Saturday, August 26, 2006


I hit “send” and rubbed my eyes.

I checked the clock. I had met my deadline, though I missed lunch. I had a little under an hour before I had to pick up the kids.

Time enough to make a sandwich and jerk off.

As I mixed chicken salad, I had a thought. I returned to my computer.

Jefferson: Busy?

Zora: Hang on.

Jefferson: Okay.

I added capers to the chicken salad and spread it on wheat bread.

Zora: Looking for me?

Jefferson: I was.

Zora: You have me.

Jefferson: Now.

Zora: Now?

Jefferson: Now. I can do it now. Can you?

Zora: Oh! Well, uh, yes. Yes, I can. Let me get my cam.

Jefferson: Take your time. Are you done?

I bit into my sandwich and waited. Realizing I would want lube, I took another bite of my sandwich and chewed as I walked to my bedroom to fetch a pump bottle of Liquid Silk.

Zora: Okay, yes, I’m done.

Jefferson: Naked?

Zora: Don’t you know?

I clicked over and saw her screen. There she was, naked at her laptop, perched on the arm of her sofa. She was nicely lit by the daylight from her window.

I swallowed chicken salad and invited her to my cam.

Jefferson: Hello, naked lady.

Zora: Hello, yourself. Don’t you have to get your kids?

Jefferson: I do. But first I have to take care of this, and I have a little time. I mean, I’d be doing it anyway, so why not honor your request?

Zora: Thanks. Such a gentleman. I appreciate it.

I pushed away from my desk, leaning back in my chair, nude and stroking my cock, my eyes on Zora.

Her eyes were on me as she fingered her pussy and cupped a breast.

From my open window, I heard only the sound of moving traffic.

Zora: Can I see you—I mean, all of you?

Jefferson: Yes, of course.

I stood in front of the camera, allowing it to focus on my cock, my hand, and part of my torso.

I turned to offer a better angle.

Unsatisfied with the perspective, I took the camera from its perch on my computer and placed it on my desk.

Zora: Everything okay?

Jefferson: Just trying to get a better composition.

I leaned back in my chair. Now she could see me from the knees up. I stroked myself, checking the results on my monitor. I remembered to look into the camera, so it would seem that I was looking at Zora.

Zora: Oh, that’s what I wanted.

Jefferson: You look incredible.

I reached to my mouse, clicking my window and dragging it next to hers. Our bodies were side by side on my computer.

I checked the time. We had about twenty minutes to masturbate together. I could finish my sandwich as I walked to the kids’ school.

I pumped two squirts of lube into my left palm and rubbed it to warmth, smearing it across my hand. My fist glided up and down my shaft.

I watched the monitor.

She was so intent on her perch, her fingers a blur between her legs as she looked at her laptop.

I looked to my image. Was that a shadow I noticed, or was I getting a gut?

I rested a hand on my lower belly. I straightened my legs and stretched back.

The shadow was gone. Good. Okay, I thought, I look fine. She’s obviously enjoying the view.

I looked at my cock, throbbing in my hand. I slowed my jerking, teasing myself.

I caressed my pubic hair with my right hand, and looked into the camera. This is for you, Zora, I thought.

I glimpsed up at her, then back to me, then to the camera.

My position was good for her show, but there was no chance that I would cum in this reclining position.

Jefferson: You look so hot, Zora.

Zora: Thanks. I’m enjoying the sight of you like this. Wait, where are you going?

Jefferson: Sorry, I’d prefer to stand. One sec.

When I was married and never getting laid, I perfected the skill of jerking off during showers. I could stand in the running water and go from start to finish in no time at all, thereby escaping my wife’s possible detection of my secret erotic life.

Even now, I am most likely to cum from masturbation while standing.

I adjusted the camera, trying to get my whole body into the frame.

Zora: You’re so fidgety.

Jefferson: Sorry. Here we go.

I stood back. There she was on her armrest, her body splendid and in perfect view. There I was, truncated and masturbating.

God, are my legs really that skinny?

I was growing limp in my hand. I remembered that old joke: I’m so ugly, even my hand turns me down.

I checked the time. Ten minutes. I needed to focus on the naked woman and not on my own image.

I stepped out of the camera’s view.

Zora: Where did you go?

Jefferson: I’m here. I just want to look at you for a while. Do you mind?

Zora: Well . . . hurry back.

I took two more pumps of lube and gazed at Zora.

Her pale skin, her slender waist, her spread legs . . . I would turn her on her armrest. I would stand between her legs and tease her labia with the head of my cock . . . I would take her chin in my hands and pull her into a kiss, then push my hip forward, entering her . . . we would stop kissing and look down, watching my cock move in and out of her body . . .

Jefferson: I’m sorry, this isn’t working for me.

Zora: Are you okay?

Jefferson: Yeah, I think I’m just worried about heading out to get the kids.

Zora: Of course. But you are okay?

