Thursday, April 22, 2010


Anna Smash surprised me with an unexpected visit. She was in New York on business, sort of; she's fucking her boss and he's based here. He put her up in a hotel. We met while he was in meetings.

It was very nice to catch up with Anna over cocktails and hotel sex. Nicer still to leave the tabs for her boss.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Venus in Furs

Neither Kay nor Halo knows the band the Velvet Underground referenced in my previous post (which was actually playing during the described scene) so I'll educate you all, dear readers.

The Velvet Underground is why you know Lou Reed. It was an art band in New York in the late nineteen-sixties created/destroyed by Andy Warhol that created/destroyed punk. On that, do your own research.

The song I mentioned is "Venus in Furs," the tile of which is borrowed from author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the "masoch" in "masochism." He was as "De Sade" is to "sadism."

The sound quality in the first film is awful and great art. That was a party you wish you had attended. The last is a bunch of pictures of the band backed by a better recording.

I bought a Velvet Underground album as a child because I was given four dollars in K-mart. There was a banana on the album cover. I'm glad that cash went to this candy.

I'm also glad that candy didn't go up Daddy's arm.

Close Call

I sat watching as Halo and her boy Luke topped my girlfriend Kay. Or rather, our girlfriend, as Kay is Halo’s girlfriend, too. Halo is my protégé. Luke is Halo’s submissive. He is not our submissive. Luke bottoms only to Halo, and he is otherwise dominant. I was watching to observe Halo in action as she led Luke with a submissive very familiar to each of us but unfamiliar to her boy.

Halo’s emergent style as a dominant is one of continuous communication—“Does this feel good? May I do this?”—which of course I encourage, though my own style is less verbal. Halo’s style suits her well. She is straight–edge on consent and control in a scene, and therefore very particular about choosing play partners. In this, I feel we are really teaching each other. Halo reminds me that I can afford to be selective.

Halo enjoys creating simple games, as she now did with Kay. Our girlfriend was to keep her eyes closed and to respond when asked questions. If Kay did well, she would be rewarded with pleasure. If she did not, she would be punished with sensation.

Halo delivers great sensations, and Kay responds excitedly to them. Kay wants to be obedient even though in her desires, reward and punishment are equally welcome. That’s a good way to top Kay, I thought, but it would be a hell of a confusing way to train a dog.

Luke lightly fingered Kay’s labia, teasing her, his eyes on her face. “Do you like how he’s touching you?” Halo asked, trailing the weight of a small chain around Kay’s neck. Our girlfriend nodded. “You need to answer with words, Kay, as I instructed.”

“Yes, it feels so good.” Her voice cracked.

“Good, that’s good to hear you say.” Halo trailed the chain down Kay’s chest, alternating from one breast to the other. “These are fresh bruises, aren’t they, Jefferson?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied from my chair. “Little mementos from earlier this evening.”

“Very pretty colors, Jefferson . . .” she began. “Wait, Kay: did you just open your eyes?”

“Yes, Halo,” Luke confirmed. “She did.”

“I did, I’m sorry,” Kay apologized. “You said Jefferson’s name and I wanted to see him.”

“He’s here to see you,” Halo reprimanded. “You are not here to see him. You are here to obey me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Kay closed her eyes, nodding. “I do understand.”

“Good, but now, because you disobeyed, you’ll have be punished. Turn over.” Kay again apologized and turned as instructed. “Crouch on your elbows and knees,” Halo commanded. “Raise your ass a bit.” She ran her hand along Kay’s spine to indicate the position. Kay complied. “Luke, I want you spank Kay for being disobedient. Use the flat of your hand, like I showed you.” She leaned forward to Kay’s ear. “Luke has very big hands, and I don’t want him to hurt you.”

“You’re so nice to me,” Kay said, giggling nervously.

“I can be very nice, but now I have to be very mean to you,” Halo said. “You didn’t follow my orders.” Halo reached for two small knives I had placed at her disposal. Taking one knife in each hand, Halo traced lightly across Kay’s back.

I leaned forward to watch Halo’s blades cross over the marks I’d earlier left on Kay’s back with a single-tail whip.

Two others watched quietly. We were in the room designated for BDSM at a party otherwise primarily directed to sex. The sounds of moans and laughter came from another room, as in our space, the Velvet Underground sang of boots of shiny, shiny leather, tasting whips and pleading.

