Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fleshbot and Best Bisexuals

This weekend, my Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot gets naked with bloggers who drop trou to show nude photos along with their tales. Enjoy!

I’m always interested in reading more, and looking at more naked people, so if you know of others, please send them along to me. I found very few featuring men, so get those penises wagging my way.

Thanks to the kind folks at About for including One Life, Take Two among its Top Five Male Bisexual Blogs. It’s good company!

Mind you, I am number five. I wonder who you have to sleep with to get to number one?


Anonymous said...

Number 5? Why not number 1? I guess the other guys bribed better...

jukas68 said...

ummm... after reviewing the "article" I'm pretty sure they weren't ranked since in one of the blogs the guy has posted in almost a year. If it was ranked, surely, truly, you would be tops - no pun intended.

badinfluencegirl said...

it's not really an article, more a listing. i don't think he really did his homework although he did manage to get an excellent blog in fifth position.


(jukas you didn't mean that pun at least a little?)

Nate said...

The fact that one does not post anymore and one posts rarely is sort of strange.

While I can assure you I did not sleep with anyone to get the number 4 slot (as friendly as Ramon's e-mails may have been), for the right opportunity, I would be happy to give you my slot and more:)

Nate, aka Tales of a Bi "MWM"

(btw -It may not be much of an article and the list is strange, but it is amazing how many people seem to find their way to my blog because of it.)

Josh Jasper said...

Well, my livejournal has nude icons...

Actually, now that I think of it, you've seen the movie allready. What more do you want?

Chrissy said...

I was going to write an email but then I remembered that post about leaving comments instead. I've been busy with work...yes...I said work. I just wanted to stop by and see what's going on.

marcus said...

i'm with badinfluencegirl. that guy - ramon johnson - doesnt seem to know shit about blogs. i mean, yes, of course, yours deserves to be there. but those other 4? i found MAJOR FLAWS with each of them (sorry, nate, but yours too bud). i'm not only saying they're not worthy of the top 5... i wouldnt even put them in the top 100.

i suspect he just wanted to come up with the list, and googled something to fill his quota. i am serious.

and no, this rant isnt because my blog wasnt picked. mine is, as you may recall, "too disgusting for fleshbot". plus, i have the little twist of sex work, which probably would disqualify it from ramon's picks right off the bat.

mines too inappropriate. offensive. disgusting. and illegal.

Viviane said...

I think we all agree it's an odd list, and doesn't seem to be as up on the bi boy blogs as some of us are.

Jefferson, this seems like a good subject for a poll? Why not set it up on the on the Carnival? We might even find a few new ones that way.

Yes, I know that most of us will vote for you, but I'm just saying.

Al said...

"I found very few featuring men, so get those penises wagging my way."

I'm not quite at the stage of 'wagging' my penis, but I'm starting to get braver with my pictures on my blog.

Nate said...

I cound not resist - my post on this is linked below.
Thanks to Jefferson for technical assistance.

Tales of a Bi "MWM"