Monday, August 21, 2006

Fleshbot and New Friends

This week, my Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot finds my fancy tickled by those who infuse their smut with humor.

Really, who doesn’t enjoy a little funny with their funny business?

Speaking of fun:

In her tireless effort to bring together sex bloggers of all stripes, Viviane invited Dacia and me to dinner this weekend to meet her guest of honor, Plum, who was visiting from the other coast.

I’ve been corresponding with Plum for a while now, so I don’t know if our meeting qualifies as love at first sight. But it must be something like that.

Viviane served shrimp and couscous. And wine. And champagne.

Dacia served porn.

That’s right: Dacia brought along her porn debut, Psychocandy Volume Four, in which she teams up with Benny Profane.

Dacia had yet to view the film, so we all got to see it for the first time together. Viviane brought me a bourbon. I cuddled up next to Plum and watched as my friend fucked the profanity out of Profane.

Viviane slapped Dacia’s knees at all the juiciest parts. Dacia laughed at the sight of her tits jiggling on the television.

I’ve been watching Dacia have sex for years. It’s nice that her own special brand of awesome fuckology can now be shared with others.

We all cheered the money shot.

Now, this may seem a small measure of fame compared to a porn debut, but Viviane was pleased to point out that Viviane’s Sex Carnival was listed as a fine resource by Violet Blue’s new book, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn.

“That’s so great!” I said. “Look how venerable you are!”

“Oh, that’s nothing,” Viviane said, flipping back a few pages. “Read this part about sex blogs.”

I read as the author described the sorts of things a smart girl might hope to find in the blogosphere.

“Holy smokes!” I exclaimed, then read aloud about “bisexuals floridly, graphically describing their sexual adventures at sex parties, on . . .”

Now, Violet Blue doesn’t name names, and there may be other bisexuals floridly describing such goings on, but I just bet she is talking about yours floral truly.

And if all that weren’t cheery enough, a reader wrote in to say that he enjoyed the blog and wanted to send a token of appreciation for all the hard ons it inspired. Shortly after, there were bottles of Maker’s Mark at my door.

Ain’t that sweet?

Tell you what, if any other readers have a hankering to send goodies my way, please feel free to do so. As we gear up for the next season of sex parties, I could use a few yards of Astroturf, lawn furniture, bed linens, frequent flyer miles and a truckload of condoms.

Remember, people, sex this good takes a community effort.

One last note: in a couple of weeks, Viviane is hauling my ass south to Dark Odyssey for a spell among the pagan-minded perverts who like to take their sex to the wooded glens.

Drop a line if you plan to attend.

I, for one, took heart that revelers are required to cover their genitals at meal times.


Goose and Gander said...

Well goodness the East coast is hoppin'. You make it seem so easy, Jefferson.

thatgirl said...


i'm suddenly re-thinking my plans that weekend....

Viviane said...

I wanted to go to Dark Odyssey. And what better person to bring along? I'll be in the workshops, and Jefferson'll be in the Sex-o-rama, or the Dungeon. The play areas go 24/7.

Oh, and Marcus and Selina are coming too. DO's not gonna know what hit them.

Anonymous said...

loin cloths and fig leaves required for meals