Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fleshbot and Station Breaks

Please pardon this interruption in my series on sex camp. I hate to leave you in suspense—pun intended, I’m afraid—but I have a few announcements.

First, check out my most recent Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot, where we get behind the blogs devoted to spanking. Bend over and take it until you just can’t take no more.

Second, spin over to visit Meg at Tales of a Teacher and Slut to help her win a basket of sex toys. All you need to do is vote for her selections, which you can also do here. You know, we all benefit if that storyteller gets some more sex toys.

(If so inclined, you can purchase her basket for yourself to make up stories of your own.)

Meg says that if she wins, the Liquid Silk is all mine.

And, uh, you know she has to deliver it in person.

Thanks to all the readers who have sent condoms coming my way. More are always welcome!

But for now, let’s focus on bourbon. This weekend, I am entertaining a blogger who takes her drink as she takes her sex—strong, deep and frequent. I won’t give away much by revealing that her name starts with the letter “mmmm” and her blog can be found beyond a certain looking glass.

If you want to grease the weekend by sending us a bottle or two (or three, or more), contact me and I’ll tell you how to go about it.

Trust me, friends, you will reap the benefits by keeping our glasses full. We will return the favor by giving up that mighty fine sex writing that keeps you reaching for your own favorite sex toy.

Again, sorry for the interruption. Next, we return to sex camp for a lesson in strap-ons, some tricks with ropes, and a Bloody Mary you won’t soon forget.


badinfluencegirl said...

what's your favourite bourbon? i love wild turkey which is from my dad... that said, irish whisky makes me stupid horny.

have fun with your naughty writing, hope you get up to some naughty activities too!

(sorry can't afford my own bourbon or i'd send you some)

Anonymous said...

She's back!

Can't wait to read.

Anonymous said...

Way to leave us hanging with sex camp stories!