Friday, October 05, 2007

Time Out New York

The annual sex issue of Time Out New York is out, and within you will find many of my friends, along with yours truly.

Tess reveals to her lover a recurring desire for forced sex. Together, they bring her fantasies to life, although at some cost to her wardrobe.

Audacia Ray cites my expertise in double penetration. To put my know-how to the test, she takes my Madeline off for a threesome with another man. Hey, now wait a minute . . .

With the womenfolk thus preoccupied, I trade my street clothes for a towel to cruise gay bathhouses. Applying the time-honored codes for steamy pickups, I encounter a situation that wasn’t in the game books.

I Want . . . Gay Bathhouse Sex

Among many other features, there’s also a handy Pick-a-Fetish Megachart, for those looking to get started in such activities as breath control, spanking, fisting, or squirting. There, you’ll find advice from pals including Sinclair, Selina, Boymeat, and Lolita Wolf. I’m there too, lurking at the masturbation parties.

Now on newsstands and nightstands in New York; online everywhere.

Welcome to those of you tuning in for the first time. Please feel free to peruse the Archive, located in the sidebar at left, for more tales of parenting and perversion. Also visit my friends via the links in the left sidebar. Many of us get naked together. You may come to know us all rather intimately.



Tess said...

Why thank you, darlin. Pleased to be your friend, but you never told me you lend out Madeline. Is there a waiting list?

Valancy said...

Oddly enough I spied this issue at the deli I ate at yesterday for lunch and wondered if you and your cohorts had anything to do with it!

MsBehavn said...

You guys get to do all the cool stuff! *sulk*

Calico said...

Whoa, wait. Was the "gay bathhouse sex" article in the printed version too, and I missed it?! I read all the others but I am damn certain I would have remembered gay sex.

Jefferson said...

The gay bathhouse piece appeared only in the online edition. It's a bonus track.