated to the space JoAnn had vacated.

Pete’s wife groaned as she blew my boyfriend.

Selina settled between us. Pete and I divided ourselves between tits, as before. This time, he joined me in fingering the woman between us. My free hand felt the small of Selina’s back, trying to be as light as the water.

Marcus reached forward to finger Ellie as she blew him.

The crowd around the tub moved closer. I realized Viviane and Lolita were watching. I smiled to them before closing my eyes and returning to Selina’s flesh.

I could feel her slickness moist in the water.

I slid closer to hold her as she came.

“Oh, well!” Selina sighed, and then laughed. She kissed Pete’s cheek, then mine. We laughed too.

We sank into the water. Marcus and Ellie also slowed, slipping back under the steam.

I looked over to Viviane, then to the people around her. “Next show: Five o’clock. Please use all available exits.”

The crowd laughed, and then began to disperse.

“That was . . . amazing,” Selina sighed.

“Very nice,” Pete agreed. “What was your name again?”

Selina made introductions with Pete and Ellie. I leaned over to talk to Viviane and Lolita.

“Hey, where’ve y’all been?”

“I was just at midnight snack . . . ,” Lolita began.

“Yeah, Lolita just had a very intense session with a total dom,” Viviane said. “She’s wiped out.”

“Is that so?” I smiled.

“Yeah,” Lolita said, jumping from foot to foot. “It was pretty intense all right. It was the only bottom session I scheduled this weekend, and it was . . . intense.”

“Sounds like.” I gathered my hands in one another.

“Yeah. I know, I’m not saying anything, am I?”

“She’s fucked stupid!” Viviane laughed. “Fuckstruck.”

“Well, we don’t fuck, but . . . yeah.”

“Right,” Viviane said. “He was a guy and you like girls.”

“Oh, no, men are hot. I mean, hot men are hot. I mean, not that he wasn't hot, he was, he is, but we didn't fuck. That's what I'm saying."

Viviane looked at me. “I thought you thought she was only into women?”

I shrugged and sank back into the water. “She’s got the haircut. What do I know?”

“Well, I like girls, who doesn’t?” Lolita explained, twirling her long sweep of curly hair. “In fact, that reminds me, I have a snuggle date at three.”

“A snuggle date?” Viviane asked.

“Yeah, this hot girl. She’s coming over to snuggle with me tonight.”

“You make dates for three in the morning?” I laughed. “You are the most overscheduled person I know.”

Lolita grinned. “I’m very, very good with schedules.”

“Word is, you’re very, very good at a few things,” I said. “But I begin to despair of getting face time with you.” I stood. Water rained down my body. “May I escort you to your snuggle date with your hot girl?”

“Hang on, I’ll get you a towel,” Viviane said.

I offered my hand to Lolita. She took it, helping me from the tub.

I stood close to her—naked, wet and steaming in the night air—my face in hers.

“Thank you, Lolita.”

She gave me her smile. “You’re very welcome.”

Viviane returned with a towel. I wrapped it around my waist without drying off. Viviane and Lolita talked. I stood silent, my eyes on Lolita’s profile. Waiting.

She looked over at me a few times as she talked.

“Okay, well . . . you want to go?” she asked.

“When you’re ready,” I said. “It’s your date who is waiting.”

Lolita turned away, keeping her eyes on me. “Okay, well, good night everyone. See you in the morning.”

“Yes, see you at breakfast,” Viviane smiled.

I held out my hand. Lolita took it.

We walked away from lights and people into the darkness.


Tatsumi said...

You are a gifted writer, Jefferson. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us :)

Avah said...

I'm waiting very patiently for where this story is going... ;-)

Juno Henry said...

"They retreated to that place where his cock was every cock she desired, her mouth every hole he wanted."

Yes, yes. You certainly know how to tell 'em, sir.

J x

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

...and always the gentleman; walking a lady to her next date.

Viviane said...

Oh! The lovely Tatsumi!

May I ask permission from your master...?

May I lay down this tarp on the floor?

May I spread this baby oil all over your tender flesh?

You don't mind if I light this candle this 7 day candle do you?

(lifts candle...starts to pour)

MonMouth said...

Jefferson, you are my pervy crush and this whole sex camp series is an unfolding masterpiece of shagathonic delights.