Sunday, September 24, 2006


“I never eat like this,” Selina said, closing the bun on her hamburger. “Thank God for the salad bar.”

“Yeah, it’s camp food,” Lolita said. “About which, the less said, the better.”

“It’s not so bad,” Barry disagreed, pouring ketchup on two cheeseburgers. “No worse than the Marines, anyway.”

“You’re a regular recruiting poster, you are,” I said, taking a large bite of raw spinach greens.

A young woman with short brown hair tapped on Lolita’s shoulder. “Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt.”

Lolita turned. “Oh, hi, delicious. I was wondering when you would find me.” Lolita sat back and patted her lap. The woman sat on her knee, wrapping an arm around Lolita’s shoulder.

I recognized her as the artist with whom I had corresponded before coming to Dark Odyssey. I had sent her a Cupid note when we arrived the day before, but I had heard nothing in response.

I had seen her photograph. She was even cuter in person.

Lolita introduced us. I nodded, reminding the artist of our email exchanges.

“I remember,” she smiled. “Nice to meet you, Jefferson.” She turned back to Lolita. “So, Lolita, are you going to have time to spank me? You are the very best there is.”

“Thanks, but I really doubt it. I’m sorry, I’m just booked solid this weekend.”

The woman pouted. “Not at all?”

“I can’t promise anything, but try me at the Garden of Carnal Delights tonight. I’ll be there with my friends,” she said, nodding to us.

“Oh, you’re a friend of Lolita’s?” she asked me.

I nodded. “We go way back.”

“Hmmm, okay, I’ll look for you there, Lolita.” She stood from Lolita’s lap and bent to kiss her. “Thanks!”

Lolita swatted the artist’s ass as she walked away. She squealed.

“Too bad you may miss out on spanking her,” I said, peppering my potato salad. “She’s a doll.”

“You want to spank her?” Lolita asked.

“I’d happily do her, yes.”

“I’ll make it happen,” she said.

“Really? You’d do that?”

Lolita smiled. “I make things happen. That’s what I do.”

I grinned, amused by the seemingly limitless abilities of my new best friend.

Marcus had moved to the end of the table to take names from men who wanted to participate in that evening’s wrestling match. Barry moved his plate to sit closer, offering advice on the best way to organize wrestlers.

“You and Marcus seem to have a very special relationship,” Lolita said, nodding toward him.

“I’ve known him most of my life. I love him,” I said, chewing more spinach. “He’s a bitch, but he’s my bitch.”

Viviane laughed.

“It’s very clear you two love each other very much,” Selina said. “I’m impressed that you are so warm and caring with each other.”

“You even let him top you,” Viviane interjected.

I rolled my eyes. “I let him fuck me sometimes, if that’s what you mean. But really, it’s not like anyone can stop him from doing what he wants. He’s pure id.”

“No, it’s not just that,” Selina said. “I mean, you relax around him. You trust him. It isn’t like you have to be in the one in control when you are around him. You are more, I don’t know . . . free.”

I nodded and speared a chickpea with my fork. “He’s my boyfriend, and the only one I’ve got,” I said, popping the pea in my mouth. “He’ll just have to do.”

“I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying . . . ,” Selina began.

“I think it would be fun to top Jefferson,” Lolita said casually, as though the thought had just occurred to her. I doubted it had.

“Ha! I’d like to see that,” Viviane said. “I’d pay three hundred in Kundalini Kash to see that.”

“No, now it’s you who doesn’t understand,” Selina began, patting Lolita’s hand. “Let me explain Jefferson to you.”

I took a bite of potato salad and listened.

“See, Lolita, Jefferson always has to be in control,” Selina went on. “I totally understand why. He was married to a control freak. That didn’t work out, so he’s reluctant to let anyone else be in charge. He always has to be the boss.”

“Yeah, he’s a total dom,” Viviane nodded. “One hundred percent.”

Lolita kept her eyes on me.

