Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Secret Lives

The current issue of Time Out New York features the “secret lives” of New Yorkers who lead double existences. Meet the lawyer who is also a go-go dancer, the doctor who is a pothead, the cabbie who is a financial analyst . . . and a certain parent who is a pervert.

I am . . . A Family Guy/Orgy Enthusiast

Check it out: I'm referenced on the cover as "an orgy-loving dad." I sure hope my ex doesn't have a dentist appointment this week.

Although it’s written as first person narrative, I didn’t actually pen the article. As you’ll read, I had my hands full at the time.


Anna Smash said...'re becoming quite the regular TONY feature. Bummer about the "Jeff" thing though.

Eden said...

You know, I never thought I'd be fucking a celebrity, but I'm sure stranger things have happened ;-)

Jefferson said...

Before I get too famous, let's establish the name: always Jefferson, never "Jeff."

Nothing against the fine gents named Jeff, but their name is short for Jeffrey. My name isn't Jeffrey.

Say my name, baby.

Ace said...

When all of this is made into a movie, may I have my own character?

Tilda said...

You need the infamous Hello Kitty vibrator. Your two worlds could symbolically come together in one plastic, pink, vibrating object.

Mia said...

Tilda: I'm assuming that you meant it would bring together his domestic life and sex life in one ironic twist... but if Lillie is into Hello Kitty, then isn't that just sorta gross? I don't know that I'd like to be reminded of a kid while I'm doing the deed. *shrug* Maybe I'm looking at it from a different angle?

Tilda said...

mia: eww! i didn't really think of it that way. i just think they're funny because i love Hello Kitty, too.

Anonymous said...

Perverts, the lot of you. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If I were in the same room as any of you, I would consider it my personal duty to administer a sound thrashing upon your buttocks.


Mia said...

k: I've never been one to run away from a good spanking.

avah: while I believe masturbation is healthy, I also believe that you should learn how to work yourself digitally first. you really should know your body inside and out before you jump into vibrators. or so i think.