Friday, November 02, 2007

Fleshbot and Meet Molly

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot visits Mom and Dad’s room to find out what the folks are up to behind closed doors. Sometimes, we find them elsewhere: the kitchen, the garage and oh God, not the family car!

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me both engagingly outgoing and downright mean and yet, despite such complexity, somewhat two-dimensional.

I may need to rethink my penchant for being with people who are smarter than me now that clever Lynsey has put me in the funny papers.

Wendy invites us to survey the damage to her splendid ass after our first date in a dungeon.

Tilda gets me so worked up that I dust the floor with her hair, leaving her so worked up that her head won’t stay on right.

Anna Smash takes a beating and gives careful thought to how that affects her relationship with her boyfriend—tears are shed, words exchanged, and love, well, don’t love beat all?

Eden looks up from my feet to notice my hands, catching a glimpse of them before they vanish, once more, into her body.

Jocasta recalls our first handshake, when she shook on my fingers.

Always one for cherry popping, Lolita picks up a camera as she watches me deflower a straight man. He was a sweet fellow. One of his last acts as an ass virgin was bringing me a bottle of bourbon.

Speaking of bourbon and ass virginity, I seem to have tripped into a recipe for these two great tastes that just taste better together. Lolita’s straight boy gave me bourbon and got his virgin ass fucked. My day tripper brought me bourbon and got her virgin ass fucked. I’m going to roll with this and proclaim November “Ass Virgin Month.” If you or someone you know is an ass virgin, deliver the ass and one bottle of bourbon to my attention.

I can promise you that the bourbon will last longer than the virginity.

When I’m not drinking or fucking, I plan to be reading Saul Bellow. Nicole had me read The Adventures of Augie March. It reminded me of what my father said after I gave him One Hundred Years of Solitude—he was about halfway through it one evening when he looked up and said, “I don’t know if I should thank you for this book or throw it at you.”

Dad made it though magical realism with the diligence of ants carting a baby into a jungle. Likewise, I’m sticking it out with Bellow. I’ve added some titles to my Amazon Wish List for those of you inclined to throw books at me.

Now, off to the Smut Turntable. This weekend’s guest DJ is Molly, a Londoner I met at Dark Odyssey in September. You may have seen her requests on the turntable; if so, you’ve noticed her eclecticism and fondness for live music. What you may not know is that she also has a predilection for fetish, which only makes the hotness that much hotter. Here’s a peek at your guest DJ to whet your appetite.

Molly and Marcus
Barbara Nitke

Stay tuned to the Smut Turntable to get between her ears.


Wendy said...

Damn, I almost wish I were still an anal virgin so I could participate in your Ass Virgin Month.

Almost. Not really. (Especially not after Jed was just here. Mmm...)

Speaking of months of Ass, you'll have to participate in my post surgical Month of Anal, once that comes up. (:

tilda said...

"Sexed-up Stick Figure" may now be one of my favorite things, ever. Genius. Love it.

Tess said...

I'd think if I were to deliver an anal virgin to you, I'd get the bottle of bourbon (or Patron, in my case).

Thanks for the Fleshbot, J. Mad traffic. XO

Anna Smash said...

What about bourbon in the ass virgins? 'Cause I gotta say that despite all the cocks I've had in my ass, I still wasn't prepared for that.

Jefferson said...

Oh, Anna, that's right. For the uninitiated, here's the recipe for a bourbon and ass cocktail.

Open ass. Blow a shot of bourbon into ass. Fuck until mixed.

I learned this trick in Havana, though it was taught with rum, of course, and it was taught regarding vaginas. I improvised the rest.

Here's why I like it. The alcohol burns suddenly and intently, in a quick rush, and then fades. If you fuck in that burn, it's pretty insane.

The Cubanos suggest fucking raw, as that burns both the penis and the vagina, or ass, as the case may be. But I advise you to fuck safe.

Added bonus of putting booze in your ass: you get drunk.