Thursday, September 21, 2006


Selina and Viviane pressed behind me as we worked our way through a line into the barn. It was just after midnight.

“It looks like we have to register at that table or something,” I said. “But no one is moving.”

Viviane looked past me. “I think they are choosing personas,” she said, craning her neck.

“They need to pick it up,” I said. “I can’t be waiting in line for no persona.”

Up ahead, the organizer raised his hand.

“Everyone, please, can I have your attention? Quiet, please!”

“Quiet!” someone hollered.

The hubbub in the barn fell silent.

“Thank you. And thank you all for joining us for Midnight Seduction!”

There was a smattering of applause that grew louder.

The organizer raised his hand again. He stepped up onto a wooden coffin in the center of the barn, using it as a stage. His chain mail vest reflected the colored lights.

“My name is Anon . . . “ he began, interrupted by more applause. “Thank you. And we are here to play Midnight Seduction, a role-playing game that will introduce you to others here at Dark Odyssey. Now, the rules are very simple . . . ”

“That’s the guy Marcus was flirting with at dinner,” Viviane whispered.

“He goes for the pretty ones first,” I explained. “Then moves on down the line.”

“I can’t hear,” Selina complained.

“Do you need anything?” Windsor asked. Windsor was one of several men trailing in Selina’s wake.

“No, I’m fine, thanks, I just can’t hear,” Selina smiled.

“Okay,” Anon continued. “Each of you has taken on a new persona, which is indicated on your name badges. You also have a seduction card. Can everyone please hold these up these two items?”

“We don’t have that,” Viviane worried.

“I think we get them at the table, if the line ever moves.”

“Now, on the seduction card, there are two seductions. When you greet someone, you will ask, ‘May I offer you a seduction?’ If the answer is yes, you ask, ‘One or two?’ If the answer is one, then you role play the first seduction. If the answer is two, you role play the second. Is everyone clear on that?”

A chorus of “yes, Anon” lifted to the rafters.

“Two seductions? Do we do both, or just one?” I asked Selina.

“I can’t hear anything,” she replied.

“I can try to get closer for you,” Windsor offered.

“Okay, great,” Anon continued. “Now, this is where it gets interesting. For in your midst, there are vampires . . . “

“Ohhhh!” someone moaned. The crowd laughed.

“ . . . and this creature is Elvon, Lord of the Vampires!” Anon pointed to a man who raised his arms and bared his teeth.

“Shit, I don’t get this,” I groused. I reached for my flask.

“Now, Elvon and his minions may attempt to seduce you, so beware! You may be seduced by one of the undead.”

To emphasis the danger of this, Elvon crossed the barn to a large chain web suspended between two posts. A nearly nude woman was restrained into the web. Her body writhed and she screamed helplessly as Elvon grabbed her cunt and dug his teeth into her neck.

The crowd cheered.

Up ahead, I saw Marcus talking to Felix.

My friends and I had all walked to the barn from another icebreaker, a Hawaiian-themed party at the Sex-o-Rama cabin. There had also been a game there, but with much easier rules.

The goal of the luau was simply to get laid as often as possible.

A bikini-clad woman carried a bag filled with slips of paper, each assigning a task to be fulfilled during a brief duration of time. Once the task was completed, she would give the player a lei and a new task. The player who accumulated the most leis was designated the person who got “laid” more than anyone.

In keeping with the theme, some players wore sarongs or floral print shirts. Many others played nude.

Marcus took to this game like a Parrotfish to coral. He ditched his shirt and kept returning for more and more tasks. He spanked bottoms, kissed boys, licked feet, and counted as the leis accumulated around his neck.

Viviane and I bypassed the game, working the room like a cocktail party. We shook hands and engaged people in conversations, always talking up the blogs.

I was sitting with a couple who taught Tantric sex when Viviane deposited a boy with me.

“This is Felix,” she said. “He’s a camp virgin, like us, and he hopes to have some bi experiences. Maybe you can play with him.”

Only in this life does that serve as an introduction, I thought.

“Nice to meet you, Felix,” I said. I introduced him to the Tantra instructors. They fell into conversation with one another, leaving me to talk with Felix.

Viviane stayed with us long enough to be polite before melting back into the crowd.

“So, what brings you to sex camp?” I asked.

“Um, nothing, really.” He tossed the hair from his eyes. “I just heard about it and thought it would be a beast way to, you know, try things.” He paused. “I haven’t done so much, so . . .”

“Yeah, I hear you. I hope to try new things, too.”

He smiled.

Viviane had done well in procuring Felix. He was just my flavor—young, cute and inexperienced, but eager to learn.

I eat that mix for breakfast.