I took mental notes of Halo’s deliberateness, Luke’s measured strokes and, as they collaborated, their attentions to one another and Kay’s responses. My brain buzzed, tamping down suggestions that the pair try other things I know Kay enjoys, taking stock of the ways they treated her that differed from my own.

As my mind stored observations to churn into memories, I realized my cock had gone limp. I had become aware of a cycle of responses in my own body throughout this scene. When Halo directed punishment, I focused with my mind, analyzing and recording. When she directed pleasure, my body took over. Some time ago, I developed a Pavlovian reaction to Kay’s arousal. When she is turned on, I get hard. This is true whether I am touching her, watching someone else touch her, or overhearing her orgasms from another room.

“Now, you have been punished,” Halo said. She grabbed a fistful of Kay’s hair. “Now, you will turn over and we’ll reward you with pleasure.”

Kay grunted as her hair was tugged. “May I make a request, please?”

“Yes, you may,” Halo answered. “Thank you for asking first. What is your request?”

“May I please suck Jefferson’s dick? He looks so hot watching, and he’s so hard.”

Halo looked at me. She saw that I wasn’t hard. “What do you say, Luke?” she asked of her collaborator. “Shall we allow Kay to suck her boyfriend’s cock?”

Luke pondered the request, rubbing Kay’s lower back with his massive hands. Finally, he answered. “Yes,” he said with care. “Yes, Halo, I concur if you’ll allow.”

“Thank you for giving that such careful consideration,” Halo smiled. She turned back to me. “Jefferson, would you be so kind as to join us on the bed?”

“Thank you,” I said standing. “Halo, Luke, thank you for allowing me to join your scene with my girlfriend.” I sat at the head of the bed, positioning myself so that Kay’s face hovered over my dick. I leaned forward and kissed each of her eyes, flicking my tongue lightly over the tightly closes lids. “You’re sucking your man’s cock,” I whispered. “But Halo is still the boss.”

“I understand,” she smiled.

“Good girl.” I placed a palm on the back of her neck and lowered her face to my body. Her mouth rooted until it found my limp dick. She swallowed me, moaning. Pavlov took care of the rest. Kay kept her lips tight around the base of my cock, coughing spittle as I grew into her throat. “Good, good,” I whispered.

“That’s so beautiful,” Halo admired. She stood to one side, stroking the strap-on cock she wore. I knew it well; her Feeldoe is never far when we are co-topping. “You see Luke, that’s how I’d like you to learn to suck my dick.”

“I only wish I were so good as Kay,” Luke admired.

“You’ll learn,” Halo nodded. She placed a hand on Kay’s back. “Jefferson, do you mind if I fuck your girlfriend? She just looks so lovely on her knees.”

“I’m a guest in your scene, Halo,” I replied. I stroked Kay’s hair. “Honey, you don’t mind if my protégé fucks you, do you?” She gurgled onto my cock and slightly shook her head. “That’s ‘no, you don’t mind,’ or ‘no, you’d rather not?’”

Kay pulled back her face. Streams of spittle connected her lips to my cock. “Oh please, fuck me, someone, please!” she laughed. She gasped two gulps of air before taking me back inside her.

“Sound definitive!” I smiled, giving a thumbs-up to Halo. “Fuck away, dude.”

“Dude!” She laughed and held up her palm. “It’s so fun being a guy with you, Jefferson.” I gave back a resounding high-five. Halo positioned herself behind Kay. The grunt on my cock told me another was inside her.

I sat back, hands behind my head, surveying the scene. Kay held her hair in a bundle, her face flush from exertion. Halo fucked her in what was, between my protégé and I, a favored posture—each of us on either side of a body that we regard as our shared “angel.” Luke leaned against a wall, his long lean frame taut as he fingered his thick cock. Nearby, a straight dom who had been eying Kay all night jerked off next to a cute twink I’d be eying all night. I had caught the twink’s name right away: Leo.

“I have an idea,” Halo said after a while. “Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” She caught my eye. “Can we do a double penetration?”

“Smashing idea!” I replied. “And I know just the position. Here, let’s all pull out of Kay.” Halo and I backed away.

“Wait, what happened to the cocks?” Kay complained.

