Friday, November 23, 2007

Fleshbot and Here's Tilda

Beautiful Creature

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot throws a little pixie dust in the direction of fantasies. Some of them may come true and some already have. Gee, just reading Aliza, I realized a fantasy I didn’t even know I had—namely, watching Aliza orchestrate an orgy. Phew!

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me getting my readers laid, watching my stars shake out, and thanked as my secrets are laid bare.

Lily takes good advantage of one lover’s good press to garner another good lover.

Bianca wakes to sex between us, after days of sharing.

Jocasta gets my angle and learns to ignore her mother’s advice.

Shockingly, Wendy is still making moves on my boyfriend. Back off, big girl!

Janie takes my dick out of her mouth long enough to thank me for putting my dick in her mouth. That’s nice, but . . . ahem? My dick?

Bridget is grateful too, giving me credit for many good things in her life. I read one, two, three more posts this week, in wonder as ever in our friendship and love.

Handsome wordsmith Sinclair conjures my first bumper sticker slogan. It may send us both to hell, but we’ll go down as millionaires.

Things get sticky when Lynsey leaves her glasses in place as she explores my nooks and crannies. And so I first learned on the Internet about a freckle the sun never made.

This weekend, we hand the Smut Turntable over to Tilda. Expect a steady groove from the woman who showed up for a sex date in a Joy Division t-shirt and a smile. You should’ve seen the smile when I handed the shirt back to her. I was sore for two days. I was impressed she could still walk.


Wendy said...


I'm sorry Jefferson, but Mika is MINE. I will fight you for him, and I'm sorry, but I'll utterly kick your ass.

Anonymous said...

Oh, right--thanks be to your dick. Of course! I'm such a silly girl...

Lynsey said...

"And so I first learned on the Internet about a freckle the sun never made."

I distinctly remember mentioning this "beauty mark" to you.

Do you listen to anything I say?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature Jefferson!!