Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Half Million, Fifteen

One Life, Take Two crossed a milestone during the past week when it was visited by reader number five hundred thousand.

Over half a million hits.

Why, that is larger than the populations of Atlanta, New Orleans or Miami—never mind Albuquerque. That’s a lot of perverts.

Speaking of milestones, yesterday would have been the fifteenth anniversary of my marriage. I scarcely noticed until Madeline called to see how I was feeling about that.

Better than last year, I reckon.

Thanks for reading.


Hot Lips Houlihan said...

From one perv to another, mazel tov on this milestone! Keep up the good work.

The Natural Dominant said...

Congratulations Jefferson. A remarkable accomplishment.

I'm sure Mr. Lansky would have peeked thru his keyhole at each and every one of the half million who passed through your online portal if given the chance. LOL

rose said...

half a million....that is a great many perverts! congrats, hun! glad to hear the other milestone wasn't upper most in your mind. i still vaguely remember my anniversary......and laugh!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hits.

It's a wonderful thing when those painful anniversaries are not dominant in your mind. Congrats on that.

Scarlet said...

Many congratulations Jefferson! Here's to hitting that big 1,000,000!

S xx