“Don’t worry your pretty head,” I said, patting her indifferently. “Okay, let’s do this? Halo, you lay on your back. When she does, Kay, you ride her cock.” I stepped out of the way as they got into position.

“This feels so good!” Halo smiled, as Kay’s body pushed the Feeldoe in and out of her own.

“Right? Okay, that’s great. Hang on, I’ll get into position . . .” I stood on the bed, one foot on either side of Halo’s shoulders. I lifted Kay’s chin. “Here, girl. You suck my cock. If you’re taking two dicks, you may as well have three.” Kay looked up and took my cock in her mouth. Her lips smiled slightly as she caught my eyes. “Good girl! Okay, now Luke, you’re up. Let’s get you in her pussy with Halo, her from the front, you from the back.”

“Is that possible?” Luke asked, reaching for a condom.

“Trust me, I’m a professional.” I gathered Kay’s hair in a fist. “You two doing all right?”

Kay gurgled. “Oh, we’re just fine,” Halo smiled.

“Everybody, think: teamwork,” I encouraged. Luke took his position behind Kay. His eyes were down as he tried to guide his cock into Kay’s pussy.

“Hmmm,” He murmured.

“Don’t rush, just take your time,” I encouraged. I fucked Kay’s mouth harder to keep her mind focused and blank.

“Jesus, that’s fucking hot,” Leo said. He spat into his palm and rubbed his cock.

Halo watched Leo’s erection take form. “Okay, now I want to suck cock, too,” she said.

“We can do that!” I exclaimed. I looked around. How would we do that? “We can do that . . . okay, look. Kay, sit back slightly . . .”

“Oh yes, do!” Halo laughed, as the Feeldoe was pushed inside her.

“ . . . Okay, now I’ll step forward . . .” I eased my cock back into Kay’s mouth. “Now you, Leo, you straddle Halo’s face.” I leaned forward to allow him into position. “ . . . and I can rest my back on yours.” The position worked, and worked all the better I was leaning on a cute boy. The only step remaining was to add Luke’s cock to Kay’s pussy.

“I don’t know, this isn’t working,” Luke said, sitting back on his knees. “I just can’t get in there.”

“Let’s get a look at that,” I said. I leaned forward, pulling out of Kay’s mouth. I kissed her hair. “Hang on, I’ll be back.”

“Take your time,” she gasped. “I could use some air.” She noticed Leo sitting on Halo’s face. “Oh, that’s hot,” she sighed, and began to finger herself.

“Now, this could be one of a few problems,” I said to Luke in my best auto-mechanic tone. I spread Kay’s ass. “Might be that she’s low on lube.” I ran a finger along the Feeldoe’s shaft. “Nope, that’s nice and slick. Could be that she’s in an awkward position. If she lowered her shoulders, you might be able to enter more easily. Or, it could be . . .” I patted Luke’s shoulder. “ . . . that your giant dick isn’t going to fit.”

Luke looked at the behemoth resting in his vast palm. “I thought that may have been the problem,” he said quietly. “But I didn’t want to say anything.”

I rubbed his back. “It’s not a problem, son. There’s a place in this world for big dicks, too.”

“I know a place,” Halo said. “My mouth! I want two dicks.”

“There you go, Luke,” I smiled. “Always a solution.”

As Luke moved away, I fingered Kay lightly. I tried inserting a finger, wondering if my cock might do the job. “Oh, that’s a bit much,” she winced.

I took back my hand. “Yeah, it’s Halo’s dick that’s mucking up the works. See, it’s pretty big. Plus, it’s not malleable, so unlike bio cock, it has less give . . .”

“Okay, you be the teacher,” Kay said, rising. “I think I need a little break.”

“Would you like a spanking or anything?” offered the observant dom, still stroking his cock.

“No, thanks,” smiled Kay. “I’m going to get some water . . .”

“Oh, you stay here,” he interrupted. “I’ll bring the water to you.” He hurried off in the direction of the kitchen.

Kay thanked him and settled next to me. “Pretty girls don’t fetch water at sex parties,” I whispered.

“I can see that,” she said, kissing my shoulder. We turned to watch Halo blow two boys, her giant Luke and the slight twink Leo. I began to absentmindedly stroke her Feeldoe.

Halo looked up from her cocks. “Oh, keep doing that,” she sighed. “Just like that. That feels so amazing!”

