Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fleshbot and Friends

I must say, my new gig at Fleshbot has varied my reading of sex blogs. There are so many good writers out there burning up the keyboards with tales of lust and longing.

You can see what I mean at this week’s Sex Blog Roundup.

If you would like to have your blog considered for inclusion in the roundup, feel free to drop me a line. You may write fiction or nonfiction, straight or queer, vanilla or devil’s food—it’s all good to me. All I ask is that you write well and with some regularity.

All of this reading has encouraged me to update my blogroll, at left, and to add more of my favorite bloggers. The links preceded by asterisks take you to the blogs of my friends and lovers.

Those new to this blog may benefit from an introduction to some of the other places I crop up. You can often find me getting naked at these blogs:





Darling Viviane helps to keep it all in order by compiling Jefferson’s Gang Bang.

Every now and then, I may sneak into someone else’s blog boudoir. So keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve also started a new blog, Bukkake Social Club. The stories that appear there will also appear here. So why dedicate a blog to a particular fetish? That question is addressed in the first post.

Happy reading, all. I’m peeling my eyes from this screen and taking a book to the park.

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