Felix and I sat on a day bed, getting acquainted in dim light as, all around us, people did their best to get laid in the party’s allotted time.

As we talked, a woman sat next to me. She was wearing black body stockings, a tight lace web top and high heels. Her short hair was cut into stylish bangs.

She was easily in her seventies.

She bent a young woman over her knees, lowered her panties, and spanked her bare ass pink in a few swift strokes.

Felix and I watched, surprised by the old lady’s ferocity.

The woman who taught Tantra leaned over. “That’s Eliza,” she said, her voice low and reverent. “She’s the very best. She was a fetish model in the sixties and seventies.”

“Awesome,” Felix said.

“No shit,” I nodded. That was a story I wanted to hear.

Eliza administered her spanking. The woman on her lap stood and bent to offer a kiss before leaving to collect her lei.

“Excuse me, Eliza?” I asked. “Would you mind sitting with me for a moment?”

She looked back. “No, not at all. What’s your name?”

I introduced myself, saying I was from New York. I explained that I wrote a sex blog, then explained what a sex blog was. I mentioned that I edited sex blogs for Fleshbot, applying special emphasis to the word “edit,” as I had to “New York,” in case “Fleshbot” meant nothing to her.

She nodded, apparently glad to meet a sex-something editor from New York.

I introduced Felix, who said hello, and indicated the Tantra teachers, who waved hello.

I was pulling out my credentials and recommendations. Eliza smiled, no doubt impressed that I was trying to impress her.

She then sat, waiting.

I realized that I was fingering an opportunity to get to know her a bit. “Anyway,” I said, glancing at my slip of paper. “I have this task to accomplish to get a lei . . . can you help me?”

“I can try,” she smiled.

I read the assignment. “’Massage someone for three minutes.’ Eliza, would you mind if I massaged you?”

“No, of course not.” She wriggled in her seat. “You want my top on or off?”

“Oh, I think off is best.”

Eliza slowly pulled her top over her head. She wore nothing underneath.

Her breasts were small, pale and firm on her petite frame.

“Would you prefer me on my back, or on my stomach?” she smiled.

I forgot about Felix. I forgot about the Tantra couple. This old lady got my juices going.

“On your back, I think,” I said. “You’ve got a great smile, and I want to see it as I touch you.”

She parted her ruby lips and smiled, easing herself back.

I lightly touched my fingers over her shoulders, moving past her breasts to her ribcage. I stroked her tight belly, gingerly tracing the waistband of her hose.

Eliza closed her eyes, her head rolling to one side. She moaned lightly.

“Your body is so responsive, Eliza.” I leaned forward to touch my lips to her flesh, detecting a faint perfume. She touched my hand in response.

My lips roamed her torso, my tongue flicking slightly. My mouth reached a nipple. I took it, rolling a finger around its opposite.

Eliza moaned her pleasure. I was getting pretty worked up myself.

My kisses traced up her neck to her ear.

“I think my three minutes are up, Eliza. I don’t want to monopolize you. Thank you so much for this—I’ll hope for more.”

“Hmmm, thank you, Jefferson,” she smiled, kissing my cheek.

Eliza sat up and put on her top. She smiled as someone took her hand, pulling her to another task.

I collected my lei.

When time was called, the three finalists were assembled before a judge. Each wore leis up past their ears.

Marcus was among the finalists. Once the leis were counted, he had come in third, beat out only by two very alluring naked women.

Marcus thrives on competition. In a sexual contest with that boy, even naked ladies get a run for their money.

Now, in this vampire role-playing scenario, he was collecting seductions as readily as he had collected leis. He had already moved past Felix as I finally acquired a persona.

“I think I’m Lord Something.” I said to Selina, reading my new name tag. “I have to power to do blah blah blah.”

“I’m a Seductress, in tune with the Earth Mother,” Selina laughed.

“Type casting,” I nodded. “Well, I’m in.”

I walked around a bit, hoping someone would seduce me, as I had no idea what I was expected to do. Around me, people were embracing, kissing, touching and evading vampires.

I gravitated to the wallflowers.

“Do you get this game?” I asked a red-haired woman.

“Not so much,” she said. “But I enjoy watching.”

“Ah, one of those. A watcher. Well, mind if I join you?”

She didn’t mind. We talked about where we were from, what brought us to camp, and pointed out our friends in the crowd.

Marcus joined us. “Who’s your friend?” he asked me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,” I said.

“Susan.” She looked at her name tag. “Or Argon, take your pick.”

“Hi Susan, I’m Marcus. Mind if I seduce you?”

Susan smiled. “Sure, why not?”

“Okay, would you prefer one or two?”

“Two seductions?” I asked.

