Saturday, September 23, 2006


“Okay, so if you have any more questions about that, just look for me, or the Manager on Duty, and we’ll take care of it,” Tristan said. “Now, let’s move on to tonight.”

Tristan sat on edge of a stage in the gymnasium-cum-dungeon, facing a dozen or so people on folding chairs. She spoke extemporaneously as she helped us to anticipate what we might expect from Dark Odyssey.

We had arrived too late for the orientation on Friday, so Viviane, Selina and I wanted to hear it from Tristan just after breakfast on Saturday.

We had done pretty well on our first night, flying by the seat of pants that weren’t always on. Still, we wanted to be prepared for the big doings to come.

I thought of Lolita, who was just then teaching a morning session on flogging. I was flying high from our tumble in the grass and about three hours sleep. I hoped she was holding out.

“Now, tonight’s main event is the Garden of Carnal Delights. That takes place at the Sex-o-Rama cabin, which—if you haven’t found it yet—is just out the dungeon and to the . . .” Tristan looked at her hands, “. . . right. Left if you are walking up from the barn.

“Okay, so: the Garden is divided into four rooms. The first is a make-out room. It’s purely for kissing and light sensual play. There’s no sex in this room.

“The next room is the brothel. This is where you can buy sexual favors and other erotic encounters with the Kundalini Kash you earned at the Cirkus last night. If you want more Kash, you can always earn it by offering favors.

“Then comes the orgy room. That is pretty self-explanatory.” Tristan held out her hands and shrugged. “It’s an orgy.”

We laughed.

“I’ll go over the rules for that in a moment, but let me finish talking about the rooms. The next is our most controversial—the objectification room.”

A hand went up.

“Hang on a sec,” she nodded. “Let me explain and then we can take questions.”

The hand went down.

“Okay, so in the objectification room, there are five cots, and on each cot, you can see the lower half of someone’s body. The top half is hidden by a black curtain. Above each body is posted a chart of things you can do to the body, and things you can’t do to the body. The whole thing is monitored by a facilitator, so ask if you have questions.

“Now, this is controversial, of course, because we are taught not to objectify people, but . . . yes? You have a question?”

“I can see how this would offend anyone with a modicum of exposure to feminism,” Selina said, lowering her hand. “That’s one of the key points of feminism: that women are not just bodies, but sentient beings. Society is still dealing with that.”

“That’s true, of course,” Tristan nodded. “Thank you for stating that objection so clearly. But the thing is, as that translates to sex, and to BDSM, there are many women—and men, and many submissives and doms—who are drawn to just that idea of the body as an object to be used for the pleasure of others. In fact, there is a class on objectification today, taught by Phantom and Femcar, so if you are interested in this, or have questions I can’t answer, you should attend that class.”

Selina nodded. I made a mental note.

“Now, the thing to remember about the Garden, as everywhere in camp, is: use good manners. As always, ask before you touch. I can’t stress enough the importance of good manners. I meet people who worry that they aren’t so hot, that they don’t have so much experience, or whatever. And I tell them: the people who are the most polite get laid like crazy here. It doesn’t matter if you are the best looking guy in the world, if you have bad manners . . .”

She looked over our heads and smiled. “And speaking of good looking guys with bad manners—good morning, Marcus.”

We all turned in our chairs. Marcus sauntered into the dungeon, grinning for having been called out as tardy to class.

“Good morning, Tristan,” he replied.

“Yes, dear Marcus could use a lesson in good manners,” I sneered, my voice as queen bitch as I could manage for so early an hour.

Marcus took his time crossing the room. He popped me on the back of the head, and then sat next to Viviane. She leaned over to fill him in.

Tristan looked us over. She adjusted her glasses. “Okay, so are there any questions at this point?”

Marcus raised his hand.

“Yes, Marcus?” Tristan said warily.

“Yes, I have a question,” Marcus said. “Who did Jefferson have sex with last night?”

There were nervous titters.

“It’s with whom I didn’t have sex, he should be asking,” I stage whispered to Selina.

“Boys, if this is a cat fight, it needs to go outside,” Tristan warned.

I looked at Marcus and smiled. He smiled back. We had a truce.

Not that he deserved it, the motherfucking whore ass selfish bitch.

After rolling in the grass with Lolita the night before, I had felt high and very horny. I had to let her go to her snuggle date, thinking it was probably best to let our first time together end as it had.

First impressions being what they are, this one was as good as they get.

But as I walked back to my cabin, I was itching to just please fuck someone before I went to sleep.

