Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fleshbot and Cougars

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot holds a few surprises. Go look and see—but remember, you were warned.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me arranging a special delivery at a sex event I didn’t attend, courtesy of our troops, for Tilda’s birthday.

Avah wonders if I’m "really poly." We’ll file that with the queries about whether I’m “really bi” or “really dom.” I promise I’ll get to those, dear readers, when I’m not busy juggling multiple relationships, having sex with men and women, and generally whupping ass.

Speaking of sex, I learned a new sex term this week from an unlikely source—my eleven-year-old son, Collie. I overheard him talking to his brother about a teacher at his school, whom he described as a “cougar.”

“What does that mean?” I asked. “Is she tough?”

The boys looked at me for a moment. Collie laughed. “Uh, no, Dad. Do you really not know what that means?”

I felt myself being drawn deeper. “Should I be afraid to ask?”

Jason shook his head. “It means, like, a hot old lady.”

“Really?” I scanned my brain. “Huh, I wonder why that word is used . . .”

The boys listened expectantly. I caught them watching me.

“Oh, well, carry on!” I said, leaving the room. I could save my questions for Google.


Anonymous said...

You didn't know what a cougar was? Bet you know a few.

As well as being older and 'hot', there's a certain sexual aggressiveness implied, I think.

kansas said...

all things come clear here -

i like the cougar classifications section.

Bianca said...

You seriously didn't know what a cougar was? Oh Jefferson, I thought you were hip and with it!

Forever Mistress said...

Imagine my surprise when I hit the link for the roundup and saw my post. After keeping those stories in the dark for so long, it was almost a little shocking to see them shared.

Shocking, yet liberating as well.

Shocking liberation. That seems to be your forte, wouldn't you say?

Jocasta said...

Just fucking a lot of people doesn't necessarily make anything a polyamourous relationship. There is usually concientious behavior by the top or focal person to be fair and even with his/her brood. There is also usually an agreement to be a "family" or whatever you call it amongst the members of the group and effort is made to get along.

Blatant favoritism, seeing certain persons on a weekly basis while others are lucky to get attention once a month or worse certainly isn't poly anything in my book.

I'd like to be in one again. Don't know if that's ever going to happen but I enjoyed it when I had it.

Some poly relationships even have veto power amongst the members. Such as if one person wants to do something outside the group, the others have a right to veto it if it upsets them too much.

Lee Harrington did an interesting class on poly. One of the most interesting comments she made was that "cheating is a form of monogamy". I couldn't quite wrap my head around that one.

Jefferson said...

I find it's generally a bad idea to allow other people to define your sexuality.

If a papal edict excommunicates me from a church of poly, I'm more than content in my schism.

Like cougars, I'm wary of cages.

Anonymous said...

Like cages, I'm wary of cougars.