“No, level one or level two,” Marcus said. “Pay attention to the rules, Jefferson.”

“One, please,” Susan replied.

“Okay.” Marcus looked at his card. “Will you please sit on my lap?”

“Of course!”

Marcus took Susan’s hand and led her to the coffin in the center of the party. She sat on his lap.

“Okay,” he said. “Now I have to lean back to keep my hands from touching you, ‘cause that would be level two.”

“Oh, you can touch me,” Susan said. “I don’t mind.”

“Oh, I can? Great.” Marcus leaned into Susan’s back, caressing her arms and shoulders. “Your hair smells great, Susan. What do you use?”

“Really? Thanks. Herbal Essence.”

“My God, I used to use that too!” Marcus exclaimed, as though they had discovered a friend in common. She laughed as his hands cupped her breasts.

“Mind if I join in this touching thing?” I asked. “I really need to figure out this game.”

“Yes, please, don’t be left out,” Susan grinned.

I crouched before her, touching her bare calves and thighs. I took her heels and rested them on my own thighs.

Susan leaned back into Marcus as he hands slid under her skirt and into her panties.

“This is so nice,” she said. I licked her inner thigh as Marcus toyed with her clit.

My face moved forward to her pussy.

Susan bent forward to whisper into my ear. “I’m on meds for a yeast infection,” she said. “You shouldn’t do that.”

“Okay,” I whispered. “I’ll have to take your mouth instead.”

Susan leaned into my kiss.

“Okay, well let me up,” Marcus said. “I better get back into the game.”

“Oh, okay, sure,” Susan said, standing.

“Nice to meet you,” Marcus said curtly. He picked up his seduction card and left. He quickly introduced himself to Eliza.

“I guess he’s serious about the game,” Susan said.

“I guess. But I’m serious about kissing you. Shall we resume?”

“Sure!” she said. We sat on the coffin. I wrapped my arm around her waist and took her mouth in mine. My hand followed the path blazed by Marcus, under her skirt and to her clit.

She was wet from my kisses and his touch.

I fingered her clit gently until I found her sweet spot. She spread her legs and began to sigh into my mouth.

“Give it to me, Susan,” I whispered.

There, on a coffin in the center of a crowded barn, Susan came for me. Her body shook in my arm.

As her orgasm subsided, I kissed her cheek and neck. “That was really lovely,” I said. “Thank you for that.”

“Sure,” she breathed. “I mean, thank you.” Susan leaned forward and tousled her hair. She sat back rapidly, shaking her hair over her shoulders. She turned to look across the room. “Wow. Well, thanks . . . uh, Jefferson. I guess I should go back to my friends.”

“Okay, sure.” I held out a hand. “Nice to have met you.”

“You too,” she smiled. Susan stood, leaving me with my fingers still damp from her cunt.

Marcus rejoined me. “Susan’s gone? Whatever. She didn’t like me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she whispered for you to get rid of me.”

“That’s not what she said. But I guess that explains why you left.”

He looked around. “She wasn’t doing it for me anyway.”

“This vampire mumbo-jumbo doesn’t do it for me,” I said. “Let’s skeedaddle.”

It was after one.

I was less than eight hours into “sex camp.” I had been bullwhipped and set on fire. I had blown a clown and made out with a seventysomething fetish model.

When it came to camp, this was about as camp as it gets.

I had also finger fucked a stranger to orgasm. I would never see her again.

When it came to sex, I had better odds back home.


Viviane said...

"If this were one of my sex parties, I would have been laid five times by now!"

Shay said...

I dunno, Sex camp sounds like a lot of fun to me! ^_^
I'm going to have to check one out one of these days.

Also, I loved this metaphor -> "Marcus took to this game like a Parrotfish to coral" it's very apt!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard, "“Shit, I don’t get this,” I groused. I reached for my flask." It is exactly what I would have said and done.

Goose said...

I'm with Tate on that one. I'd have been drinking!

Alice said...

Oh you're such a spoilsport! I relate more to Marcus, I am wicked competitive.

Anonymous said...

I'd have been a wallflower too. But I'd be blushing and nervous over the prospect of meeting so many new people.

*cough*Another Comment!*cough**cough*

Anonymous said...

Corny, but couldn't resist.

Meg said...

Around me, people were embracing, kissing, touching and evading vampires.

which leaves me wondering, is it weird to sort of have a thing for vampires? i mean, the pale skin and aversion to sun and propensity for biting.

call me crazy, but that sounds like the sort of people i'd much prefer flocking to.

Jefferson said...

Pale skin, aversion to sun and propensity to biting . . .

Gosh, when you put it like that, Meg, that does sound familiar.

Meg said...

familiar and good, right?