Friday, March 21, 2008

Fleshbot and Be Prepared

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot admires those who are prepared for anything—because anything can happen. Anything happens all the damned time.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me surpassed, distracted, misunderstood and missing in action.

Bridget enjoys the rapture of loving a man who does even better than her best hopes. I wonder what’s next for these lovebirds?

Jocasta once more features my feet (and knees, my friends—knees!) while fretting after two weeks that I had breezily characterized her thighs as “pasty white.” Jocasta baby, that comment referred to my own pasty whites. Your thighs are ivory smooth and silky soft. And they make cozy earmuffs.

(Such narcissism; imagining that my comment was all about her, when it was all about me, me, me.)

Lynsey also pays homage to my feet (or, more accurately, foot) before heading off to lose her sex convention virginity. Don’t fret for her, as she already has a badge and a coterie to help her along. (Lynsey, when it’s all a bit too much, there’s a liquor store across the street and a secret bottle in Tilda’s room.)

As Bianca reminds us, anything can happen in Tilda's room.

Speaking of anything happening, my current housing crisis has led me to do what all captains in distress must do. Ballast has been dumped, and oh, it was painful. Already cut off as work cut into my sexual availability, I had looked forward to Winter Fire as a chance to catch up with friends. Alas, my house on fire needed attention, and so I stayed in the city this weekend to attend to family matters. My apologies to those I had hoped to see, and my appreciation to all who understand this urgent priority.


Lolita said...

I despise Paypal and refuse to use it. I'll give you a check.

Ace said...

Funny thing, out of the blue like 2 weeks ago, I told myself, I should've went. Good thing I didn't because I wouldn't get to see you.

Jocasta said...

Sorry Mister, I'm not buying that story. Your thighs were no where to be seen......