Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fleshbot and Pride Weekend

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot gleams with the sweat of summer lovers, those flings and obsessions who may or may not be kicking your leaves come autumn.

My colleague Jonno at Fleshbot added his own contribution with the trailer to the soft-core treat Summer Lovers. When this film came out, I had just graduated high school and worked as an usher in a movie theater. I quickly timed all the right moments to pop in for views of Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah and Valérie Quennessen sunning naked and “making love” (a once-popular phrase for sex). This pop-culture primer on polyamory taught me that triads are peachy so long as everyone is gorgeous and at least one partner is French.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me listed and bruising.

Mariella takes markers to mirror to document her first hickey.

Jocasta surveys a busy month and inventories me among things recently done.

If you prefer stalking me in the flesh, you’re in luck, as this is a busy weekend for New York City perverts. Today finds me at Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade, ever a supporter of the public display of naked painted breasts. Tonight, I’m volunteering at Leather Pride Night, moving among the bears and daddys, looking like a vegan at a luau. Tomorrow finds me at Folsom Street East.

Planning ahead, you can stalk me in August at Floating World, where I am teaching three classes, described below. I am recruiting female and male volunteers to bite or be bitten and/or to be poked in public. I don’t require demo bottoms for the class on male bisexuality, but if you are a bisexualish bottom, hell, it can’t hurt to drop a line.

Well, it might hurt a little.

Jefferson’s Floating World Classes

G-Spot and P-Spot, Thrills and Spills
Some deny its existence. Others swear by it. In recent years, the female G Spot has ignited storms of controversy-even as it has been stimulated to countless orgasms. Stimulating the P Spot, or prostate, can bring many men to extreme arousal. This hands-on (or rather, hands-in) session cuts past the verbiage to get down to business. Learn how to locate your own spot and that of your partner, as well as techniques to make the most of this erogenous zone. Please note that this session will include nudity and sexual activity, as well as opportunities for audience participation.

Odd Man In: Male Bisexuality on the Scene
In the sexually open scenes that overlap within the Floating World community, there remain conflicting and contradictory attitudes concerning male bisexuality, as a form of self-identification and in sexual practice. These attitudes particularly affect anyone who identifies as male, or is in a relationship with someone who identifies as male. This open and frank session addresses prevalent notions and offers strategies to bring male bisexuality into play, within scenes, within relationships, and within personal lives. The session draws on academic studies, personal experience and world travel. This workshop is open to all.

Chewtoy: Erotic Biting
If a nibble on the neck sends shivers down your spine, you’re already aware of the sensuous appeal of being bitten. Likewise, if kissing leads you to nip and tug on your lover’s lips, you may be ready to unleash your inner gnasher. Erotic biting brings a primal urge into play that can be directed to a variety of controlled sensations, and even into decorative temporary body modifications through determined marks and bruises. Learn how to safely and effective bite and/or be bitten and discuss how erotic biting can be applied to your favorite activities.


Carmen said...

That biting class sounds fun.

Bridget said...

p.s. I need a little booklet from that class on erotic biting for Connor. He's a bit nervous about it, I think, and getting better, but I want a booklet.

Mainly because I know he's probably not going to go for the live demo. Ha! ;)

bad influence girl said...

my ex lover and i were forced to put a moratorium on biting because we tended to chomp and HOLD and leave very large bruises while we were fucking/coming.

unfortunately i work in spaghetti strap tops and he works in t-shirts and the questions were getting a little awkward.

man i miss those teeth