Jefferson: I’m fine, just a little frustrated. Sorry to leave you hanging.

Zora: Oh, I’m not at all disappointed. I liked the show.

Jefferson: Good! Okay, I’m out. We’ll talk later.

Zora: Okay. Thanks for thinking of me.

Jefferson: Always. I’m out.

I signed out. I took the lube to my bedroom and jerked off effortlessly.

As I walked across the park towards my children, I ate my sandwich and chewed over the situation with the webcam.

For this to work, I would have to get used to seeing myself naked online. I could close the window showing myself, of course, but I wanted to monitor the view I was offering her.

Or maybe this whole webcam thing just wasn’t that hot to me. I had to admit, I much preferred flesh-on-flesh sex.

But of course, I thought, swallowing the last bit of chicken salad. That’s it.

A couple of days later, I messaged Zora.

Jefferson: Can I have you and your cam at twelve thirty, Eastern Standard?

Zora: Sure. Want another go?

Jefferson: Yes, of a sort. Just wear underwear this time, please.

Zora: Um, okay.

At twelve thirty, Zora invited me to her cam. I saw here sitting on her armrest, wearing matching panties and bra.

I invited her to my cam. She saw me smiling in a shirt. Behind me appeared the word “Brooklyn.”

Zora: Are you broadcasting from another borough?

Jefferson: No. That’s Joe. He’s wearing a replica Dodgers jersey. He’s here to blow me as you watch.

Zora: Oh! Well, hi Joe.

Jefferson: Joe says hello. He says you are welcome to be nude and masturbate as you watch, but that is up to you.

Zora: Well, thanks Joe. And thank you, Jefferson.

Jefferson: We aim to please. One sec.

“Joe, let’s undress,” I said, standing.

“Yeah, okay.” He began to unbutton his jersey. “She’s really hot, man. I’m glad she wants to watch this.”

“Me too,” I said, tossing my shirt to one side. “She likes a good show.”

When I found our webcam circle jerk frustrating, it hit me that Zora had enjoyed watching me give Todd a handjob. So, I reasoned, why not offer her a nice boy-on-boy show? She would enjoy that, I would enjoy that, and—here was the genius part—I was sure that somewhere in New York City, there was a boy who fantasized about just such an opportunity.

I posted an ad on Craig’s List:

She Likes to Watch

I have a girlfriend who lives far away. She and I like to get naked on our webcams and masturbate for one another.

It’s pretty hot.

She knows I am bi and she has never seen two guys go at it. So I figured, why not offer her a live webcam sex show?

You should be willing to be watched. She may or may not be nude and masturbating as she watches. You will never get her contact information.

If this appeals, drop a line.

There were many applicants, but Joe’s response rose to the top. He described himself as a straight guy, twenty-two years old, who lived and worked in Brooklyn. He had only touched a man once, during a threesome with a couple. The man had blown him, and he thought it was very hot to get blown by a man as a woman watched.

So now, Joe wanted to give his first blowjob.

His photo showed a masculine jock with short hair, glasses and a nose ring.

He made the team.

I invited him over during his lunch break.

When Joe and I were nude, I stood him in front of the camera.

Jefferson: You like?

Zora: I like. Where did you find Joe?

Jefferson: It’s a big city. So Joe is a straight boy, and you are about to witness him giving his first blowjob.

Zora: Oh! A momentous occasion. I should’ve chilled champagne.

Jefferson: Indeed. And clearly, Joe’s excited.

Zora: He seems to like having you hold his cock.

Jefferson: Yes, evidently, judging by the response.

I sat back in my chair and tossed a pillow at my feet. “Okay, Joe, let’s show her what you are made of.”

“Okay.” He exhaled and inhaled deeply, shaking out his arms. “Okay. Okay, I’m ready to do this.”

“Relax and focus,” I said. “You’ll knock it out of the park.”

“Okay.” Joe kneeled before me and took my cock in his meaty fist. He looked up at the computer screen. “Can she see me?”

“Yes, look.” I leaned over to click the mouse, revealing the screen we were broadcasting. “That’s her view. Here, wait.” I took down the camera and held it over my belly, pointing to his face. “See? Now, that’s even better.”

“Yeah,” he said, looking at the screen to see himself holding my cock. “Damn, that’s hot.”

“And so true to life,” I said. I nodded to my cock. “Whenever you’re ready, champ.”

“Okay. Right.”

Joe lowered his eyes, as if to avoid contact with mine. He looked down to my cock and gingerly brought his lower lip to rest against the head.

His tongue ventured forward for a taste.

He swirled his tongue slightly. The gentle wetness of his touch brought an involuntary sigh from my chest.

“You like that, huh?” he smiled, not looking up.

“Very much, Joe.” I stroked his hair, careful lest that touch be too tender for a straight boy. I didn’t want him to shy.

I glanced at the computer screen. Zora was nude.

I held the camera steady.