Since arriving at sex camp that late afternoon, I had made out with one woman and fingered three others to orgasm before rolling around with Lolita. That time with her was so intense, and we were so aroused, that we each went home with blue balls.

I had no idea what time it was, but it was approaching dawn. About twenty-four hours earlier, I had awoken to get the kids to school. I had made tuna salad sandwiches for their lunches.

I had dropped them off and kissed them goodbye before heading over to Viviane’s to fuck and pack for sex camp.

I had chased so many orgasms during that long day. But my own was still left waiting in the starting gate.

As I walked to my cabin, I saw Barry by the hot tub. Maybe, I thought, I would get off after all.

Like me, Barry was nude, as he had been all day. He had already presented himself as fair game, having hit on Marcus and me, as he had hit on everyone. Barry was outgoing to a fault, and very easy on the eyes—muscled, tan and in his early twenties, a recent veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

Man, I thought, if we could just swap blowjobs with no muss, I’d go to bed a happy camper.

I joined Barry only to find he was hours into the seduction of a woman who seemed, as daylight approached, all but willing to fuck him if only to shut him up.

I decided to steer clear of that, cash in my chips, and go to sleep.

I brushed my teeth and snuggled close to Viviane. On the way to bed, I noticed Marcus’s cot was empty. I supposed that my boyfriend was somewhere getting some, the lucky cunt.

I couldn’t sleep.

I lay in bed, cozying under the covers and ignoring my erection. I wondered if it would be too pathetic to jerk off at sex camp.

The cabin door swung open and slammed shut. Marcus walked in, followed by someone else. As they passed my bed, I could see that his companion was Felix, the boy that Viviane had found for me earlier that night.

I stayed under my covers, feigning sleep.

Soon, I heard Marcus’s body pounding rapidly against flesh. He was giving the boy a jackhammer fucking. I looked to see Felix on his back, his legs in the air.

This was perfect. Marcus had wound up with a boy who already seemed interested in me. I was keyed up for anything, and here was something very hot, delivered to my bedside.

The thought of tossing Felix back and forth with Marcus fit the bill nicely.

I peeled back my blanket and strolled to Marcus’s bunk.

“Hey boys,” I whispered, slipping my arm around Marcus. “We’re up late.”

I made no effort to disguise my hard on.

“Hey, Jefferson,” Felix smiled.

“Nice of you to remember my name, Felix.” I caressed his leg, my hand arriving at his balls. I felt Marcus’s cock in him. “You guys looked so hot, I thought I would come say hello.”

“Thanks for saying hello,” Marcus said.

“Yes, sure,” I smiled.

Marcus said nothing more. I picked up the conversation.

“So, it’s kind of crowded in here, with so many people sleeping. Why don’t we go someplace else so we don’t wake them?”

“Like where, Jefferson?” Marcus asked, a little too loud.

“I don’t know, there are so many options,” I whispered. “We could head over to the barn, or down to the pavilion. We could walk to the dungeon, or Sex-o-Rama. Or heck, we could just go to it on the lawn.”

“I don’t know, Jefferson,” Marcus said. “It’s pretty cold out there.” He adjusted his cock in Felix’s ass. Felix groaned. “You okay?” Marcus asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Felix said. “I just haven’t been fucked in, like, six years, since that one time in high school.”

My cock bounced.

“The barn is closest,” I said. “And it has all those risers.”

“They didn’t look all that comfortable, really,” Marcus said, rubbing Felix’s slender hips.

“I’ve got a picnic blanket, and some pillows,” I said. I smiled at Felix. He smiled back, tossing the hair from his eyes.

“I don’t know,” Marcus said. “I think we are fine here, don’t you, Felix?”

“This is great, but whatever you want.”

“This is great, but for the fact that ten other people are asleep in the room, and ten more just over that wall,” I whispered. “If we just crossed the path to the barn, we’d be all alone, in a big open space. We could make as much noise as we wanted.”

“It’s cold, Jefferson,” Marcus said.

“Please,” I said. “I was just rolling in the grass naked with someone for an hour or more. You’ve been outside all night. It’s not that bad.”

Marcus looked in my eyes. “Who were you with?”

“That doesn’t matter,” I said. “Can we please go fuck this boy, please?”

Felix looked on amused as my boyfriend and I bickered.

“I’d like to know who you fucked,” Marcus said, pressing his hips in and out of Felix.

I sat back. “Why are you doing this?”

