Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fan Fiction

Rose is a sweet submissive in the city, in search of a dom.

She found my blog. It cost her a good night’s sleep, as she read and masturbated.

Her vibrator and nipple clamps called my name.

“Since reading your blog, an entirely new world seems to be opening up.” she wrote me. “I may have to start a blog of my own to record my ascent to perversity. Mostly thanks to you. Reveling in my sluttines is, mmmmmmmmmmm, so good . . .”

I instructed her to return the favor by imagining what might happen if we met.

The following arrived in my in box.

. . . and finally we meet

As I dress, I smile to myself hoping you enjoy the little surprise I’ve planned for you. Feeling rather nervous about meeting, wanting to please you, aching to experience the pleasures I’ve read about, I take comfort in my rituals of preparing for a date . . . a long, luscious shower, shaving my pussy, doing my hair, dabbing those hot spots with yummy perfume. I’m so happy that you granted my request for drinks and a light supper at your apartment . . . it goes with my surprise. One final check of my makeup, outfit and bag and I’m out the door.

Once in a cab, I notice that, while my stomach feels as if bats are flying around in there, there is also a wetness growing between my legs. So slutty, I think and smile with anticipation, wrapping my coat tightly around me.

You greet me at the door with a luscious kiss . . . long, slow, deep, our tongues playing over each other and as you pull back you nip my lower lip. Then you look at me inquisitively, asking why I have myself so wrapped up in my coat.

“Are you cold?,” you ask, with an offer to warm me up. I grin mischievously as I drop my coat revealing my surprise. . . You find me dressed in my black leather corset with my breasts exposed, nipples hard, a garter belt with thigh high stockings and heels

You applaud my moxie for our first meeting.

Picking up my coat and taking my bag, you draw me into the living room, kissing me again and I moan quietly feeling your kiss all the way down to my clit. I feel your hand in my hair, pulling, keeping my lips against yours, and devouring my mouth as I squirm with delight at your heavenly kisses.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Please let me serve you, Sexy Man. My desire is to serve and please you tonight,” I answer.

You point me toward the kitchen where I rummage for glasses, and ice. I ask about a particular bottle of red wine, which I open with your assent. I pour your bourbon and return to you. You’ve settled yourself into the couch and I cozy in next to you.

Drinks in hand, we fall into conversation, covering a variety of topics . . . careers, your kids, sex . . . Feeling more comfortable, my hand wanders to your leg almost absentmindedly, and I start to run my fingers up and down, in circles as I feel your hand in my hair.

Silence descends as we gaze at each other and you ask what I’m thinking. Laughing, I tell you I’m thinking of your kisses, how delicious they are and that I would like another one, please. You happily oblige me, setting down our drinks and moving closer.

I feel your hand tracing circles on my exposed breast, closer and closer your hand moves toward my already hard nipple. I’m arching my body trying to get your hand to that nipple more quickly. In response, you pull your hand away. I pull away from your mouth and pout, ”You are such a tease.” You reply with an evil little laugh, enjoying my desire and frustration.

“All in good time, my pet,” you tell me and announce that dinner is waiting.

Again, I ask your permission to serve you, which you grant and we move toward the kitchen. As we walk, I feel your hand on my ass, snaking it’s way down and you feel my pussy, happy to find that I’m already wet and swollen with desire.

I move my hips, wanting more contact, but again you pull your hand away, giving my ass a sound smack. Your hands grab my waist and pull me toward you, kissing me again.

I feel as if my knees may buckle under me as I melt into you, lost in your mouth. As our bodies press against each other, I can feel your hard cock straining against your pants.

Suddenly, your hand is in my hair lowering me to my knees, dinner forgotten for the moment. Removing your belt, you move behind me, taking my arms and wrapping your belt around them, giving me the end with the request that I hold onto it.

Moving back to face me, you lower your pants, your cock springing loose in my face. Looking up at you, I stick out my tongue and begin to lick the tip of your cock, swirling my tongue around the head. Creeping forward on my knees, I open my mouth and take your throbbing hard cock deep into my mouth, running my tongue down the underside of the shaft, then returning to the head.

You watch as I happily suck your cock, slowly, hungrily as you run your hands through my hair. Then I feel you tighten your grip and start to fuck my face, enjoying my wide eyes, the slurpy sound as I suck, you fuck and drool runs down my chin.

You pull out, help me up from my knees and with my wrists still bound behind me, you lead me by my hair into the bedroom. Situating me on the bed, you remove my heels, stockings and garter belt and pull my hips to the edge of the bed. You start to tease my pussy with your tongue and I squirm closer, wanting you more, harder . . . but you are still teasing and back away again.

Laughing as you watch me pout you tell me we have plenty of time and you don’t intend to rush this. You seem to enjoy my frustration at wanting, wanting, wanting and not getting exactly what I want.

“Isn’t that what a good Dom does, create intensity, heightened feelings? I’m just giving you what you wish for,” you tell me with that impish grin and a caress of my cheek as you move to take the belt off my wrists.

Scooting me to the middle of your bed, you walk to a drawer and pull out wrist and ankle restraints and put them on me. Then you remove my corset, push me back so I’m lying down. You bind me spread-eagle to the bed.

“Now I have you totally in my control. No more squirming. I will do as I please with you.”