“That’s why he’s so arrogant about it,” Selina nodded. “He needs to assert himself in this totally arrogant fashion, which . . . well, it’s not for me, I don’t go for it, but I understand where he’s coming from.” She turned to me and rested a hand on my shoulder. “I mean, I think you are great as you are, Jefferson, but, you know, the dominance, the arrogance, is something of a . . . I don’t know, a defense mechanism.”

“Why, Selina Fire,” I drawled. “I do believe you are falling in love with me!”

She looked surprised, then laughed. “Huh, well, let’s just say I understand you. And I think Lolita has to understand that you would never surrender control to anyone.”

I sipped my coffee. “I would let Lolita tie me up.”

Selina looked at me.

“Five hundred,” Viviane said quietly.

“It’s yours,” Lolita said.

“On one condition,” I added, picking up my cheeseburger. “I want the good stuff. Top shelf. I want to be suspended.”

“Done.” Lolita smiled.

“I thought you were booked solid this weekend,” I said.

“I am. But I will open a space for this.”

“Then we have a deal,” I said, extending a hand. We shook on it.

“Six hundred,” Viviane said.

“You don’t need to bid, honey,” I said, biting into my cheeseburger. “It’s done. We shook on it.”

“I can watch?”

“Sure, you can both watch, if Jefferson’s cool with it,” Lolita said. “Just remember, it’s a session, not a demo. You have to be a good audience.”

“Jefferson, I’m surprised,” Selina said. “I mean, truly surprised. You would submit to Lolita? That’s . . . well, that’s brave.”

“I may be a dom, but I’m not stupid,” I said, swallowing my bite. “The opportunity to be suspended by someone so skilled as Lolita is not to be passed. I mean, anyone who would let that go because he’s so stuck on his identity as a ‘dom’ would be an idiot.”

“True, true, I can see that,” Selina nodded. “But still, very brave.”

“Thanks, Selina. I appreciate that.”

I sipped my coffee.

Later that evening, as I waited in line for dinner, a man approached me. I recognized him as Elvon, Lord of Vampires.

“You Jefferson?”


“I’m Cupid. Message.” He took a crumbled pink note from his pocket, read it, and passed it to me.

It was from Lolita. She wrote that she looked forward to meeting me sometime at camp. She checked off that she was “intrigued,” and added a box by hand to say she thought I was “smart.”

“Thanks,” I said to Elvon. “But I think I already got this message.”

“Sorry,” he said, grabbing a bare-breasted girl who was passing by. “I’ve been busy.”

She giggled and squirmed as he buried his face in her neck.


Anonymous said...


I'd pay 1,000 to see that.
I'd pay 2,000 to do it myself...

My feeling is at least someone should be tied up. And if it ain't me, why not Jefferson?

Alice said...

WOW! At the end of this my jaw was at my chest with a slight smile on my open mouth.

This was certainly a fascinating weekend. And Selina Fire is a gifted analyst.

Goose and Gander said...

And I'd pay for pictures. Yum.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Dominant? Yes.
Arrogant? Not so much.

marcus said...

goose and gander, you think you can buy pictures of Jefferson?

Let me explain Jefferson to you.

it was a good YEAR before he would even post that pic of his mouth and hand on the blog.

nah, that boy's not for sale. nope. never. not at all. no way.


see, its simple, i think.

can't get blood from a stone.
and you can't get pics from a slut.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I'm betting the frequent mention of raw spinach does not bode well. I can't wait for the next installment!

Tate said...

Not true Marcus! I'll send you all the pics you want. ;)

rose said...

and me darlin'.....i'm just smiling at the picture of this in my head. and selina's take on who you are......but avah's right....arrogant, not in the least. (hmmmmm, and maybe not really in control all the time).

bourbon soon... ;-)

brat said...

Oh Jefferson! I stopped coming by any of my regular blogspot stops and boy i have forgotten how much I enjoy reading about your life.

How much I want to live the female, child-free version of you life!

I am highly envious of your trip to Dark Odyssee!

I will promise not to skip reading your blog ever again too! ;)