Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Celibacy in the City

You’ve had no sex lately.

At least, not from me.

Thank you for indulging me the past few posts about family and the divorce. I am sometimes asked for more background on all that, so now those who want it, have it.

And for the rest of you, never fear: there’s more fine sex a-coming, just as fast as I can make it for you.

I mean, now that my divorce is final, I can really cut loose, right?

Speaking of no sex, remember my friend Marla Jo?

Remember how we met at a sex party?

Remember the night we did two back-to-back threesomes?

Remember how she taught me to wring her neck in order to squeeze the very last drop from every shuddering orgasm?

Well, pretty Marla Jo ain’t getting none—by design.

She’s trying celibacy until New Year’s Day, in order to give herself a chance to think over her sexuality and her relationships.

Lucky for us, she types as she thinks. Plus, she tends to write about the sex she is thinking about.

Celibacy in the City

Tell I said howdy.

Oh, and please tell her that Jefferson will be on hand to wish her a very happy New Year.


Jo said...

jefferson - see most recent entry. :(

you know what they say, if you fall off the horse get back on and try to ride again. --

that probably wasn't the best analogy.

Viviane said...

Er, how about the bicycle analogy? 'Once you learn, you never forget how to ride one...'

Jefferson said...

Perhaps the vehicle for which you reach is the wagon . . . as in, falling off one?

Marla Jo. Oh, Marla Jo.

Have sex if you must. Sex is good (well, with you, great).

Just keep writing about it.

Viviane said...

Just as a refresher, here's a search for all the times Marla Jo shows up in you beautiful blog: