Friday, August 25, 2006


Once we became naked correspondents, there was no turning back.

Now and then, Zora would send me photographs of herself in poses based on our conversations. Our goof on secretary role play was a recurring favorite.

At some point in our regular exchanges of instant messages, either Zora or I would suggest that we might just as well be chatting with our cams on and our clothes off.

I wasn’t always able to be nude. But as Zora lived alone and frequently worked from home, she was often available to do so.

At times, she did her work and I did mine, with no distracting chatter between us—just regular glimpses at the nude body working silently on alternate screens, at opposite ends of the continent.

I watched her pace in her living room, talking on the telephone.

I saw her put on glasses to type at her laptop.

She watched me type, catching glimpses of my ass as I refilled my water glass.

Of course, we took occasional breaks to send messages back and forth.

As we chatted, I often caught Zora fingering herself.

I soon became very accustomed to the sight of Zora masturbating.

One day, she pointed out that there was a certain reciprocity lacking in our viewing of one another.

Zora: I’m glad you don’t object to watching me masturbate as we chat.

Jefferson: Not at all.

Zora: It might be nice to see you do it now and then.

Jefferson: You know, that’s right—you’ve never actually seen me jerk off.

Zora: I’ve noticed.

Jefferson: It’s not all that, really.

Zora: I think I might like it.

Jefferson: Well, you see, we have a slight problem.

Zora: Oh?

Jefferson: Yes. When we work nude on our cams, we are kind of focused on our duties, so we don’t make time to masturbate.

Zora: Right.

Jefferson: And when we talk at night, my kids are asleep. I don’t mind being nude as we chat, but I’m not keen on them inadvertendly walking in on Dad jerking off to a naked lady on his computer.

Zora: That’s very responsible. But what about the nights you don’t have the kids?

Jefferson: Well, on those nights, I’m usually having sex.

Zora: Oh, right.

Jefferson: So, you see, I actually don’t masturbate as much as I should. And never at my computer.

Zora: You realize you are missing out on the best use of available technology.

Jefferson: I do. But it’s hard to justify forgoing a night of sex in order to masturbate on my web cam.

Zora: I can understand that. I might understand it even more if I were actually having sex.

Jefferson: That’s the rub. I can’t help you there, much as I’d like to do so.

We found ourselves at something of an impasse. We aroused each other tremendously, but culmination of that arousal was elusive.

I began to get fidgety about flying west.

One hot summer evening, I was lounging at home with Shelby.

Shelby and I weren’t able to have sex at the time, as she recovered from a medical procedure. We were used to fucking as the mood struck us—which was so often as to be all but continuous—but we adjusted and waited a few weeks until we would be able to resume.

Still, we never stopped being nude together.

We were indoor nudists by inclination, and sex or no sex, we liked having our bodies near one another.

Besides, it was just too muggy for clothes.

That particular night, Todd stopped over. He often visited on the nights Shelby stayed at my place—so much so that it felt at times as though he were dating my jailbait girlfriend right under my very nose.

When Todd phoned up from the lobby, I put on boxers and Shelby slipped on panties. It didn’t seem proper to receive a guest in the altogether, even if it was someone with whom we had sex now and then.

Todd arrived dressed in his usual black jeans and black t-shirt. Seeing us reduced to boxers and panties, he began to strip down, never pausing in his conversation.

That’s how it is at my place. My friends assume that nudity is standard for hanging out.

But shared nudity did not necessarily mean shared sex. Since Shelby’s procedure had put intercourse off limits, she had pretty much put her libido on hiatus.

Todd didn’t quite get that, accustomed as he was to group sex at my apartment.

As he stood talking in his underwear, he took out his cock to show us a new cock ring.

“It’s a snug fit, but flexible enough,” he said, flopping his dick in his palm. It began to grow hard. He looked at it a little forlorn. “I tell you, man, it’s been too long since I’ve had a woman’s touch. It’s been a very slow couple of weeks.”

“Yeah, it sucks, no sex,” Shelby frowned. “I hate it.”

“I’m going to have to get something soon, man, or I’ll go fucking nuts,” Todd said, stroking himself and looking at her small bare breasts. “A blowjob would even fix me.”

“You can try him,” she said, pointing at me. “Sorry, I’m out of commission.”

Todd looked at me. I smiled.

“Thanks, but . . . well, you know,” he said, tucking his cock back into his underwear. “I’m really in a mood for a girl. No offense, Jefferson.”

“None taken.”

With no sex to be had, Shelby and Todd decided to smoke pot. They were soon deep in a discussion of anime.

I listened, growing bored. I decided to check my email. Signing on, I immediately had an instant message from Zora. In a few moments, our cams were up and running.

“Hey,” Shelby said over my shoulder, “There’s a naked lady on your computer!”

Zora: Uh, did you know there is a naked woman on your couch?

Jefferson: Yes, that’s Shelby. Todd’s here too.

Zora: Oh, is this a good time?

Jefferson: It’s fine.

Shelby came over for a closer look. She smiled to see Zora sitting at her laptop.

Shelby’s youthful face beamed next to mine on the monitor.

Zora: Wow, Shelby’s cute!

Shelby reached for the keyboard.

Jefferson: Hey, this is Shelby. You’re cute too! : )

Zora: Thanks. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Shelby sat in my lap, obscuring my view as she typed rapidly.

“Who’s she?” Todd asked, standing behind my chair and peering over Shelby’s head.

“That’s Zora,” I said. “She’s a correspondent of mine.”

“She’s very attractive,” Todd said, touching his underwear. “Ask her to come over.”

“Would that I could, pal. She’s on the west coast.”

“Too bad,” he said, leaning forward. “Geez, look at those tits.”

Zora: Is that Todd?

Jefferson: Yeah, Todd the stoned, Todd the horny. : P

Zora: I can identify with the latter, at least.

“Hey, let me say hello,” Todd said, reaching for the keyboard.

“Just hello, I’m talking to her,” Shelby said, leaning back into my arms.

Jefferson: Hello, this is Todd.

Zora: I’m Zora, nice to meet you.

Jefferson: Pleasure’s mine. You are very attractive.

Zora: Thanks, Todd. You are very handsome.

As he reached over my shoulder, I could see that Todd was growing hard. I reached up and lowered his waistband, taking out his cock.

Zora: Well! There’s an unexpected sight.

Jefferson: Yeah, Jefferson’s playing with me. Can you see my new cock ring?

“This is my turn, man,” Shelby nudged, taking back the keyboard.

“Man, that girl is hot,” Todd said, his hands on his hips as I stroked his cock. I was sure to keep my handjob in Zora’s view. “How did you find her?”

“She read my blog and we started trading emails. Then we started using the cam.”

“That’s cool. I’ve never used a webcam.”

“Really? You should,” I said, looking up at him. “You look great on it.”

He grimaced. “No, I hate the way I look in pictures.”

“Zora thinks you look good,” Shelby said, her eyes on the monitor. “She likes looking at Jefferson stroke your dick.”

“Yeah?” Todd said, leaning forward. “Hey, come on, give me a turn.”

“Come on,” I said, squirming under Shelby. “Let’s give the novices some time online.”

“Fine.” Shelby stood, taking my hand as she stood.

Todd sat quickly in the vacated chair and began to type.

I lit some candles on the terrace. Shelby and I sat outside, feeling the summer air on our nude flesh.

After few moments, she leaned forward to look in a window. “Look at that,” she smiled, pointing.

I leaned forward for a look.

Todd stood beating off over my keyboard.

“I think he got the hang of cyber,” I said.

“He better not get splooge on your keyboard, man,” Shelby said.

The next day, I sent a message to Zora.

Jefferson: So that was fun. You met Shelby and finally saw a man masturbate on cam.

Zora: That was very nice. But you aren’t getting out of this one.

Jefferson: No?

Zora: No. I’d still like to see you do it.

Jefferson: Fine. I’ll try to make that happen.

Now I was obliged to masturbate for Zora, if only to keep things reciprocal.


Becca said...

It really is just a nice thing to reciprocate.

So when can I get a cyber-date?

Avah said...

So does that mean we're gonna get to read about you jerking off next? Cause I could dig that...

Mitzi said...

Does this end with you Jerking off at my computer with my webcam while I was at jury duty?

Viviane said...

Laptop and webcam? Check.

Keyboard protector? Check.

Fire when ready.

Anonymous said...

la dolce may be vita, but sockpuppetry isn't.