“I’m not doing anything,” he said. “Look, Felix and I are having a special time. If you want to join us, great. But I don’t want to go outside.”

“Yeah. Don’t risk crossing the path. Don’t walk twenty fucking feet—you’ll fucking freeze to death. Fine.” I sat forward to kiss Felix’s forehead. I thumped Marcus on the ear, hard.


“Enjoy your ‘special time,’” I said.

I went back to bed and listened as Marcus fucked Felix. The boy was quiet. Marcus moaned and groaned.

When I woke in the morning, Viviane was already up and dressed. The cabin was full of activity. “Good morning, sweetie,” she said. “We have about an hour until breakfast is over.”

“Thanks, dear,” I said. “I’ll be up in a few.” I closed my eyes.

A moment later, Marcus crawled into bed with me. I curled up in his arms, resting my face on his chest.

“What happened to your boy?” I asked sweetly.

“I don’t know, he’s gone,” Marcus replied.

“Maybe he went to get the justice of the peace, you were having such a special time,” I yawned.

“He was all right,” Marcus yawned in reply. “I like more experience in a bottom.”

“He might have had more experience if you had unplugged his ass for a moment to give me a go.” My finger toyed with his nipple. ‘You selfish prick.” I pinched his tit.

“Ow! Wait, wait, wait,” Marcus winced. “Now, hang on. This is really your fault.”

“My fault? Why is it my fault you didn’t share a boy?”

“Remember that time Madeline was visiting me, and you came, and you fucked her for like, five straight hours, and I couldn’t get at her?”

I laughed and punched him. “Yes, I remember that time last year when you had been fucking my girlfriend for two days before I joined you for a few hours. Why do you ask?”

Marcus grabbed my wrists. “Well, this was your payback.”

I laughed. “You sorry sack of shit!” I pushed back on his grasp. He held me firm.

He twisted his body to jump on my shoulders. I was pinned between his knees, his balls on my chin.

“Boys!” Viviane admonished.

Our cabin mates hooted.

“Submit! Submit!” Marcus demanded.

“Fuck you,” I grimaced. I twisted and turned, kicking my feet up to his head. He feinted and dodged my kicks so I couldn’t connect.

“Submit!” Marcus demanded.

“Will you please submit so we can get to breakfast before the bacon is gone?” Viviane intervened.

“Fine, fine,” I sighed. “Submit.”

Marcus leaped from me, gloating. I kicked his ass as he pranced across my bed.

Our cabin mates cheered his victory lap to the shower. Marcus grinned that everyone saw this and thought it was so funny.

I threw back the covers and reached for my pants.

“Every damn morning,” I muttered. “The same damn routine.”

Our mates laughed.

Later that morning, as orientation drew to a close, we were joined by the dungeon master. He gave us a quick tour of the equipment.

Tristan climbed onto the dungeon furniture to show how bodies should be properly situated.

I admired the Saint Andrew’s crosses and the scaffolding with winches and support bars.

Marcus was drawn to the mats. He pulled me over to ask a few questions. I nodded and made suggestions.

During lunch, Marcus wrote notes to give to Tristan as she prepared her midday announcements.

“Okay, and finally,” she said, speaking into a microphone. “Tonight, at seven thirty, after dinner but before the Sex Idol Contest—this is before the Garden of Carnal Delights, remember—join us in the dungeon for our first ever Bi Male Wrestling Competition!”

The diners cheered.

“We can expect lots of sweaty male-on-male action, I am told, by our organizer, Marcus! You should go to Marcus with questions and to sign up. Can you stand, Marcus, so everyone knows who you are?”

Marcus stood next to me and raised his arm.

I jumped up and wrapped my elbow around his neck, pulling him down in a stranglehold.

“Fight!” someone shouted.

“Your ass is going down tonight,” I scowled.

“You are too pathetic,” Marcus scoffed.

“All right boys, all right,” Viviane said. “Save it for the match.”

Lolita watched me kiss Marcus before releasing him. Her mind was racing.


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Aww, no comments today.

I'll leave you some love.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. There's that god damn word again. The big "O" that I hate so much.

You and Marcus together are adorable. Can I just say that?

Anonymous said...

I joined Barry only to find he was hours into the seduction of a woman who seemed, as daylight approached, all but willing to fuck him if only to shut him up.

This was a theme of the weekend. Yay for more sex camp updates and blogs to read :)


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I am coming to New York just to wrestle naked with you and Marcus!

Lolita said...

My mind is still racing and so is my libido...