Suddenly, Joe took my cock deep into his mouth. He closed his lips around the shaft and began to bob his head furiously.

I clenched my toes and flinched.

“Fuck, man,” I gasped. “Leave some skin on that thing,”

“Sowwy,” he replied, my cock still in him.

“No, it’s good, it’s good,” I said, sitting back. “Just . . . unexpected. You sure this is your first?”

“Mmmm mmmm,” he murmured as he sucked.

“Damn boy, you’ve got natural talent.”

He chuckled in his throat.

Zora: This is very hot, Jefferson.

I leaned over to peck with one finger.

Jefferson: cant type now ok/

Zora: Of course, didn’t mean to interrupt. Just hold the camera steady.

“She’s enjoying the show, Joe. Look, she’s touching herself.”

Joe looked up, briefly, and then returned to my cock.

I recognized his hungry look. He was in “the zone.” His world was telescoped, reduced to his mouth and the cock in it.

I turned the camera and smiled at Zora. I turned it back to Joe and settled into my chair.

He could have my cock for as long as he wanted.

In time, he pulled back, gasping for air. A string of spittle connected his lip to my cock.

He reached between his legs and tugged on his cock. He pulled furiously on mine, clenching it in his fist.

“I want you to cum on me,” he breathed.

“Okay, easy, easy.” I needed to tell him that I would never cum if he was jerking me so fast and furious, much less without lube, as that is just not my speed.

But I was very aroused by his intensity.

He stared at my cock like it was a pinata about to explode candy in his hand.

My legs began to stiffen. My free hand clutched the chair arm.

I held the camera steady.

“Holy fuck, God dammit, Joe!”

“Cum on me, cum on me,” he repeated. He brought his face close to my cock, opening his mouth and lowering his tongue to receive my load.

“Close your mouth, Joe, I want to cum on your face,” I panted. “Better . . . show . . .”

I shot. Joe rubbed his face in the air, humming as cum rained down on him.

I took my cock from his fierce grip. I couldn’t stand it a second more.

I tugged and twisted, convulsing through an orgasm that outlasted my ejaculation.

I stole a glance at Zora. She was working herself very hard.

“Awesome, man,” Joe grinned, cum dripping down his cheeks.

“Yeah,” I panted. “You fucking rock.”

He began to stand. “You want to do me now?”

I looked up at him. What I wanted to do was collapse on the floor.

“Sure, sure, one sec.” I returned the camera to the top of my computer.

Jefferson: Having fun?

Zora: My God.

Jefferson: We’re not done yet.

I pulled Joe’s hips into the camera frame. I stroked his cock near my face as Zora watched.

I took him into my mouth, whole.

“Shit! Shit!” Joe nearly shouted.

I put a hand on his hip, pulling and pushing his body. Fuck my God damned mouth, I thought to him. Fuck it like you fucking mean it.

“Fuck, I’m going to shoot!” That time, he shouted.

I pulled back.

He shot on my chest, pouring out a deep torrent.

“Get it all out,” I whispered.

Zora was spellbound.

Jefferson: I need to clean up this boy. Later.

Zora: Later? Uh, okay . . . I’ll be here.

Jefferson: Joe says thanks and bye.

Zora: Um, nice to meet you Joe.

I took Joe to the bathroom. I gave him a washcloth. He washed up at the sink as I showered.

We talked about how incredible that was. We kept laughing as we talked.

We were high.

I dried him with a towel, venturing a kiss to his neck.

He dressed and we shook hands at the door.

“See you next time,” I said.

“Yeah man, next time. Tell your friend she’s hot.”

“Always.” I closed and locked the door, and returned to the computer.

Jefferson: Joe says you’re hot.

Zora: Joe’s not so bad himself.

Jefferson: I’ll say. For a straight boy, that kid sucks a mean cock.

Zora: I’m speechless.

We talked for a bit more, then we each got back to work. I sent a pleasant email thanking Joe.

He thanked me in kind.

A few days later, he wrote again.

BrooklynJoe: Do you think she would like to watch you fuck my ass? Tell her I’m a virgin.


Avah said...

Fuck baby- this just keeps getting better and better!

j said...

You're making this straight man want to experience a man now... That was a great read. Thanks.

Kate said...

I love it when the stars aline and you can cum ;) You know you are popular when you have to plan out your orgasms :P

SecretIM said...

IMing with you is the best.

Zora said...

I know I may sound facetious sometimes when I say it, but you really are a gentleman, Jefferson.

I'm enjoying my introduction to everyone.

(And Madeline- we never have had a cyber threesome, which is a shame, don't you think?)

Johnny Drama said...

Dude, I'm with J!

Hot post.

Paul (NY) said...

Your comment about frequently masturbating in the shower reminded me of a friend that had the same practice. It's interesting how our bodies become trained.

You say you stand to cum. He says he gets a woody everytime it rains.

marcus said...

now THERE'S creativity in full force.