Friday, November 09, 2007

Fleshbot and Vacation

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot just comes right out and says it: tits are the shit. End of discussion. Next topic.

Those of you who enjoy stalking will find me splendid in the grass, implicated in incestuous fantasies and—no surprises here—manhandling mammaries.

Janie joins the unfortunates who will not be included in my future Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundups. Like so many before her, Janie made the mistake of having sex with me. Professional ethics prevent me from including my sex partners in the Roundup—which is a loss, as I happen to like fucking good writers. Chin up, Janie: you may still make my co-editor’s Roundup, provided you refrain from sex with Always Aroused Girl.

Jocasta discovers that I like cheese.

Bridget checks in to say she’ll check in again, and to remind us that she puts me above all—above all except, you know, her fiancé, my kids, sleep, work and Josh Rouse. Otherwise, she’s all about the Jefferson.

Meanwhile, in what is fast becoming everyone’s favorite stick figure sex blog, Lynsey notices that she and I share many physical traits and wonders: could it be that we’re . . . siblings?

This weekend will be quiet around these parts. Expect nothing new here, and the Smut Turntable goes quiet without a guest DJ. I’m off to the Caribbean for a few days. A fetching lady is flying me there so she can get laid on vacation.

Yeah. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

Is it a rule that we're not meant to Fleshbot people that we've slept with? Really??? Why didn't anyone tell me this?

Would the entire Fleshbottian Universe implode if you and I slept together?

Let's do it. Just to be wacky.


Anna Smash said...

The Caribbean? You whore!

Upon hearing this news Nick has requested that you forward his contact info to the lovely lady. boys.

Anonymous said...

Bigmouth. I can't believe you told everyone. Now they will all think I am crazy. Please make sure you crawl out of whatever bed you are in so you don't miss that flight.

Bridget said...

Beloved. Josh's (lack of) haircut was a bit offputting, so perhaps you're moving back up in the ratings after all.

You know all you have to do is sing me a song and I'm a goner.

Oh wait, you're still a bee-yotch for going somewhere warm.