I smile in reply as you kiss me, moving onto the bed and on top of me. The weight of you on top of me feels wonderful. You kiss me again and I can feel your hard cock between my legs. Try as I might, I can’t move to get you inside of me.

You leave my mouth, nibbling my neck and moving on to my breasts. Finally your hands slowly circle my nipples and then squeeze them hard, watching my reaction.

I gasp and beg you to fuck me.

I am so hungry for your cock in my cunt.

You slip a pillow under my ass, slip on a condom and I feel you enter me. I moan with pleasure.

You fuck me slowly for a time, bending down to kiss me, suck and bite at my nipples and then you move away again. Moving up my body, you straddle me and feed me your cock, letting me happily suck your cock and lick your balls, nudging you with my nose so you’ll move up further so I can rim your ass.

This is heaven, being tied down and having your cock, balls and ass to suck and lick.

Not wanting to cum, you move away again and return to my pussy. This time you stay there, focusing on my clit and I feel you insert a couple fingers inside me, hitting my g-spot as you devour my clit until you feel me tense and then cum in shuddering waves, straining against my restraints, moaning with pleasure.

Your mouth moves and I feel your tongue on my ass, rimming me, with fingers still inside me and your thumb circling my clit. It doesn’t take long for me to cum again.

You stop and look up to see me smiling and I beg you again to fuck me. “Nope, time to eat. Then more play.” You release me from my bondage and we head to the kitchen.

You prepared a lovely salad, full of veggies, grilled tuna and some Romano cheese flakes. We put the salad into bowls together and move to the table.

As we eat, we talk about our initial go round of pleasure, laughing about my frustration, my “pouty girl” act when you won’t give me what I want. We decide that we have some business to finish after dinner.

We have more wine and bourbon as we chat and then I lose my resolve to sit and look at you without touching.

I move to my knees, pulling at your chair leg until you move so I can get to your beautiful cock. I slowly take you in my mouth, enjoying the feeling of you growing hard as I suck and lick you. You lean back in your chair, enjoying the wet warmth of my mouth, my earnest desire to please you.

After a bit, you push me off you and I immediately pout, looking like a kid who just had her lollipop taken away.

Laughing, you pull me up, kissing me.

Moving us toward the bedroom you say, “Come, my pet. We have business to finish . . .”


Lexi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

'my pet'?

nuh uh!

rose said...

you're right,i should have used "sweet thing" or "baby" mistake

srchngformystry said...

rose, we should start a count of how many jefferson seduced to the wild side. he has a way about him, doesnt he? delicious...

Jefferson said...

Never fear, Rose--sometimes a writing experiment is subject to critique. Particularly when taking on a new character already familiar to readers.

Disregard the bad advice, be grateful for the good, and focus on what you can do to improve next time.

marcus said...

"you ask what I’m thinking"

just to let you know: i can't imagine jefferson ever doing that either, rose.

Viviane said...

You know, when the 3 of us were reading this late Saturday night on your couch, I said 'this is something Jefferson would never do - he is not a sub, ever.' But you liked the characters, narrative, blah, blah.

Perhaps there should be a contest that runs until the end of the year. You won't lack for entrants, since there are many eager and creative readers who email you privately. And I know the godfadduh enjoys ...encouraging.

You could declare the winner in early January. You could also set up a survey, so we can have a 'people's choice' award, too.

This might let you catch up, then again, it might not.

And the winner gets.....? Depends on the geographic location, I suppose.

Jefferson said...

Interesting proposition, Viviane.

Though if we were to do this, we'd need to encourage readers to offer good criticism.

For example, it's unfair to expect Rose--or anyone who has not met me--to be spot on in what I might say or do.

But is very fair to expect that what is written conforms to character, as Rose got right when she offered a bourbon, and had me stop sex to make dinner (the Romano salad was a very nice touch).

I also think it's fair enough that writers project their fantasies onto Jefferson and company. I mean, if someone wants to write me as a submissive, and does a good job, then write on!

But yes, special kudos to those who can get it just right.

rose said...

i'm a little confused. what makes jefferson appear as the sub in this story? my intent was him as Dom, me as sub. that's why i'm the one tied up......did that not come across well? was it the outfit?

Viviane said...

Your contest, your rules, godfadduh! ;-D

Mitzi said...

Careful with that pout Rose! Jefferson has been instructed NOT to play with "bratty" subs. ; )

Meg said...

regardless of the finer details, i will say this - rose has a nice idea of what she wants and has certainly crafted a fantasy here that many subs would be salivating over upon reading it.

i think we all need to remember, as jefferson mentioned, how difficult it can be to write a character that so many readers are already familiar with. i remember feeling a bit hesitant the first time i posted about jefferson. not only are you writing about someone whom people already have formed ideas about in their heads, but you're also writing about a person who is actually going to read it himself.

now, what's this about a contest?

waveman said...

hmmm, now i do like the idea of contest. a delicious fantasy we can indulge in -- how would we respond to being invited to a jefferson party? how about keeping the entries to a certain length, lest they get too long. just a thought. and prizes, too?

Viviane said...

So write it alredy, Waveman... ;-D

Cheesey McFlakerson said...

Mmmmmm Ramano Cheese Flakes.