Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Readers' Queries

It’s always good to hear from readers. This note was especially moving—the sort of thing that keeps a smutmonger at the keyboard.

Thanks for writing.

Hello Jefferson,

I've been reading your blog (Do all of your emails start out like this? Because I so hate being the cliche') for a while now and finally, today, I found the time to email you.

I live in a remote village in Alaska, cut off from the world, except for high speed Internet and satellite television. I have a beautiful husband, and a strong marriage. We just passed our thirteenth anniversary.

My husband was wild in his single days; in fact, reading your stories reminds me of all of his. Why he chose to settle down and become monogamous really baffles the mind. Recently, he was diagnosed with an ailment that can cause . . . ahem . . . impotence. It crushes me to see him want to make love to me and not be able to. I do what I can on my end to keep myself satisfied, which brings me to the point of this email.

It's merely a "thank you.” While your stories can be mirrored on many other sex blogs, you show an emotional side, a human element that (forgive the term) really keeps it all grounded. I can tell just by the sharing of your heart that this is not just another story full of wild embellishment. I see little or no objectification of your sex partners (unless of course, it's part of the role-play, which is hot) and that keeps me reading.

My husband and I were able to make love last night for the first time in months, after he and I both sat down to read your latest post. He thanks you as well. I worked him over pretty good—easy to do when you're sex-starved. He did the same to me. It might be another few months before he will be able to do it again, but I know that he, too, is grateful that I have an outlet to keep myself satisfied until he can get over the mountain.



"Laura" said...

Not only are you a fine writer; but a fine editor, as well. Am I showing my modesty (heh modesty when she reads sex blogs and emails the author) by saying that seeing this posted made me blush? (though yes, I am grinning from ear to ear)

And I never would have thought of the name Laura. But somehow? I see it working.

Anonymous said...

No question about it, you write smut like a motherfucker.

rose said...

smutmonger, indeed......it was always your words that got to me, darlin'! ;-P

Salome said...

You should get paid baby!

Alice said...

Awww man, thanks for posting this! This made me feel all warm and gooey inside.