I continued stroked her gently. Her hips pushed up as I gently pushed down. I could only see a bit of her face between the bodies of the two boys she was sucking, so I listened for her contented gurgles.

“Jefferson!” Halo suddenly cried out. “Jefferson, for the love of all that is Holy, fuck me!”

“Fuck you?” I grinned at Kay. “Why, I’d like nothing better.” Kay reached to the night stand for a condom. My erection bobbed as I worked to remove the harness holding Halo’s cock in place. Kay put an unwrapped condom in my hand as the other slowly eased the Feeldoe from Halo’s body.

Halo looked up from her cocks. “Wait, what are you doing, Jefferson?”

I held up the condom. “Making way to fuck you, dear.”

Halo smiled and shook her head. “No, Jefferson,” she softly explained. “I meant ‘fuck me,’ as in ‘fuck my cock, you dirty slut.’”

“Oh! Whew, that was a close call—I nearly obeyed the wrong ‘fuck me.’” I eased the Feeldoe back into place. “That’s a horse dick of different color. You want to put this monster in my ass . . .” I replaced the harness, palming the condom as I refastened a strap. “Well, I suppose we can do that . . .”

“I’ll do it if you don’t want to,” Leo offered. Kay and I had watched Leo take a dildo attached to a power-tool jackhammer; Halo’s Feeldoe would be simple mechanics by comparison.

“Now, that would be hot,” Kay nodded, smiling.

“Uh-huh,” I agreed. “Well, I’ve got the condom here, if you can find the lube . . .”

“Wait, first I need to go to the bathroom,” Leo said. He turned and brushed past me on the bed. “Be right back, guys.”

Halo sat up. “You know, I need to got the bathroom, too.”

Luke kissed her shoulder. “I’ll come keep your company,” he said. “Sounds like there could be a line.”

Kay and I were left alone on the bed. I held forward the condom and shrugged. She shrugged and threw up her hands. We were fucking when the dom returned with a single cup of water.

“I ran into Leo in line for the bathroom,” he nodded. “Sounds like a hot scene coming up! I’ll get a good seat.”

“Oh, that scene is over,” I said, squeezing Kay's breasts as we fucked. “They won’t be back. There are too many distractions between here and the bathroom.”

The next time Kay and I encountered Halo and Luke, they were making out in the shower.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Christopher blew me before rehearsals. If he performs as well as he sucks cock, the show will be a barn burner.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Each year, Tilda and I celebrate her birthday by holing up for a night of pushing boundaries. This year, we decided to invent a Sid and Nancy scene: we’d take a room at the Chelsea Hotel, enjoy some murder and mayhem, and see if the tabloids picked it up.

We wound up in Thomas Wolfe’s former digs, Room Eight Twenty-nine. No screaming headlines; still, I’m not sure we can go home again.

I was inspired to do some writing.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Generator ^ Second Floor

Freelance Whales

Matt and Kim, Vampire Weekend and now Freelance Whales: I’ll cop to enjoying the trend to adorableness in New York bands.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Do you know Marcus? He’s one of my oldest friends. He’s also the person I point to when people say no one is sluttier than me.

For a while, he blogged. Then he stopped. Friends, he’s back.

Welcome to the Fuckhouse

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I was recently asked by an artist to pose for a portrait to be included in a forthcoming exhibition. The request was based on my real-life writing career; the artist knows nothing about this blog or my work as “Jefferson.”

How funny, then, that the artist proposed to shoot me in a nude group.

We planned the shot so that I would be suited, surrounded by a writhing mass of nude bodies. I agreed to the artist’s proposal, asking how many models she had. “Oh, I can get five people, I think,” she said. “But I want a larger group. Do you know anyone who will undress for my camera?”

I allowed that yes, perhaps I did. She was impressed when I showed up for the shoot with nearly twenty volunteers. Still, she wanted one more, having decided that I should also be semi-nude. I acquiesced. Fortunately for her, it doesn’t take much arm twisting to get me naked.

Here’s a detail from one of the images. By now, I’m sure you can identify my feet. Pay no mind to the discreet dots; they won’t be included in the final prints.

Thanks to everyone who participated, including those who first learned of “Jefferson” as a result. The shoot was a blast.

The after party? Beyond blast.