Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fleshbot and Winners

It’s been a busy Fleet Week in New York, and my revolving door just hasn’t stopped spinning.

But let me pour a glass of peach iced tea and pause to make these announcements.

First, here’s my weekly Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot. This time out, we tip the hat to those who just aren’t getting any. My fingers are crossed for you, friends.

Second, we have two winners for my recent Spring Fling Contest . Thanks to all who applied, and congratulations to our deserving winners.

You’ll recall that I reserved slots for two flings—one for a female, one for a male.

A female winner emerged quickly with a sweet submissive gal in search of her orgasm.

The male slot, sadly, went wanting. I had a few applicants, but none that met the basic criteria of proximity, compatibility and ability to actually make a date.

I’m increasingly convinced that boys are as lame as the girls say.

So, in the interest of balance, the second position went to another woman. Male aspirants may take some comfort in knowing she’s practically a boy—really, she’s such a prick, she must be packing testosterone someplace.

Of course, I’ll tell you all about it in time.

Perhaps the guys will do better with my annual Summer Boyfriend contest. Last year’s attempt uncovered a fine boyfriend—though, come to think of it, he turned out to be a woman.


Spring Fling Winner said...

Boy I sure did find my orgasm!! Thank you baby!!

(Actually, did I tell you, I haven't been able to cum from my vibrator like in the past month- you helped me break my addiction!)

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

Thanks for the link. But now that I know there was a theme not so sure I should thank you ;-)

Though it's ok because "not getting any" in my instance was clearly by choice.

Should have entered the Spring Fling Contest with my wife and I and created a new category for you. girl, boy and both. Ah well...

Thanks again!

Josh Jasper said...

This was during a month that was totally booked to me.

But I agreee boys in the NY area are a bit lame.

Cara said...

Thank you, Jefferson, for the kind mention. My heart went all aflutter--really!

Now, how might I return the kindness?

I simply have no idea.

marcus said...

silly jefferson... Tricks are for kids - (but clearly, Tricks are not for you!)

i was TOTALLY willing to share my boyfriend with you. in fact, it was his idea to apply. problem is, after you went public with what a great catch he is (on my blog, i think), you actually MISSED his application - it went right under your nose!

he was the guy who applied for the spring fling... he was based in minnesota... and would be "coming to nyc to stay with a friend" during the spring.

after communicating with him, and after he sent you pics, you actually MET him here in dc (he was mum).

still, did jefferson pick up on it?


hmmmmm. woosh!

errrr. ummmmmmm.