Thursday, November 10, 2005

Family That Plays Together

“Elena?” I said, interrupting her conversation. “Elena, I’d like you to meet Consuela.”

“Pleased to meet you, Elena.”

“Nice to meet you, Consuela. This is my girlfriend, Lyra . . .”

“Hi Consuela,” Lyra nodded.

“ . . . and that’s my ex-husband, Jim.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jim said, rising to shake her hand.

“Nice,” Consuela smiled. “So, do you three often go to sex parties together?”

“First time,” Lyra nodded, with a nervous smile.

“Me too,” Jim added, sipping his beer.

“Yes, it’s the first time for each of them,” Elena added brightly. “But Jefferson and I go way back.”

“Way back,” I agreed. “She’s my lesbian soul sister.”

“We like to abuse straight men together.”

“That we do,” I concurred.

“He was the first man I had sex with after four years, since the divorce.”

“That’s right, I was,” I allowed.

“We met from a Craig’s List ad I put up,” Elena went on, “It said I wanted to meet bi men, but made it clear that since I’m lesbian, there would be no sex.”

“Right,” Consuela said, leaning on a door. “And then you fucked him?”

“Of course. I mean, its Jefferson we’re talking about.”

I shrugged.

“Right!” Consuela laughed.

Mitzi followed this exchange, doing her best to put it together. She’d heard it once before, yet it was still a little muddy.

I would explain it to her again later.

See, Elena and Jim were married. They have a son, and so after the divorce, they decided to continue living together. They get along fine, and the child has both parents at home.

Elena has been seeing Lyra for a while, and she is accustomed to that arrangement.

Elena and I met via her Craig’s List ad, and planned to amuse our selves by sharing submissive straight boys. We enjoyed that, and as it turned out, we enjoyed each other as friends.

We had some sex. She came to some parties.

But she lives outside the city, and what with the family and the new girlfriend, she rarely had time for our games.

Then one day she contacted me to ask if she could come to a party and bring her girlfriend. They had just had their first threesome with another man, and they were game for more adventure.

“Of course,” I said. “It will be great to see you and to meet her.”

“Thanks,” she said. “Oh, and can I bring my ex husband?”

“Elena,” I began. “Isn’t Jim straight?”

“Yes, he’s straight, but he’s no trouble at all . . .”

“Elena . . .”

“And he can help me carry things.”

“Elena, you know how I feel about straight boys at the party . . .”

“I want to bring some food, and that can be too heavy for me to handle alone. Oh! And vodka to make Cosmopolitans. Of course, I’ll bring bourbon for you.”

By this time, I am resigned to the inevitable: for every cool lesbian or bisexual woman you meet, there’s a straight boy lurking in the shadows.

“Okay,” I sighed. “Elena, you can bring Jim.”

“Thanks! I won’t let him fuck girls unless you say its okay.”

“No, I won’t set rules. But he is your responsibility.”

“Fine. I’ll clean up after him.”

Elena and Jim arrived early for the next party. She looked great, dressed in black with her long black hair newly shorn. Her wide eyes seemed even larger.

“I brought silk pajamas for the party,” she said. “Jim says I will arrive looking like a whore and leave looking like a slut.”

She introduced Jim, who carried a large box brimming with bottles. Lyra would be coming later, after a class.

Jim was tall and good-looking in a straight kind of way. He set down the box and we shook hands, exchanging pleasantries. He offered me a beer. I declined; he took one for himself.

“He’s very nervous to meet you,” Elena said, nudging Jim. “You’re so daunting!”

“No, I’m a pussycat, really,” I said, resting a hand on Jim’s cheek. “Seriously, though, I’m here for you. We’ll take all this at your pace.”

“Good,” Jim said. “That will likely be very, very slow.”

“Oh!” Elena chimed. “Is Thomas coming?”

“I haven’t heard from him. He doesn’t come so much lately.”

“You have to call him and say I’m here. He adores me.”

“Okay, I’ll call him.”

“And here, put these candles out. They’re scented, very sexy.”


“You want a Cosmo? I’m mixing.”

A few phone calls, some candle lighting and a Cosmo later, the guests began to arrive.

By the time Lyra appeared at my door, Mitzi and Nate were on hand, and Thomas had answered Elena’s summons.

Elena put down her Cosmo and kissed her girlfriend hello.

“Nice pajamas,” Lyra grinned.

Elena beamed and made introductions. She was right to be proud of her new girl—Lyra was awfully hot. Her olive skin and short dark hair complemented her tight, athletic body, decked in tough-girl jeans and a small t-shirt.

Nate’s eyes followed Lyra as she shook hands.

Elena had told me to keep an eye on her, for Lyra was shy to begin with, much less meeting a room full of people who were about to have sex.

I kissed her cheek in greeting. “I’ve heard so much about you,” I said. “Mind removing your boots?”

I had also invited Consuela to join my bisexual group, as I so enjoyed meeting her among the Nubians.

Consuela seemed impressed by our little gang. After getting names in order, she opened a bottle of water and took a long sip.

“So,” she said, screwing the bottle cap back in place. “Anybody want to fuck?”


Freya said...

“Right,” Consuela said, leaning on a door. “And then you fucked him?”

“Of course. I mean, its Jefferson we’re talking about.”

Oh, truer words...

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Go on...